Here's Plymouth Live's guide to police slang. Possible BDW meaning as an acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term vary from category to category.

Abbreviation to define.

Considered by some to be a badge of honour, although not an ideal addition to your CV. Here is what you can and can't do under the new rules, Police name man urged to 'turn himself in' after teenager 'raped on way to school', Police released an image of  Kadian Nelson, 26, who they are want to speak with in connection with the incident in Mitcham, south London, 'Very angry' mum bins £23 meal after delivery driver tells her about his holidays, The 41-year-old mum from Stoke, Staffordshire binned the chicken fried rice, chips and fillet Cantonese beef out of fear for her grandmother and child's health and wellbeing. It sends officers mad trying to get it to work. ASBO – Antisocial Behaviour Order. In Devon and Cornwall they are now called the FSG – Force Support Group. BDW Stands For: All acronyms (53) Airports & Locations (2) Business & Finance (5) Common (1) Government & Military (2) Medicine & Science (3) Chat & Sub Cultures (4) Education Schools (7) Technology, IT etc.

SODAIT – Sexual Offences and Domestic Abuse Investigation Team. D & D – Drunk and Disorderly, not Dungeons and Dragons. (3) Rank Abbreviation Meaning ***** BDW: Big … Our extensive collection of U.S. Spray – Captor canister incapacitant. Usually a road accident involving a police vehicle. They spent several minutes interviewing staff at TK Maxx before being told over the radio they were in the wrong place. SOCA – Serious and Organised Crime. Below is a short list of common abbreviations used by police scanners for accidents: LEIN: Law Enforcement Identification Network, OUID: Operating Under the Influence of Drugs, OUIL: Operating Under Influence of Liquor, TIER 1 MEDICAL: Unstable Emergent Patient, Lights & Sirens, TIER 2 MEDICAL: Stable Emergent Patient, NO Lights & Sirens, Sources: Wikipedia, Genesee County Scanners and our own additions, Source: and our own compilations, The Law Offices of Hanflik M. Hanflik A response offered when a MOP indignantly asks for the officer’s name. Gidgy – A deployment considered by officers to be a “piece of p***”. One officer admitted that in their early days on the job they were told to attend an incident at a “TK at Royal Parade”. In the same way that it’s one sandwich short of a picnic. The terms are a way of explaining important information, roles, incidents, titles or situations, Our free email newsletter sends you the biggest headlines from news, sport and showbiz. Effectively a note which tells you your future may well involve a court visit. A Big Unit – A big person, who will definitely cause officers a bit of trouble if he chooses to. SOPO – Sex Offenders Prevention Order. You can end up on this list from doing everything from patting a person of the opposite sex on the bottom against their wishes to the serial rape of children. Some of these abbreviations and acronyms can be found in booking reports, police reports, or used as conversational shorthand between law enforcement officials. This is the environment where you encounter men called Dave with broken noses and leather jackets who keep money in large rolls, run a scrap metal merchants and can get you a shooter to go with a kilo of coke. Menu Search. The Metropolitan Police had a similar team called the SPG – Special Patrol Group. Where victims of serious sexual assaults are video interviewed for their very first statement, which can then be used in court. NPAS – National Police Air Service. RTC – Road Traffic Collision, which used to be RTA (Road Traffic Accident) until, as any Hot Fuzz film fan knows, vocab guidelines state police no longer refer to such incidents as ‘accidents’, they’re now collisions. Used for smashing in windows and distracting occupants while another officer uses the Big Red Key to gain entry. POLSA – Police Search Advisor – a specially-trained officer who advises on the best approach to carry out searches in Misper cases or suspected murders where bodies are yet to be found. Acronym Finder, All Rights Reserved. MOE – Method of Entry. An awfully big person. DILLIGAF – Do I Look Like I Give A F***? Lid – A Police hat. NFA – No Further Action. NASA, Known in common parlance as a “grass” or “snitch” who may eventually come to a violent end.

Hooly Bar – a large iron bar with a large spike at the end. Postal codes: USA: 81657, Canada: T5A 0A7, Your abbreviation search returned 22 meanings, showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 22 definitions), Note: We have 17 other definitions for BDW in our Acronym Attic, The Acronym Finder is Because ‘accident’ implies there's nobody to blame. It’s big. All About Police Scanner Abbreviations Bookmark this post! A list of police codewords and acronyms have been revealed - including the ones they don't want you to know.. ATNS – like ASNT, but it’s where the likelihood of anyone being around is less than zero, so Area Traced, No Search. The meaning of Police Abbreviation ADW and other Police Abbreviations PSU - Police Support Unit is a team of officers trained in public order and are used in major incidents, support other officers and bashing in doors with the Big Red Key (see later). (“Certainly Sir, I’m Sgt Dilligaf, now would you please blow into this bag. The victim. The US election is looking like it's going to be close between Donald Trump and Joe Biden - but what happens in the event that they tie in the electoral college? Here's what we know so far, New lockdown restrictions in full - all the rules you need to know for Thursday, Boris Johnson will put England into a second national lockdown on Thursday. BINGO seat – Bollocks I’m Not Getting Out seat. But occasionally, they create special codewords which aren't entirely PC. An order by the court which attempts to keep sex offenders from committing sex offences.

Because you can’t just call a hat, a hat. Remarkably, the entire county of Cornwall is just one BCU. OT – Overtime (“Sarge, will I be getting any OT for this?”). AKA pepper spray. It’s red.

(“Sarge, that scrote who’s been battering old ladies and mugging them has come off his stolen scooter. abbreviation; word in meaning; location; Examples: NFL, NASA, PSP, HIPAA,random Word(s) in meaning: chat "global warming" Postal codes: USA: 81657, Canada: T5A 0A7. GTP – Good To Police. Plymouth is populated enough to be an entire BCU. This bloke you’ve told us to arrest said he won’t come out of the pub and he’s an FBU”). (“Sarge, can we have a few more officers please. Below is a short list of common abbreviations used by police scanners for accidents: ALOC: Altered Level of Consciousness ALS: Advanced Life Support A/O: Alert & Oriented A/R: Armed Robbery APB: All Points Bulletin B&E=Breaking & Entering BLS=Basic Life Support BOL=Be On Look-out BLK: Street block BOLO: Be On […] While the official list of acronyms runs to an entire booklet with more than 300 terms, there are some acronyms and policing phrases which have eased their way into common police parlance and very few of them are half as polite or politically correct. FLUB – F***ing Lazy Useless B***ard. RUI – Released Under Investigation. The final synonym offered to Plymouth Live from an anonymous source was: “When asked for directions, you point at the hat and cap badge and advise them “It says E II R, not A to Z”.

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