Moze build by Papi_SlayZ updated 3 weeks ago. I don’t believe that any of the class mod innate abilities actually benefit this build, not even the “hold down the trigger for more splash damage” one because this is a COV launcher. With extremely high splash damage, Moze can take down mobs in an instant with a few grenade throws. MOZERKER 5.0 by Ki11er Six. There’s no point going all the way through for grenade skill as you simply won’t use them. Rockets have a more limited Anointment pool, and Cartel drops are more likely to have new Anointments on it, so you’re likely to get this one without that much trouble. You may opt-out by. Thanks to its innate power and a new Anointment, it can chain clear entire rooms full of badass and Anointed enemies, as well as one or two shot many bosses. The only thing I would warn against is that the explosions get so big you can blow yourself up. I also have a point into Some for the Road which even with just one round left, lets you fire a few shots for free after getting out of Iron Bear, which can clear an entire room or kill a boss with this gun. This is the one we go all the way down for, hitting all the perks that have the potential to regenerate ammo.

Bottomless Mags + 1HP All Shield's Build | Moze level 65. You can farm this from Cartel minibosses Fish Slap or Tyrone Smallums, or Joey Ultraviolet himself. Create new build ... (lvl 65 | Mayhem 10 | Bloddy Harvest) Fl4k build by Noodl updated 2 weeks ago. VOTES : 1. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. When it comes to skills, you can spec into whatever you feel works best for you. The key here is that it’s a rocket, so you’re one-shotting most normal enemies with that 300% damage increase, plus that Anointment says 90% health, meaning the red bar. High DPS Moze Build.

So, here’s the build I am using to blow through Mayhem 10 like it’s Mayhem 1, and no matter how many good drops I get I have yet to find anything even close to matching it. So, I kind of screwed myself on the shield here because the one you actually need is the Red Suit, which you can only get from the campaign mission where you drive that truck around with Vaughn. The "meta" class mods for Moze right now are Green Monster and Blast Master, but Mind Sweeper is also starting to see a lot more use while Sapper has fallen out of relevancy due to Moze's recent sustainability improvements. Past this, between Moze’s explosive and splash damage skills, and her ammo regenerating abilities, it’s pretty easy to use this constantly to clear entire zones and not run out of ammo, especially with the new heavy SDUs you can buy. Heard the OPQ is pretty good with her infinite ammo. So, here’s the best endgame Moze build in Borderlands 3. Pick up my new sci-fi novel Herokiller, and read my first series, The Earthborn Trilogy, which is also on audiobook. Look for that, heavy damage, and area of effect damage. Moze needs better gun anointments, frankly. I haven't tried this build and didn't explain good, (sorry if i have bad english) but you can look in the link and try it yourself, and i just wanted to share this, have a nice day gamers. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the BorderlandsBuilds community. Archived.

VOTES : 0. 0%.

We’ll just start with the weapon itself, the Yellowcake launcher with the 300% damage on enemies over 90% health Anointment. Shield: The one you need is the red suit, so you won't kill yourself with the weapon, you should get the anoint that after exiting Iron Bear, you gain 75% shield and health for 25 seconds, you can get one from "Atomic", this one is easy, and you don't need mayhem mode for this, but you get more legendaries in mayhem mode, i hope. This high damage build can easily melt bosses with the right weapons in hand. Joltzdude Build.

0%. News and opinion about video games, television, movies and the internet. grenades: Use whatever, you can look in the link if you want to use a good grenades. Sapper has fallen out of relevancy due to Moze's recent sustainability improvements. Instead, I have to be content with a Recharger for survivability and the Anoint that gives me a shield and health boost after getting out of Iron Bear which you can use against tougher rooms of enemies. BL3 - Moze. This build focuses to greatly increase Moze's DPS during fights. That would be the Yellowcake Cartel launcher, a new COV weapon from the current event. The 150% damage to grenades when a skill is active applies to stickies like the new Kaoson SMG which is great on Moze, though it requires Auto Bear to be active. 100%. I’m using the elemental ASE anoint to get some different elemental damage when I get out of Iron Bear (though it’s not DPS efficient to bother doing that most of the time), mainly when I’m going up against Fish Slap who is mostly immune to radiation damage. This may not be unintentional and could end up patched soon. Posted by 6 months ago. Mayhem 10 may be tough in Borderlands 3, but with this Amara build, you literally cannot die. Mayhem 10 Moze Builds?? VOTES : 0. Ideally I would want this with the kill a badass modifier for more speed and damage. Moze build by sccruz updated 3 weeks ago. compared to other vault hunters. Not a ton of strategy here, just some points into shield stuff for survivability and Drowning in Brass for more gun damage., Bottomless Mags + 1HP All Shield's Build | Moze level 65. Have a lvl 57 moze but never bothered gearing up for her because of how underpowered she was (is?) Close. Don’t get too close. Wait for incoming nerf. As long as you have a consistent form of sustain, pretty much anything works. I pair this gun with the “very hard” invincibility drone modifier because the explosion will usually blow up the drone and then whatever it was guarding in a chain reaction.

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