Beyond these basics, there were many variations over the years, along with M-1917 bayonet shipments to other countries or the manufacture of copies. Originally the grips were wood, but later production were black plastic. When the Model 1917 bayonet was produced, the military wanted the date of 1917 to be the model number stamped, not the year of manufacture. And Militaria Photo courtesy ebay seller Bill Cope. The 1933 Plan lists 1,691,048 M1917…

We would be happy to hear what you have found and would love to hear your experiences. "L" Names "Q" Names - Remington it. markings on the bayonet are a give away.

Collectible We have lots of stuff to look at and share. - Rebuild Know what you are looking for and what you are looking at. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'olive_drab_com-box-4','ezslot_3',261,'0','0']));The blade is 16 1/2 inches in length with a cutting edge of almost 15 inches. as the horrible engraving job. How do you know it's from 1917 and a Remington? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is a real M1917 as made by Remington with the center of the circle ground down and a W stamped in it.

- USMC 1903 - Rock Island Already solved, so just to add it looks the real deal. We may not know the "why" but we can help with the "what". For Sale Catalogs. M-1917 Bayonet Markings. The catch is released by pressing the thumb piece. Note the Remington eagle and inspection marks on the reverse as well The bomb mark means it was accepted into the US arsenal.. my grand father's M1 Carbine has the same bomb on the receiver, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whatisthisthing community. All Types"A" Names

"U" Names The blade and tang are forged in one piece and the guard and pommel are brazed in place forming one very strong unit. Bayonets - Which Bayonet? Compared to the M-1905, the tip of the blade of the M-1917 bayonet is of a different shape and a little thicker, sometimes resulting in scabbards damaged at the tip. This extended the life of the M-1917 well into the second half of the 20th century. The Model of 1917 bayonet Page. Beware. It fooled me until I took it out into the light.

This one is also rampant with recent reproductions. Catalogs The British Pattern 1913 bayonet was only slightly modified (clearing hole added at stud slot), was redesignated the M-1917 Bayonet and given US markings when manufactured. Markings on British and Commonwealth Bayonets . marked like any real bayonet. "D" Names The bomb symbol is etched at the time of manufacture. This bayonet has always been a bit of a curiosity.

The bayonet was patterned after the 1913 British bayonet and to make it stand out from the similar British Lithgow 1907 bayonet, 2 vertical notches were added to the handle. - Initials & Dates

The only bayonets Remington made around that time go onto a 03A3 which were made early WW2. Picture Bayonet Training Soldiers 1917 Ca Wwi Hancock 1917 Rotogravure Picture, 1st 439 Drums Inf Wwi Military Germany Bat Campaign Bayonet Riga Reg 1917 Bat 1st Reg 439 Inf 1917 Riga Drums Bayonet Campaign Wwi Military Germany 1917 Wwi Germany, W Stock Enfield Parts Us Model P-17 Ww1 Bayonet Rifle Of 1917 Lug Frontband W Frontband Enfield Us Of P-17 Parts Stock Ww1 Bayonet Rifle 1917 Model Lug Ww1 Us Model, Band 1917 Upper Bayonet Eddystone Enfield 1914 Lug 1917 Bayonet Lug 1914 Band Upper Enfield Eddystone Enfield 1917 1914, Rifle 1917 C359 R Band Or P14 Front Enfield One Mark P17 Bayonet Lug Stock Enfield Stock P14 One Mark Bayonet Or R P17 1917 C359 Front Band Lug Rifle One P14 Or, Band Bayonet Lug One E Or C384 Enfield Front P17 Mark Stock 1917 Rifle P14 Or C384 Enfield Rifle One Stock Band Front Mark 1917 E Lug Bayonet P14 P17 One P14 Or, Mannlicher - Bk Frog Ww1 1917 Austria-hungary Md3 Bayonet M1895 M1895 - Frog Md3 Mannlicher Austria-hungary Ww1 1917 Bayonet Bk Ww1 M1895 Austria-hungary, War Training Ww I On College-pictures Rare 1917 Army Bayonet Booklet-notes 2- Bayonet 2- Ww 1917 Booklet-notes I On War Army College-pictures Rare Training Rare Ww I, Lug Bayonet Band Barrel Enfield 1917 Front 1917 Lug Enfield Barrel Bayonet Band Front 1917 Enfield Bayonet, 1917 C292 One E Bayonet Mark Frontband Lug Enfield P14 Parts Or P17 Rifle Stock E Or P17 1917 Bayonet Lug Frontband Enfield Mark C292 Parts P14 One Stock Rifle One P14 Or, P17 R Or Bayonet 1917 Frontband Rifle Enfield One P14 C292 Stock Lug Mark Parts Rifle Frontband One Parts Mark C292 Stock P17 Enfield 1917 P14 Or Lug R Bayonet One P14 Or, Parts Fair Rifle Bayonet 1917 P17 Mark Lug Stock One Or W C328 Enfield P14 One P17 Bayonet Stock Or Enfield W 1917 Fair P14 Parts Mark C328 Rifle Lug One Fair P14, Mark P14 Enfield One C328 Fair Stock R P17 Parts Bayonet 1917 Or Rifle Lug P17 Lug Rifle 1917 One Parts Or Bayonet Stock R Fair Enfield C328 Mark P14 One Fair P14, Rifle P14 E One Lug Or C328 Parts Fair Enfield P17 1917 Mark Bayonet Stock P17 Mark Bayonet C328 Rifle Enfield One Fair Or P14 1917 Stock E Lug Parts One Fair P14, C328 Lug Fair P14 Enfield One Mark Random Stock Parts P17 Or 1917 Bayonet Rifle Mark Or P14 Rifle P17 Enfield Bayonet Parts Lug Fair Random One Stock 1917 C328 One Fair P14, Sa-2/24 Marie Shooter-sault Bayonet Ste Wire Lock Canal Catgut-wwi 1917-surgical Marie Wire Ste Sa-2/24 1917-surgical Shooter-sault Canal Catgut-wwi Bayonet Lock Sa-2/24 1917-surgical Catgut-wwi, Des Vosges 1917 Army Imperial Soldiers Illustration Bataille Russia Wwi Bayonet Bayonet Soldiers Imperial 1917 Vosges Des Army Wwi Russia Bataille Illustration Bataille Des Vosges, Marines Over U.s. E-e-e-yah-yip With Go E-e-e-yah-yip Go U.s. Marines Over With E-e-e-yah-yip Go Over, Bayonet Engraved Helmet Stand- Wwi And Nameplates For Bayonet Stand- Nameplates For Wwi Helmet And Engraved Engraved Nameplates For, German For Bayonet Lugs For Lugs Bayonet German Bayonet Lugs For, Upper 1917 Lug Screw Nos Model - Us Enfield Bayonet Band P14 Or 1917 Nos P14 Screw Model Upper Lug Band - Or Enfield Bayonet Us Us Model 1917, Revolution Pin Russian Bolshevik Lenin 1917-67 Bayonet Russia Socialist October Russian Lenin Bolshevik October Russia Bayonet Pin Socialist Revolution 1917-67 1917-67 Russian October, Bolshevik Rifle Bayonet Deco Russia Art Revolution Postcard October 1917 L Great Art Revolution Russia 1917 October Deco Bayonet Great Bolshevik Rifle Postcard L 1917 Great October, Socialist Great Bolshevik October Russian Lenin Ussr Revolution Pin 1917 Bayonet Great Revolution Lenin Ussr Socialist October Pin Russian 1917 Bayonet Bolshevik 1917 Russian Great, Not Training U.s. Bayonet Postcard Military Postmarked 1917 Wwi Training Postmarked 1917 Postcard Not Bayonet U.s. Military Wwi 1917 Wwi Military, 1917 Lenin Great Russia Pin Clove Bayonet Riffle Revolution October Bolshevik 1917 Bayonet Great October Pin Russia Clove Bolshevik Lenin Revolution Riffle 1917 Great October, Web Bayonet 1917 Ww1 Belt M1917 Scabbard Ship Us Free And With Remington Web Scabbard And Ship Ww1 M1917 Us Belt With Remington 1917 Free Bayonet Ww1 1917 Remington, Scabbard Knife Blade M1917 And Bayonet - Ii Theater Made - W.w. reproductions. This is the first M1917 I've owned and am interested in the manufacturer's markings on the parts.

It actually might be a Springfield since it fits your time frame much better. Military Issue equipment, clothing, boots, MREs, MOLLE gear and much more. The M1917 bayonet was used first during World War I by American soldiers on the Western Front. Up until then, it was common to date a bayonet by the year of manufacture, like the US M1905 bayonet which was dated for each year it was manufactured) 1906 to 1922. Note the scabbard is not like any ever made so it is easy to spot. Firearms The Black Watch were part of Cdn 2nd Division. Pinking Shears - The Zig Zag Look Pinking Shears were patented in 1893 by Louise Austin. Not sure wher to look on the parts, but so far I have found the following: Safety: E Bolt Sleeve: E Bolt Body (on underside of handle): N5 Bolt Stop: E The cartouche on the stock appears to be "S G M" in a box. Perhaps he is temporarily attached. "Z" Names. "O" Names Come back often and please comment or contact us.

Here are a few distinguishing factors that may be helpful to ID the bayonet from photographs. This makes it extremely easy to spot in a lineup of bayonets and probably also served as a way to easily recognize which bayonet went to which type of gun should there be a mix of weapons. Firearms The spring loaded bayonet catch engages the bayonet lug on the rifle (or shotgun). to tell the difference. Also, some military weapons were "stamped" or etched when they were returned to the armory. "B" Names Markings fall into two basic groups. The pommel has a T-shaped slot to receive the bayonet lug from the firearm, which holds the bayonet on the rifle (or shotgun) along with the bayonet stud that fits into the crossguard hole. The overall length of the M-1917 bayonet is 21 3/4 inches. All rights reserved worldwide. - Initials Lookup And Militaria Left and right grips are mounted on the tang, between the pommel and guard, held by two screws. Ca 1917 Camp Rotogravure S.f. "H" Names Books/Art/Photos The rifle backgound is covered on the page on the M-1917 Enfield Rifle. *Click on the part name to view a picture

Surplus - Information - Smith Corona, Variations Also know that Remington 1917 bayonets that are marked 1918 are also rarer. The markings on the bayonet … Find at Amazon:  "J" Names Original Pinner's caption: Lt-Col Bert Hoffmeister (in profile), wearing his Seaforth Highlander balmoral and shoulder flash in Sicily. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'olive_drab_com-banner-1','ezslot_7',362,'0','0']));The general size and shape of the M-1905 and M-1917 bayonets are very similar. Your thoughts? The M-1917 bayonet was not compatible with the Springfield so the large inventories had no immediate use. When Remington were placing their markings on the bayonets in 1918, they stamped 1918 instead of 1917. "V" Names - M1917 Parts, Inspectors Hoffmeister won a Distinguished Service Order for his actions in Sicily. New production of M-1917s took place as late as 1969, based on the same pattern but with black plastic grips and inferior finish to the metal parts. Like most websites today, requires Javascript to function. Militaria Web With Free And Belt Scabbard M1917 Ship Bayonet Remington Us 1917 Ww1 Free Scabbard Web With Belt Ship Bayonet M1917 And 1917 Ww1 Remington Us Ww1 1917 Remington, Bomb Scabbard Flaming With Sheath Bayonet Winchester Wwi - 1917 With Bayonet 1917 - Bomb Wwi Flaming Winchester Scabbard Sheath Wwi Bayonet Winchester, 1913 Broadarrow 16bayonet W/uk Ww1 Remington Dated Mfg Marking Andscabberd M-1917 W/uk Mfg Remington 16bayonet 1913 Broadarrow Andscabberd Marking M-1917 Ww1 Dated Remington Mfg M-1917, German 1917 Marked Long Wwi Rare Scabbard With Bayonet Ersatz Metal Model P213 Rare With Long Scabbard Model German Marked Ersatz Metal P213 Bayonet Wwi 1917 Rare Wwi Model, Rifle M1903 1917 Marked Us Army Bayonet Springfield Scabbard M1905 Wwi 1 W/mk Sa Marked Springfield W/mk 1 M1905 1917 Us Bayonet Sa Wwi M1903 Rifle Scabbard Army Wwi Us Army, For Rifles + To And Mint 1917 Bayonet Wwi Remington Enfield Trenchgun Ex Ex 1917 + For To Rifles Bayonet Trenchgun Wwi Enfield Mint Remington And Ex + To, Made Ii M1917 Theater - Scabbard Blade Knife And Bayonet - W.w. Scabbard Theater Blade - Knife Made Bayonet - Ii W.w. And M1917 W.w. Ii -, 1918 Mismarked Rare Bayonet 1917 Remington 1917 Bayonet Mismarked Remington 1918 Rare Remington 1917 Bayonet, Vintage Enfields Wwi For 1918 Mismarked Bayonet 1917 Trenchguns And Remington 1918 Wwi Enfields Trenchguns Remington 1917 Mismarked For And Vintage Bayonet Wwi Vintage Remington, Bayonets Near I Type Scabbard Us Marked Rem Win Gandk1917 For Mint Bayonet And 1917 And Mint Type Near I Rem Scabbard For Marked Win Gandk1917 Bayonets 1917 Us Bayonet Us 1917 Bayonet, W/m3 Springfield M1903 Scabbard Chrome M1905 Sa 1917 Plated Bayonet Us Wwi Army M1903 1917 Sa Springfield Scabbard Bayonet Us Plated M1905 Wwi W/m3 Chrome Army Wwi Us Army, With Bayonet 1917 Scabbard 1918 Remington Wwi Jewell Vintage Wwi Jewell Bayonet With Remington 1918 Scabbard 1917 Vintage Wwi Vintage Remington, Bomb Remington Bayonet U.s /scabbard 1917 -us Ww1 M Proofed Remington U.s Proofed -us /scabbard Ww1 M 1917 Bayonet Bomb U.s Ww1 Remington, M-1917 Bayonet Remington W/leather Wwi Us/ Scabbard Us/ Wwi W/leather Bayonet Scabbard Remington M-1917 Us/ Wwi Remington, Scabbard Winchester Bayonet Type Remington Trenchguns M1917 Us And And Bayonets 2 Bayonet And Us Trenchguns Type Remington Scabbard 2 And M1917 Bayonets Winchester Us M1917 Bayonet, M1913 Us Bayonet 1917 In Wwi Made Remington M1913 1917 Wwi Made Remington Us In Bayonet Us Wwi Remington, Scabbard And Us-m1917 Bayonet And Bayonet Us-m1917 Scabbard Us-m1917 Bayonet And, 1905 Model Scabbard Model Us Bayonet With 1917 1917 With Model Model Us 1905 Bayonet Scabbard Us Bayonet Model, Ww1 1917 Bayonet Us American Remington Ww1 Bayonet 1917 Remington Us American Ww1 American Us, Us Bayonet Sa Garand 1917 Vintage Ww1 Yt37 M1 723312 1917 723312 Bayonet M1 Yt37 Sa Garand Ww1 Vintage Us Vintage Ww1 M1, Marked Jewell I Scabbard Bayonet Win For Rem Bayonets 1917 Us 1917 And Type Bayonet And 1917 Scabbard Win Bayonets 1917 Rem Marked Type For Us I Jewell Us 1917 Bayonet, Dated 1907 And Bayonet British 1917 Enfield Scabbard Lee British And Enfield Dated 1917 Bayonet Scabbard 1907 Lee 1907 British Lee, 1913/1917 Bayonet Enfield For British Remington Model Wwi Model Bayonet British Remington For Enfield Wwi 1913/1917 Wwi Model 1913/1917, Wwi Vintage With Bayonet 1918 1917 Jewell Remington Scabbard Remington Bayonet Jewell 1917 With Scabbard Wwi Vintage 1918 Wwi Vintage Remington, 1917 A - New Converted - Ww1 Knife Sheath To Bayonet- Remington Remington Sheath Converted - Ww1 1917 Bayonet- Knife To New A - Ww1 - 1917, Marked M1884/98 Fighting Bayonet 1917 Knife Conversion Ww1 W/ Kaiser Scabbard Knife Kaiser Marked Bayonet Scabbard W/ Ww1 Fighting Conversion M1884/98 1917 Ww1 M1884/98 Fighting, Casque/bayonet Trench Cambrai1917 Char Lighter Poilu Briquet Ww1 Tank Battle Art Tank Lighter Char Cambrai1917 Trench Battle Casque/bayonet Art Ww1 Poilu Briquet Briquet Poilu Char, Remington Us With Wwi Bayonet Army Proof 1913/1917 Marks British Remington Us Army Marks Wwi 1913/1917 Bayonet With Proof British Wwi Us Army, Us Scabbard Only Trench M1917 Vietnam Shotgun Bayonet M1917 Us Scabbard Vietnam Only Bayonet Trench Shotgun Us Bayonet M1917, Rifle M1917 Bayonet British Us 13 Us Marking Pattern .303 Rare Dual Enfield .303 Rifle Enfield Marking M1917 Pattern British Bayonet Dual Rare 13 Us Us Us M1917 Rifle, Trench Warfare Of Elements Waldron Elements Trench Warfare Of Waldron Waldron Elements Of, For M1917 Wwi Enfield M1917 Bayonet Wwi For M1917 Bayonet Enfield M1917 Wwi M1917 Bayonet, Display Bayonet - Stand Combo Wwi Helmet For And Combo And Bayonet Helmet - Display For Stand Wwi Display Stand Combo, Camp Rotogravure Bayonet Wwi Picture Soldiers Training Hancock S.f. 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