If the accessory equipped to the character matches their color attribute, the character gains a x2 bonus from the Accessory's effect.

But even on his own, he stands up pretty easy. During gameplay, each character can use their own abilities in their SA1 and SA2, but in SA3, a flash of AoE appears to "Switch" out to the other "hidden" character. The player can also choose to summon ten characters at once, for a cost of 250 Spirit Orbs. This is the most efficient method I use for farming 3 stars - along with additional 4 star specials from events. He’s one of the best SAD characters you can get. My name is Matt and I am an avid gamer and writer. Then i'm saving the remaining medals to attempt a 6x 5* multi. Number two is the only reason a Kenpachi is not on this list. Some characters have unique skills, but many others share similar set of skills depending on the nature of their attack types. I have the spirit tree to 100%. He is 100% a SAD build character because of the attacks he has and abilities. Bleach: Brave Souls is a mobile game released in 2016. With the current list, as long as no one else is added, we don't get medals for BBS's "birthday" itself, we get 2 medals on days where characters share the same birthday (like Mayuri and Nemu do), and the 1* and 2* characters plus medal characters are in fact included like I assumed, the dates would be as follows: Kisuke was born on New Year's Eve and Yoruichi was born on New Years Day.

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