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REDARS stands for Reference Engineering Data Automated Retrieval System. [�)���t6 9h�u|�Ż��%r#V�����aKo��S� … For material specification, see if the organization is using a source from the Qualified Product List (QPL).

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Obtain additional help for accounts and password resets at the Boeing Enterprise Help Desk. Direct Boeing suppliers and partners can access a copy of the revised specifications directly through the Boeing P\ artners Network \(BPN\). ��� Indirect Boeing suppliers \(sub-tiers\) can request a copy of the revised specification through their direct customer, in accordance to their contractual agreement. �Evd��Ă� 2�eS��˨�|���G�V�Y��������e�L����`���k��D�A���ώ� s�by¡� � �m#�

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