Manton, D. D.This is not without the good providence of God, who hereby will prove His servants, to whom He will commit some special work.(T. Promises that which he cannot give.2. 13 But now in Christ Jesus you who used to be far away have been brought near by the blood of Christ. Satan perceives Christ's frame of mind: Is Christ filled with confidence in His Father? A. H. Wiseman M. A.Some deny the existence of Satan. So now, please come and curse this nation for me, for they are too powerful for me. Satan makes out the way of holiness to be —(1)Long;(2)rough;(3)uncertain;III.

Resistance of temptation is aided by familiarity with God's Word.4. POVERTY. Moments of joy, sorrow, or unwatchfulness he often seizes.III.

All temptations are ALIKE IN EFFECT.1. PROGRESSORS WITH LANGUOR. Satan makes out the way of holiness to be —(1)Long;(2)rough;(3)uncertain;III. (Matthias Faber.

)Our great adversaryMatthias Faber.His —I. Perkins, D. D.The lonely tree stands more exposed to the tempest than that which is encircled by its fellows.(W. Sympathy.3. )LinksMatthew 4:1 NIVMatthew 4:1 NLTMatthew 4:1 ESVMatthew 4:1 NASBMatthew 4:1 KJVMatthew 4:1 Bible AppsMatthew 4:1 ParallelMatthew 4:1 Biblia ParalelaMatthew 4:1 Chinese BibleMatthew 4:1 French BibleMatthew 4:1 German BibleMatthew 4:1 CommentariesBible Hub, (3)The condition.III. )Christian maturity a safeguard against temptationHacket., Burkit.The smallest bird can pick off the blossoms of a tree; if that blossom be not nibbled away, but grow a fair apple, the hurt is small that the fowls of the air can do unto it: so the firstlings of a godly life are in the greatest danger; Satan wants no sagacity to observe his advantages, but is aware that if the camp put their spade into the ground for a few days, and cast their trenches, they will hardly be displanted.(Hacket. Lange., Bishop Lancelot Andrewes.I. "Then" (ver. As Yvonne Carson says, “When we experience God’s peace our enemy is completely dumbfounded; it silences him; he simply can’t understand how we can praise and worship God in the midst of trial and difficulty” (Job 1:8-22; 2:9-10; Jam 1:2-4). )Temptation conducive to strengthDr. Accordingly, the most subtle and dangerous temptations are precisely those which we least imagine come from the devil.(L.

)Spiritual delight varied by severe temptationH. WEAKNESS. They lose their power if divulged. Our corrupt hearts, like tinder, do easily suffer corruption to kindle in us; but Christ's most holy heart did presently quench the evil of Satan's motions. Promises that which he cannot give.2. H. Wiseman M. A.Some deny the existence of Satan. The truth is, we do not need religion; we need to “know Christ intimately” — and intimacy only happens when we are completely alone with Him in the wilderness, where there is nobody else to turn to except Him.

Parr.I. As has been commonly stated by theologians, “Our baptism (i.e., our conversion) offers no respite from the struggles of life… like Jesus, all of us are eventually thrust into the wilderness of life.”, Though the wilderness is a place of darkness and despair, it should be understood that it is also a place where God is. Gentle persuasion first, violent constraint afterwards.IX. Another lesson do we learn in the wilderness, is that we learn to give up our illusion of a God that will make life easy for us… a God that will do what we want Him to do… a God of our own liking and making.

The force to resist evil lies in having our will set on God.VI. It is God who blesses and curses, and this all takes place in relationship to the nation Israel, on whom He has pronounced a blessing. )Inward purity the best defence against temptationW. H. Hutchings, M. A.Green wood will not burn; dry wood soon takes fire; he then who, although he does not act the part of an incendiary, dries the wood in order that it may the sooner ignite, has a real share in the cause of the conflagration.(W. )Temptation a ministerial qualificationT. (2) Our challenge is not to “convert” God to be on our side, but to be converted, so that we may be on His side. Three times the donkey saved Balaam from the sword of the Angel of the LORD. Temptations are preserved by Satan in order and METHOD.1.

Gentle persuasion first, violent constraint afterwards.IX. So the soul must agree to accept some guiding influence amongst the different ones which beset her, and to be controlled and conducted afterwards by it.(W.

To invite one to be a guest in your home was to grant them the highest level of intimacy and fellowship. With riches and ambition.IV. We only conquer as we are strong in God and in His Word.5. Temptations are often MADE IN SECRET. Balaam was a man who was supposed to be “in touch” with the spiritual forces (especially those on the dark side). Repelled once, he returns to the attack.

Divinely permitted.2. Succour.2. )Temptation conducive to strengthDr. Satan is behind all temptations.II. in 1971. As I was in the process of checking them out, I discovered something interesting. Stanley says that the issue of “sifting” can lead us to a deeper understanding of the way God conforms us into the persons He created us to be. Taylor. Just before He entered upon His great ministerial work.IV. The second miracle we experience is “God’s gracious provision of manna;” the more “manna of the Word” we eat the hungrier we become, and the more we want to know and understand.

Smith. Temptation is NOT THE SAME THING AS SIN. Succour.2. For ever since our ancestors fell asleep, all things have continued as they were from the beginning of creation.” 5 For they deliberately suppress this fact, that by the word of God heavens existed long ago and an earth was formed from water and by water. There are many reasons why we confidently conclude that Balaam was not a true prophet; indeed, that he was not even a true believer in God. C. Hughes, M. A.1. Example.(T. Early decision for Christ is the best safeguard against the tempter's power.3. She asks Balaam what she has done wrong for him to beat her so severely these three times. I can almost hear Balaam trying to avoid this very obvious command by saying, “God forbade me to go with that first group of men, and for the price they offered for my services.

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