Q. Q. Sewer Worker's Mantra: Your crap is my family's bread and butter. A. What do Californians call sewage in Beverly Hills? 'Cause the pay really stunk. A. Golden toilets?

Learn more. ...at what point does it become a running gag? They both fly to Uranus and wipe out the cling-ons. Because if they were called ladyholes, too many guys would be trying to get in. Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. Q.

A dutch woman kicked me right in the face. – John Madden. How do we know God is not an engineer? Which pages you visit After a few minutes, one of the plumbers came Calling a plumber is one of those inevitable evils of life, right up there along with death and taxes. A rough translation of a jk my dad told me, The woman sitting opposite looked at me in disgust and said, "Is that a poo in your hand?". What is it called when a janitor doesn't clean up the clogged toilet? Because entering manholes was no longer his thing. Your assigned IP address. A. electrician friend to do it on the side. Pipe down! Why will the plumber always remember his years at the sewage treatment plant?

At first I thought I thought I was in for a clean break, but then it got messy and there was lots of paperwork.

1. A. A. You wouldn't believe the shit they've seen. He thinks for a minute,then takes out a 10 dollar bill from his pocket, throws it into sh*t too and says : For 11 dollars I could do that.

Right now the cops have nothing to go on....."

plumbers only bought one ticket. I’ve never seen this joke here before, I read it in some biography long ago in my school days. 8.

porter came by and knocked on the door as he said, "Ticket please".

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