Early 50's 1/4 mi. Maybe that's what has people confused, Id love to buy this bike!! It comes in straight sticks about 16" long, gold colored and coated with a white flux. Send me a PM. The problem these days is the questionable metallurgy involved. Of course he was using ox /acetylene torch. Some Years ago. yes why yes it will. Sometimes you get some that just don't take to it, but oftentimes they do work fine. Was this ever an common/widespread practis?Was the technique practical?What were some of the applications? I WOULD and use mapp gas or oxy/acet torch like a plumbers set up !! Ive been looking for one for a long time now.Please contact me Thanks. If you try to use a plain steel hanger with no coating, even the slightest amount of rust will bugger up you weld. I have looked for Youtube Videos but can not find any. Copyright © 2000-2020 by, SmokStak® Shop Equipment Tools and Techniques. I've used them for many different jobs with great results.

Anyone know how I can get parts to fix it? I would not waste your time like Hound said this place is dead, Ha yes well it is early I stop back a little later, Ok well I got over the childish shit I know I was one of the worst, Probably not I think we piss lotta people off and you're grumpy old bastard's kind a hold a gruge, www.facebook.com/pages/Connecticut-Vintage-Road-bikes/266345633433463.

Occasionally I have not had proper welding rod on hand for plain steel welding and have used a coat hanger as a rod.

I do remember he used Straight Propane.

The wire seems to work better after being run through the bailer, wipes off some of the excess protective coating. Well I figured this wasn't worth a new thread so I'll dump it here. She finished the race that night, then totaled the car the next day.

Brazing permanently joins two metals using a torch. A couple bucks for a 42" stick, and will also work with the propane. From what I've found the main issue is the purity of brazing material. Bicycle spokes maybe a bit cleaner, and a brazing rod coated in flux is relatively cheap.

Everybody I know uses it for exhaust, sheet metal and other light duty jobs. I had one of those rods from a windshield wiper blade stuck all the way through my hand! Stock cars on a shoe string diet, gas and hangers equaled many crash/nerf bars.

Being there is no standard for the metal that coat hangers are made from they range across the spectrum of quality material. I don't think I woild use it as a comon practice. Step 1 Clean the metal you plan to braze. JavaScript is disabled. Unless it's an emergency it's not worth it to me.

I try to get them from folks cleaning out older folks homes and stuff that have the old 1's. If I had any welding rod around at all, I wouldn't even think about using the coat hanger. Trademark Office. If you use brazing rod on headers, the headers will fall apart.

To solder iron parts, I use "Bronze-flow", which is a high temperature brazing alloy. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

Hahaha, it works.

I have used it to plug holes that need to be re-drilled in the same spot. SMOKSTAK® is a Registered Trade Mark in the U.S. Nothing was critical though, just exhaust and maybe some bodywork. Wire hangers will work fine, but the metal can be very dirty leaving pits and adhere poorly at worst.

The first time I saw it done was in a muffler shop and they were using the process on my car. Brazing shouldn't be used on anything near the exhaust ports, because the exhaust gases run in the 1200-1500 degree F range right out of the exhaust ports. Thanks for that input! Please Login or Register.

Has anyone seen this done? This is an old practice that - years ago coat hangers were made out of a much higher grade steel than now, now they have a lot more impurities.

Bought a good supply of 1/8" and 3/32" rods about 1981 and still workin' on 'em.............they never go bad. I just see that Aluminum rod stuff. No reason not to use them on small jobs that just need to stick together, like exhaust pipe or other unstructural things around the shop and home. Going thru a small village at night she spotted a guy that had built a multi story home out of school buses and figured he knew how to weld.

I will not say it won't work as I expect we all have done it.

It was pretty cool. its very simple: Will it work? Sell as a welder or antique. I am sure many drag links too. The fellow there said they were the best for welding the parts back on. The problem is that you have no idea about the quality or strength of the steel in the hanger. fast getting to a point you can't even find metal coat hangers. Will it be a good sound weld? Not that any of this will be state certified. This page was generated at 09:23 PM.

Friend was racing down in Mexico a few years back and tore a suspension part in half, kept going but at a slower speed. The metal will be orange-hot at flow temp. It happens all the time at bdirty's farm. I saw the whole coat hanger thing used in a body shop I worked at this summer. propane is very explosive i don't recommend propane xxxxx, Rat Rods, Hot Rods, VW's or any other custom, Motorcycles, Scooters and Board Track Bikes, How long do you have to practice social distancing before actually doing it? It welded good anyways. Always worked great for me. You must log in or register to reply here. No it will be near as strong as using the correct filler.

He only used a propane torch and old Coathangers. I've welded a many a door on a dirt stock car with coat hangers, as well as exhaust headers, and similar things. Most coat hangers are low quality steel wire. Good deal till the rear bearings were loose and broke the axle.

I wigged out when I saw what they were doing......turned out the exhaust system rusted away before the weld gave out. I have brazed with a Coat hanger be fore.. Did it all the time.. From what I've found the main issue is the purity of brazing material. It could be wonderful or it could be s**t. For an exhaust pipe, yes. Still wouldn't trust that type of weld on a critical joint though. A couple …

Depression era welder, still works good. For a steering linkage, no. Use sandpaper to remove oxidation. Is this okay or a bad idea? You can use a propane torch to braze most metals you want to join. Coat hanger works. Its kinda like brazing.

I worked at a body and fender shop when I was in high school (1968). Hadn't invented mig yet. Wire hangers will work fine, but the metal can be very dirty leaving pits and adhere poorly at worst.

But I don't know about the strength, tho they say its fine... granted they don't weld bikes. !+, Kingsnova: I have a couple of those hubs.... Ill sell you a hub or parts or whatever. To top it all off he used a pants hanger with the velvet type material coating to keep the pants from slipping. Thirty five years ago I used a few for O/A welding, but my wife told me to buy some rods or quit welding because she needed all the hangers we had. You are using an out of date browser. A good drill will cut either of the 2. I've used them for years, I don't do it often enough to keep good clean rod around so the old coat hanger fills the bill.. My friend did light torch welding of sheetmetal and tubes. Hello all, I just bought a used 26" Mongoose Beast fat tire at a garage sale $140.00. I wouldn't use it for anything I give a s--- about though. The right wire is cheaper than a law suite. I'm surprised no one mentioned bailing wire.

I did forget to mention that this was oxyacetylene welding, but you folks figured that out. I didn't know you could do that. So far I have used it on fairly low stress items like car exhaust pipe repair. I was told to never use them where strength was required because coat hangers are made of the crappiest steel alloys. DIKK PICS ARE WAITING FOR YOU SPOKESHAVE!!! If this is your first visit, be sure to A new Imported hanger from Wally World has the composition of some form of Asian monkey dung as best as we can tell. Welcome Guest. I assumed he meant for welding, not for brazing.

I was told the coat hanger did not get hard like the regular weld wire so it was easier to drill. Being there is no standard for the metal that coat hangers are made from they range across the spectrum of quality material.

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