Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Mag., making for a highly useful cartridge. Built on the .308 case and “necked-up” to hold a .338-diameter bullet, the load offers hunters a faster muzzle velocity than traditional favorites like the .308 Win., with a heavier bullet to boot. For example, the 200-grain Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded Tip .338 Federal packs a punishing 1,891 foot-pounds of punch at 300 yards, yielding an only slightly lighter sting than the 2,213 foot-pounds delivered by a 210-grain .338 Win. Nosler Partition. (what do you want to shoot with it?). Mag. What would yall prefer. Mag. Put another way, I’d much rather put two boxes of 300-grain .375 H&H ammo downrange in a single sitting, than I would two boxes of 250-grain .338 Winchester Magnum. Plus, the .338 Federal zips along at 2,064 feet per second at 300 yards, virtually tailgating the magnum cartridge, which clocks a cruising speed of 2,180.

Though Britain classified the cartridge as a medium bore, the .375 H&H soon showed its abilities on all game around the globe. the other any range (Win.). While i know both those will do well for North American big game. There are no flies on the .338 Winchester Magnum—I wouldn’t hesitate to use one for any appropriate game animal—but I find that a hunter with a good .375 H&H Magnum is fully prepared for any hunt he or she could imagine. I find that, especially off the bench, the .338 Winchester Magnum’s recoil can be quick, and rather nasty, while the .375 H&H’s recoil is a gentler push, though still substantial. Did Dirty Harry Use .44 Specials in his Model 29?! Think $5 a shot or close to it if you don't reload. Springfield Armory Introduces XD-M Elite 3.8″ Compact. The .338 Federal, however, boasts an additional 100 ft.-lbs. I’ve seen spare .375 H&H ammo in almost every African camp I've been in, and it was very popular among the Australian buffalo guides. But the true beauty of the .338 Federal is you get near .338 Win. A .338 Federal is a necked up .308 Winchester, bullet weights range from 180 gr to 210 gr. Its popularity didn’t actually gain its full head of steam until after WWI ended—and hunters began to head abroad again—and was only bolstered when American ammunition and firearms companies began to offer the cartridge. The 300-grain load has long since faded, being only available from the boutique ammo companies. Ether cartidge can match or excede what the long mags can do out of a short barrel with less powder and muzzle blast.

Bullet weights of 200-, 250- and 300-grains were initially offered for the .338 Win. Savage Arms is further fueling this rising tide by chambering six of its most popular rifles to fire the high-performance yet low-recoil cartridge. It makes perfect sense as a rifle for Australia, as well. From Whitetail to Brown Bear, the 338 will work BUT...It's the hardest kicking gun i have ever shot paper with in my life in a 30 caliber. The trio took both the .30-06 case and the shortened .300 H&H Magnum case and necked them to hold the bullets for the .333 Jeffery cartridge. There are those hunts where a cartridge larger than your favorite deer rifle is required, especially in the higher latitudes of North America. .338 Lapua is going to be incredibly expensive to shoot. 20" barrel is to short for the 338 win mag. > i am comfortable shooting 338 win mags at around 500 yards as of now i use my friends 338. Might as well toss it into the decision. The .375 H&H Magnum offers a larger case capacity than the .338—95 grains versus 86 grains—and that gentle eight-degree shoulder makes for easy feeding. Which of these two has the advantage, and would make the better choice? A .338 Federal is a necked up .308 Winchester, bullet weights range from 180 gr to 210 gr. The admittedly light 235s were launched at 2800 fps, but the bullet construction a century ago isn’t what it is today. Elephant in both Africa and India, all the large cats, buffalo on any continent, any color of bear; all were neatly handled by the .375 H&H.

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