The WMA is eight miles southwest of Orange with the, Purchased in 1987 and located just west of, A former exotic game ranch acquired through personal donation by the TPWD in 1997. And hunters from throughout the U.S. have been traveling here for years to sample some of the finest green-timber duck hunting Arkansas can offer. Tens of thousands of mallards typically winter here, along with lesser numbers of other duck species. Their promotional strengths may be lacking, but their duck-hunting tradition and history are just as rich and fascinating. In the minds of many, Bayou Meto is the center of the waterfowling universe, and anything outside this fabled realm is lesser fare. TRAPPING: November 1 - March 31,furbearers and predators only.

On the website, you can also sign up to receive by email a weekly waterfowl report that will let you know water conditions and waterfowl numbers on all these WMAs. Located near the southwestern city limits of Port Arthur in Jefferson County, Murphree represents a unique ecosystem. The ducks — mostly mallards and wood ducks — come here by the thousands when water levels are sufficient, following the Cache River, which runs through the heart of the WMA. 1,561 acres are owned by Sabine River Authority of Texas, the WMA Pawnee Inlet Unit (north of the lake) has 1,381 acres, the Caddo Creek Unit (east of the lake) has 162 acres (Hunt County), the Duck Cove Unit (south of the lake) has 792 acres, with a small portion in Hunt County and the remaining land in Van Zandt County, Owned by the General Land Office. The WMA is open for waterfowl, snipe, gallinule and woodcock hunting on Dec. 1, 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25 and 29 during the north zone duck season, with access beginning at 5 a.m. and shooting hours ending at noon. The Little Red River separates approximately 4,000 acres from the main body of acreage.

The name Bayou Meto has long been synonymous with world-class waterfowling.

The WMA is a draw for a number of species, especially teal, mallards and wigeon, with hunting typically remaining steady throughout the winter due to the nearby supply of water.

Here’s a look at 10 of the best WMAs to visit during waterfowl season in Texas. Roughly 20,000 acres of upland habitat are available for hunting, according to TPWD.

Early teal season and the regular duck season bring in day hunters by the truckload so expect company. 47,609 are located in Montgomery County, 59,746 acres in San Jacinto County, and 54,153 acres in Walker County. It’s advised to ensure you’re up to date on your bird identification since killing a whooper can bring a hefty fine. “Then they’re free to hunt and then when they’re done, they come back in with their ducks and check out. Use of dogs during the early teal season is discouraged because of increased alligator activity during warm weather. It includes coastal marshes, South Texas brush country, Big Bend mountains, Pineywoods forests and Panhandle plains. There’s little wonder ducks are attracted to this 17,524-acre WMA in White County. Calling is continuous — high balls to turn their heads, then feeding calls alternating with quacking. (except turkeys, waterfowl, and dove).

Low cost is also an attraction.

0 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Approximately 7,000 acres are flooded in this manner, making the WMA attractive to ducks on a more consistent basis than areas without such management enhancements. Children under 13 years of age must have a parent/guardian's consent before providing Permits include: Annual Public Hunting Permit (APH), E`�sm���r�J)��9�{��UZy���Q���:��

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