This last name means ‘bear’. It is customary in Russia to use patronymics as middle names. This name mostly denotes a talkative person. While some of them were nicknames bestowed on a person during their life, others were names that newborn babies were given as an intention for the kind of character or life they would have, or to describe the conditions surrounding the baby's birth, such as particularly cold weather.

This is another patronymic name derived from Abraham; it means ‘Father of many’. This name has an interesting meaning. You also acknowledge that owing to the limited nature of communication possible on interactive elements on the site, any assistance, or response you receive is provided by the author alone. This is another name that has its roots in the wildlife. It is a Russian surname that means ‘kindness’ or ‘goodness’. The name means the ‘yin woman’. These names eventually transformed into surnames, creating such names as, in this example, Некрасов (nyeKRAsuff). This is a habitational surname of Ukrainian origin that means ‘good’ and denotes people who belong to the village of Dobroe in Ukraine. It is the 9th most popular name in the world, with over 2.5 million people called Smirnov. This is a Russian secular nickname that means ‘a newcomer’. This is another patronymic surname, which means ‘Son of Sidor’. The top 100 most popular russian names.

The name means ‘goose’. The name means ‘eagle’. It is also an occupational surname. It is a Russian patronymic last name that means ‘Son of Abdul’. These are the 100 most known Russian names with their meanings. For example, there is Stasevich, Fyodorov… Ivanov. This is a cool Russian last names, which means ‘blackbird’. This is another family name which has a connection with animals. This is a patronymic Russian name and also a common nickname that means ‘jackdaw’.

This is another occupational surname that means ‘people who work with woods’ or ‘carpenters’. This is another occupational surname that means ‘those who trade flowers’. This surname has multiple origins in Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Poland. This is another occupational surname that refers to ‘fishermen’. Patronymics are derived from the father's given name and end with -ovich or -evich. While the surname Ivanov came from a first name, another popular Russian surname, Smirnov, originated from a nickname that means 'the quiet one' (смирный). In Turkish, the word means means ‘lion’. This name means the ‘son of Alexander’. This is another habitational Russian name that denotes someone from Arkhangelsk, a region in Russia. Here’s What your Body Thinks, The Prenatal Journey of Avni – To the Day She Was Born, Karan Johar Is Now a Daddy. The name refers to tailors, the one who stitches clothes. The first Russian surnames were Slavic pagan names that described the person's character or a particular trait, and, less often, occupation. Can also be spelled as Vasiliev / Vasilieva, female: Nikolaeva. Another famous name from Russia after the last head of USSR, Gorbachev means ‘hunchback’. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, The Most Popular Russian Surnames and Their Origins, Changes in Russian Surnames Over the Centuries, The Meanings and Origins of Spanish Surnames, Top 50 Most Common Russian Names for Girls and for Boys, 20 Common Australian Surnames and Their Meanings, Learn This Patronymic Surname Meaning "Son of Robert", The Origin and Meaning of the Last Name, "Long", The Meaning and Origin of the Last Name 'Thomas', The Meaning and Origin of Famous German Names, with over 2.5 million people called Smirnov, from the secular (mirskoe) name/nickname Novik, which comes from the word 'new', M.F.A., Creative Writing, Manchester Metropolitan University, Diploma in Translation (IoLet Level 7, Russian), Chartered Institute of Linguists.

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