They are also capable of stinging human flesh, so be forewarned. But the average aquarist still knows these beautiful corals as either a Doughnut coral or Scolymia vitiensis. Then I use a turkey baster filled with the remaining 8-drop solution and squirt only those brushed areas while continuing to hold the specimen over the empty pail. Even though very hardy, there is one more or less naturally caused health problem with this coral, and it’s called a ‘brown jelly’ infection. But the average aquarist still knows these beautiful corals as either a Doughnut coral or Scolymia vitiensis. It has a green or white-ridged hard skeleton that can be seen when the polyps are deflated. Some dropped off and were placed in secure areas in the aquarium where they began to develop into full replicas of its parent. And it’s also possible a strong current will separate the corals flesh from its skeleton. Cynarina are sometimes referred to as a meat coral, button coral, cat's eye coral, or doughnut coral.

… Love bubble corals and this one sure is nice. Cynarina coral colors can be very beautiful to drab. There are two different scientific names currently being used for the Scolymia vitiensis, Doughnut coral. In fact, I’ve had a similar ‘budding’ occasion with a yellow leather coral where a few dozen buds formed on its backside. Bubble Corals hail from the Western and Indo-Pacific Oceans and also the Red Sea, and are in the Phylum Cnidaria (Stony Coral), Order Scleractinia, Family Caryophylliidae, and are in the Genus Plerogyra, pronounced ‘Plee-roh-jai-uh.’. If necessary, I’ll repeat the cleaning process. Found on coral and rocky reefs on deep walls and under overhangs, at depths of 20 to 30m. Some other common names for the Doughnut Coral are Button Coral, Scolymia Brain Coral, Button Scolymia Coral, Artichoke Coral, and Meat Coral.

When shopping for a bubble coral, be aware the animal's septa, i.e., the upright large blade-like structures that extend above the corallite walls, are quite sharp and somewhat thin. If cared for, this can now develop into an exact copy of the adult coral. Generally, a healthy specimen should never incur this problem. stormryder73 . Therefore proper placement in the aquarium is extremely important. They can also have a combination of several colors. For best possible expansion, use low to moderate (medium level) lighting and keep the water current around the Doughnut coral very low. Then, as it adapts over the coming weeks, move it to a brighter area if so desired. The now "proper name" is Homophyllia australis. It’s thought that the size of the bubble regulates the amount of light its zooxanthellae receive, since this coral does not photoadapt, i.e., adjusts its level of photosynthetic cells to match light intensity. It’s thought that the size of the bubble regulates the amount of light its zooxanthellae receive, since this coral does not photoadapt, i.e., adjusts its level of photosynthetic cells to match light intensity. In these areas, e.g., lower reef slopes, under overhangs and cave walls, they are often found in a vertical position. And, since its impossible to know exactly the lighting conditions from where the coral was collected, and the fact it has had inadequate lighting during shipment, its always wise to first place it in your aquarium in a low light area. The bubble tentacles are extended during the day, and hidden slightly by the longer tentacles when feeding during the night.

Oh my gosh! It remains there, with 10% water changes (using water from the show aquarium) every other day until I’m sure the brown jelly infestation has ceased. Also known as Sinuose Coral, Pearl Bubble Coral, Pearl Coral, Bubblegum Coral, Rounded Bubblegum Coral, Octo-bubble Coral, Grape Coral, Bladder Coral, Cat Eye Bubble Coral and Large Polyp Stony Coral. It should be noted the short tentacles associated with the bubbles during the day do not contain stinging cells, yet the sweepers extended during the night do contain stinging nematocysts. And once you’ve seen a bubble coral, there’s no doubt its common names appear quite fitting as its skeleton mass is topped by an array of water filled bubble-shaped polyps (vesicles). Tweet LinkBack: Thread Tools: post #1 of 16 Old 12-13-2014, 12:12 PM Thread Starter. Where most aquarists are concerned, and as discussed here, there is only one species of interest - Plerogyra sinuosa (Dana, 1846).

The most common colors are white or light tan, yet some specimens exhibit a pale green or pink tinge depending upon area of origin.

These jelly-like masses, consisting of the protozoan Helicostoma nonatum and bacteria, feed upon damaged/dying tissue. The Doughnut Coral is an absolute favourite choice for the beginner aquarist because it is both hardy and undemanding. Its skeleton develops a somewhat flattened, yet continuous and unbranched wall of fused vertical plates (septa). And when necessary, do not remove a specimen with fully inflated bubbles from the water as the weight of the water in the bubbles may damage or tear its flesh.

That would be about 1300 mg/l if the SG were maintained at 1.025 – 1.026. The Cynarina Coral looks to be very delicate in appearance, but looks are decieving in this case since the Cats Eye Doughnut coral is very hardy. However, it’s still possible for a clone of the specimen to form in the aquarium.

This comes from recent scientific work suggesting an improper name had been used for all these years, and the objection to the name coming from where in the worlds oceans the Dougnut coral comes from. And once it begins, needs to be immediately attended to because of the speed for which it spreads. When I’m fully prepared, I remove the infected specimen from the aquarium, and over an empty pail, used a soft brush and the prepared liter solution to remove as much brown jelly as possible.

Therefore handling during collection and/or shipping can easily damage this skeleton material and its associated tissue. As the tissue spreads onto to the adjacent substrate, a skeleton begins to form inside the spreading tissue and a new bubble coral is born! In fact, if an alga growth is present, chances are slim that the coral will continue to survive since alga encroachment is often unstoppable. It is topped with a tissue mass that has water filled bubble-shaped polyps, which can develop slightly different shapes and colors.

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