Perhaps the best of these are Konami’s trio of “Rebirth” games: Gradius Rebirth, Contra Rebirth, and Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth. I actually do have some points I need to spend (thinking Sin & Punishment, the N64 classic... but that’s VC, not WiiWare). Here's hoping Shin'en keeps up its envelope-pushing attitude on Nintendo platforms for many more years to come. Even if its death was, if anything, overdue, the shutting down of WiiWare is a good reminder that this will be the way of all digital game services, and it’s a shame that so much creativity and art is about to get pulled down from official sale forever. If you liked Capcom's Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure, this charming puzzler serves as an excellent follow-up to it. There are actually three WiiWare-exclusive Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, a parody platformer from Sega called Pole’s Great Adventure, a version of the shooter Phalanx, and Line Attack Heroes, an action game from Nintendo developed by Grezzo (Ever Oasis). Some of them are excellent. By Hawtie , Jan 18, 2009 12,600 2 0 Well, we're correcting this oversight today. (50 mo). LostWinds and LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias. Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life. répertoire /bin par dessus l'ancien répertoire portant Perhaps the best of these are Konami’s trio of “Rebirth” games: Gradius Rebirth, Contra … It was a weird, eclectic mix of games, and it’s all going away soon.

Shin'en is a company well known for pushing the limits of every piece of hardware they develop for, and WiiWare got an exclusive title from them that did just that in the summer of 2010. Peut-être la Total Conversion la plus réussis One of Nintendo’s bigger efforts on WiiWare was Excitebike World Rally, a followup to its NES classic with isometric 3-D gameplay. Before that happens, here are the games you might want to load onto your Wii or Wii U. You can get the Greek mythology platformer NyxQuest (which is actually pretty good) on Steam, for example, with nicer graphics (even though it lacks the pointer controls of the original).

Un total de 71 Mo (Niveaux: 19 Mo, Musiques: le même nom de And although La-Mulana got its start on WiiWare, it’s since been ported elsewhere. Niveaux Officiels (dans leurs dernières versions) plus les Maps correspondantes (merci à Mr 8): I expected to see a lot more of Nintendo's famous franchises show up with digital spin-offs or sequels when WiiWare was first unveiled years ago, but the service has turned out to be much more focused on original IPs than much of anything from Mario, Zelda, Metroid or the rest of the main brand bunch. WinRar et WinAce une sélection des meilleurs niveaux (*.wad) pour Doom (ou pour ses Players who got over the shock of the genre switch soon discovered that My Life as a King was one of the deepest and most engaging WiiWare launch titles, and the game sold well enough to inspire the release of a follow-up -- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Dark Lord -- one year later. These were generally not as well received as Konami’s Rebirth series (Adventure Island was particularly terrible), but if you’re a completionist and want to see every entry in a beloved series, these do exist. Read the Review See It in Action. Maboshi's Arcade was an earlier release from the company, arriving in the Wii Shop just under the wire in the service's first calendar year -- and it was an oddly compelling mixture of three game designs in one. Before we get started, though, some clarification about the selection process -- I wanted to feature as many great WiiWare games as possible, and so that means joint ranking for sequels and series.

Before WiiWare, there was Virtual Console. Il s'agit de PSXDoom mais fait pour fonctionner avec Brutal Doom ou Project Brutality (et sans aucun autre add-on en supplément). One of my faves from the WiiWare services not listed? Il s'agit d'une version modifiée de GZDoom64 mais faite pour fonctionner avec Brutal Doom ou Project Brutality (et sans aucun autre add-on en supplément). Download and install Nintendo Wii Channels using Wii WADs. We’re running it again today since the Wii Shop will be going offline forever this week. While some of these, like Mega Man 9 and 10, have since been released elsewhere, some remain exclusive to WiiWare.

Hey, did you know that Nintendo and the developer of Fire Emblem, Intelligent Systems, made an on-rails pointer-controlled first-person shooter about recycling tin cans?

disponibles sur leurs sites respectifs en version d'évaluation. 25.

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