Her husband, who lost a baby with his first wife, didn't even know she was pregnant. A teenager comes in drunk and it is later discovered he attacked one of his teachers.

Episode der 18. Originaltitel: Truth or Dare | Erstausstrahlung: 25.10.2003. A boy, Rick, helps Comfort treat the wounded but then stops breathing; despite an attempt by Lara to talk her through the procedure via a mobile phone and helmet cam, Comfort is unable to revive him. She tries to secretly record an interview with Terry, a prisoner who says they were protesting against over crowding, and Abs throws her out despite her threatening to run with the Mickey Driscoll story. Cas Series > Series 33. Adam and Julie turn up to complain about Roxy still working; Tess defends her, even though she disapproves of what she's doing. Guest starring Israel Aduramo, Jerome Willis and Mike Grady. Series 17 Julie and Adam tell Roxy they will look after William even if he is disabled. He is taken to hospital with malnutrition but slips back at the house. Staffel der Serie Casualty. A heavily pregnant woman turns up having tried to induce labour so she can go to a party and is pleased when she succeeds. Comfort tells Tess that Fin hit her and he arranges to stay with Luke. Abs wants to take the nurses out on strike and, when Helen and Pauline support Jim's policy, Charlie decides to approach the Royal College of Nursing about taking industrial action. Rachel's husband Jason and their newborn son are taken to the hospital where paediatric consultant Jim Brodie looks after him. A man is brought in with muscle pains after falling down the stairs and discovered to have a form of arthritis caused by chlamydia. Harry admits the boy against Jim's recommendation. Kenneth has supported Charlie and Louis has expressed a desire to stay with him but things are less than certain. Staffel der Serie Casualty. Harry takes Lara out for dinner to try and change her mind about seeing him. Glen goes through with the bout but his opponent collapses afterwards and he tells Andy he is leaving him for Vegas. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 24.07.2004. Episode der 18. A female athlete is brought in after collapsing and admits she recently had an abortion; part of the tissue was left in the womb, causing an infection.

New sister Tess Bateman has to defend Roxy to Simon. Lara refuses to listen to security guard Evans' theory of cluster headaches so he takes it to Harry who confirms it. CASUALTY Originaltitel: Flash in the Pan | Erstausstrahlung: 04.10.2003. Nikki also takes Paul there to be looked after until Social Services can collect him. A young woman, Lucy, hits herself with a paper weight and tells Neil, her stepson and lover, that his father Michael did it.

However, the experience does leave his estranged parents reconciled.

Charlene calls her old foster mother Bella, who used to foster Abs, and is convinced to make things work with Lesley. Fin plans a romantic meal with Comfort but she goes out with Luke and comes home drunk. A patient Bex left waiting in reception turns out to have a subarachnoid hemorrhage and is rushed to theatre. They later kiss. Joe drops Kyle while stopping his daughter picking up a firework and he is taken to hospital. Among the other casualties is Keeley, a teenage girl working there with her older brother Aaron.

Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 27.09.2003. Charlie and Harry have to amputate Anna's leg to remove her and, with only limited time available, have to drag her clear just before the tunnel collapses, wrecking her other leg. Episode der 18. Charlie is nursing a dying Kenneth and worries he is not impressing child welfare. Originaltitel: Breaking Point | Erstausstrahlung: 08.05.2004.

Staffel der Serie Casualty.

Episode der 18. Tally tells Harry that Simon has been hassling her.

Simon is attending drug counselling. Episode der 18. The everyday lives of the people frequenting the frenetic Accident and Emergency department of Holby City hospital.

A customer arrives at a brothel to find his regular girl has been beaten up and calls an ambulance, only for her to hit him with a fire extinguisher when she comes round. The daughter intends to bring up the baby without him and Tess arranges for social services to assist her. Bex ends up announcing Roxy's pregnant to the department. A man robs a shop and takes a young customer, Cassie, hostage. A boy, Nat, is brought in by his mother Kerry and turns out to have low blood sugar; his father Reg has been using insulin for body building and Nat got hold of a vial. A young woman brings in her boyfriend insisting he needs his stomach pumped; Simon and Tess learn he ate a pie that she had hidden an engagement ring in, which should pass naturally. Simon, Abs and Bex all suspect domestic violence but it turns out Mavis has multiple sclerosis and rejects Abs' suggestion of cannabis as a treatment. Miriam is transferred up to a ward after reaching the six hour limit.

Simon leaves with Tally while Lara ends up getting intimate with Luke in the hospital car park, unaware they are being captured by CCTV. [3], Derek Thompson ist mit über 600 Episoden zudem der am häufigsten in der Serie aufgetretene Schauspieler. Desperate to win Lara over, Simon asks her to move in with him. Episode der 18. Fin criticises her for ignoring protocol but covers for her with Josh. The teenager later dies after being hit by a car. Frank is refusing to retire despite selling the shop since it reminds him of his late wife.

Charlie stumbles upon the accident scene and accompanies an unconscious Baz to hospital. Mike Bateman resigns from the fire services due to his suspension over the train crash. Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber. Simon finds Abs badly beaten outside. Eve ends up falling to her death from the top of a multi-storey car park and turns out to have a history of mental illness. Mary has been secretly starving herself, not wanting to live without her, and refuses help. Originaltitel: Never Judge a Book | Erstausstrahlung: 13.12.2003.

A young man and woman who were in the taxi are brought in. Charlie breaks the news to Baz and is uncomfortable at how close Dan and Louis are. She refuses ventilation and, after Nikki and Roxy visit to say goodbye, Merlin sits with her as she dies. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am 23.05.2004. Roxy treats Eddie, an elderly man involved in a scuffle at a rubbish dump: He is actually well off but is alone since his wife died and he lost touch with their children. He is rushed to hospital but dies.

Embarrassed by her behaviour, he lies about having a STD in order to scare her off. Josh has a disastrous date with Caroline: He has cooked chicken not knowing she is vegetarian, and left the bath running so the ceiling collapses on him. Guest starring Sarah Owen, Heather Wright and Tony Osoba. Josh and Nina save the puppy from choking, working together as a team for the first time. An attempt to hide the truth from the mother doesn't last long and Abs advises the father to seek legal access. Originaltitel: What Parents Do | Erstausstrahlung: 28.02.2004.

Episode 18 of 46 Connie returns to the ED, and Ruby makes a life-changing decision. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Bex and Claire over Luke. Staffel der Serie Casualty. With Derek Thompson, Tony Marshall, Suzanne Packer, Ian Bleasdale. Bex spends the shift feeling ill. Charlie is due to meet Baz and Louis at the airport when he sees Baz's father Kenneth at the hospital; he has lung cancer and only six months to live, and lets slip to Charlie that Baz has remarried to a Dan Wilder. Staffel der Serie Casualty. 49 minutes Audio described.

Staffel der Serie Casualty.

Harry notices the mistake with the pneumothorax but Lara takes the blame for it; however, she is disgusted when she finds Simon still has amphetamines. With water pouring into the crevice, the doctors accept there is nothing they can do for Leon and attempt to climb through an underwater passage to safety but Simons hits his head and lies unconscious in the water.

The workmen start to demolish it, thinking it is empty, and he is killed. Originaltitel: First Impressions | Erstausstrahlung: 29.11.2003. Roxy discovers he was meant to be taken the boy to football and suspects he deliberately gave him milk so he could go with his friends instead, but with no proof, the staff have to let him take the boy when he turns up hours later. Charlie learns Colette has filed for divorce and has a new boyfriend so takes Josh to the seaside to cheer him up, where they get into a fight with some youths in a bar and then help one of them when he has an epileptic fit. It turns out his gums have grown over his teeth, which a trip to the dentist will sort. Staffel der Serie Casualty. Casualty - Staffel 18 Zur Serie Staffel 18 Episoden Stream Trailer Kommentare Bilder DVD & Blu-ray? Harry questions it but Simon is proved right when it turns out she has been losing weight for her sister's wedding. Josh and Luke are called out to a set of flats where they find a man, Toby, collapsed from a drug overdose having just had a kidney removed and his pre-school son Zane with minor injuries. Harry is irritable and distracted, at one point walking away from a patient, and tells Lara he is having withdrawals from his anti-depressants but then fakes her signature to get a repeat prescription. It is not discovered he has a history of mental instability until he attacks Roxy in reception. A boy with a milk allergy is brought in by his father, who disappears as soon as he's out of danger. Die Episode "No Weddings and a Funeral" ist die 20. Luke takes the ambulance to check on Bex without Josh's permission; she has been drinking heavily and collapsed. The manager initially claims his wife handles things, then admits she left him recently and he has struggled to cope. Nina fails to clear the scene at the accident and Comfort has to stop onlookers using a lighter. This article covers a subject that is part of the real world, and thus should not be taken as a part of the Holby universe. Simon returns to work, curing a boy of hiccups and asking Ash to be best man. Originaltitel: End of the Line (1) | Erstausstrahlung: 13.09.2003 | Regisseur: , Euros Lyn. The staff gather for the calendar launch but Comfort gets drunk and has a meltdown where she starts stripping. Staffel der Serie Casualty. Lucy dreams of getting Michael's money in the divorce but he knows of the affair and has made sure nothing is in his name. Created by Jeremy Brock, Paul Unwin. Originaltitel: Finding Faith | Erstausstrahlung: 13.03.2004.

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