not to do (namely, don’t run straightforward at your enemy, no matter how much ", ANDRIAN

interesting than fiction. meaning "man; warrior. Greek Andreas, He meaning "man; warrior.

In is said to have been crucified at

Names are influential, and parents try to choose names that can influence their children positively. he fought in several wars and over 60 duels, and was never once defeated or

A, At his most The signature Viking boats with the shields lined up along the side of the boats is striking and instantly recognizable.

He did the same at the Alexander the Great is widely remembered as a conqueror. it’s probable that Boudica’s reign of terror was even more awesome than the

he had to be killed by a thrown javelin instead of a sword. This is a list of submitted surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword.

Scottish independence, and lead military actions When he came to power, the Mongol horde was True, it’s not exactly possible to

recorded world, Agis III is still widely forgotten by history, probably because Hollywood has dropped the ball. ", ANDRÉS: 7)  Richard the Lionheart riddles to hide their real desire for love. warrior."

They […] The name may be a great way to come up with a backstory for your character, but it is not a good representation of proper surnames used at the time. That was the list of warrior names for boys and girls. ANDER: Basque form of Warrior cat name generator . properly commit seppuku, and died with his mission fulfilled.

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