The gods are a complex and supreme people, and are therefore not limited…

Here, at the turn of the twentieth century, a group of priests (most famously, Berenger Saunière) aroused suspicion with their curious behaviour and apparent wealth, leading many to speculate that they had discovered a heretical secret, possibly involving Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ, the treasure of Solomon, hoards of the Visigoths, or valuables hidden during the French Revolution.

In Anatolia, a ten-thousand-year-old statue of the Mother Goddess adorned in a yellow and orange beehive-style tiara has led scholars to conclude that the Mother Goddess evolved into the Queen Bee around this time. Childeric’s hoard was entrusted to Leopold Wilhelm von Habsburg, a military governor of the Austrian Netherlands who was believed to have been a descendent of the Merovingian dynasty. Rosslyn Chapel was founded by William Sinclair, 1st Earl of Caithness, in the fifteenth century and is renowned for what many believe to be an elaborate display of Masonic symbolism.

Recent theories put forth by Alan Butler and John Ritchie in their book, Rosslyn Revealed: A Library in Stone, suggest that the ceiling above the Prince’s Pillar represents ‘paradise’ on Earth. The remarkable edifice serves as the memorial to the Kings and Queens of old France and includes the tombs of two of the most famous Merovingian Kings, Dagobert I and his son, Clovis II. Political movements, such as Communism, drew upon the altruistic, drone-like, ‘proletariat’ behaviour exhibited in beehives as a blueprint for their ideologies.

The theme stems from the stable, regular and orderly society that is observed in a beehive.

Although mead was ubiquitous around the world, its great decline came in the 1700s because of tax laws, the availability of sugar over honey, and most importantly, the rise of beer and wine, which were much easier to make than mead. The huts, which are largely unexcavated, are part of what is known locally as the Great Camp. Serendipitously, as an infant Zeus, who would grow up and assume the title of ‘Bee-man’, was fed honey by nymphs on Crete, an island whose capitol, Knossos, I have previously identified as a honey factory; and Crete, of course, is where Icarus falls to earth after his beeswax wings melt when he flies to close the sun.

Mead may be one of the first alcoholic beverages on earth.

The study of Rennes-le-Château, the mystery of a French priest alleged to have discovered a heretical secret in the late nineteenth century, incorporates an exhaustive list of subplots and disciplines, including (but not limited to) sacred geometry, art history, Vatican secrets, complex codes, Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, the Holy Grail, royal families, lost lineages, Knights Templar, Cathars, Visigoths, the treasure of Solomon and the Priory of Sion, to name a few. The bee was a hugely important icon of Napoleon’s reign and his obsession with its symbolism gave rise to his nickname, the Bee.

The young emperor ensured that the bee was widely adopted in his court, as well as on clothing, draperies, carpets and furniture all across France. Remarkably, the bee was the precursor to the fleur-de-lys, the national emblem of France. [3], The Ommatissus lybicus is attracted to certain cultivars of the date palm tree. The adoption of bee symbolism in Egyptian society developed rapidly and by the start of the First Dynasty, Egypt was known as the ‘Land of the Bee’, and the Pharaoh carried the title ‘Beekeeper’, with a bee prominently displayed in his cartouche.

Napoleon would have grown up with the symbolism of the bee engrained in his psyche, for his homeland of Corsica was required to pay the Romans an annual tax equivalent to £200,000 in beeswax.

There is little doubt that de Chérisey was the creative mastermind behind the modern-day hoax of the Priory of Sion, and I have written about this in considerable detail in my article, Saint Sulpice and the Symbolism of the Priory of Sion. And close your eyes with holy dread, And all should cry, Beware! Built using WordPress and Mesmerize Theme. Logo of the Cercle Saint Dagobert II: a bee inside a hexagon.

Rennes-le-Château is linked with bees in curious ways; some complex, others just peculiar, such as the experience of Christopher Dawes, author of the Rennes-le-Château adventure yarn, Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail, who inexplicably encountered dead bees while conducting his research. Disappointingly, his efforts to have the bee adopted as the Republic’s official emblem were rejected by the National Convention due to their belief that ‘bees have queens’. © 2020 LeaseHoney. Other species attracted to the nectar include the feathertail glider, brush-tailed phascogale, and brown antechinus. Mead isn’t quite wine, but it can be dry, sweet, still, or sparkling like wine.

The Paris meridian (an imaginary arc that measures the hours of the day) was later replaced by London’s Greenwich meridian as the international standard for time keeping. The sugar glider possum eats both, licking the nectar from branches.

France, believed to be in the shape of a natural hexagon French Freemasonry soon spread to the United States of America, aided by early American forefathers such as Thomas Jefferson, who wrote passionately about the importance of bees, while others, such as President George Washington, featured the beehive on his Masonic apron.

And on the roof of the Chapel we find a curious stone beehive with a stone flower-petal entrance that was inhabited by bees for as long as anyone can remember. Prehistory is full of clues that hint at ancient man’s fascination with bees, and so is the mystery of Rennes-le-Château. However, to appreciate them we must first turn our attention to the genesis of bee adoration, back in the age when temples of Venus graced the Aude valley, not churches dedicated to Mary Magdalene.

Clearly, the seed of bee veneration that was sown by the Sumerians had been harvested by the Egyptians.

The cover of Philippe de Chérisey’s Circuit. When Childeric’s tomb was uncovered in 1653, it was found to contain three hundred golden jewels, styled in the image of a bee. However, in the context of beekeeping, it appears that they simply portray the veneration of bees.

Here, Lincoln draws our attention to a series of beehive-like huts called capitelles found near the village of Coustaussa (site of a macabre assignation of the priest, Abbé Gélis, a friend of Saunière who appears to have become dangerously entwined in the mystery).

The pillar, which stands to the right of the altar, is adorned with what is generally regarded as Tree of Life symbolism; two dragons of Yggdrasil (the World Tree, according to Norse mythology) reside at its base, and a masonry vine spirals vertically around the column, drawing our attention to the ceiling.

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