, NBD. She tells Schmidt that he has to tell Cece the truth, or she will, but he's so afraid of hurting her. Jess is packing an overnight bag in case she has a one-night stand for Valentine's Day. However, Nick suddenly explodes with feelings, exciting Jess but infuriating Schmidt. He suggests they could try it before getting married, but she's not ready - they're worlds apart, yet. She's forced to recognize that Cece's job isn't as easy as she thought. Nickname(s) Jess doesn't understand why Julia doesn't like her. Cece is shopping with Jess while she searches for sexy new lingerie to impress Paul.

Unsure what he's getting at, Shivrang (almost) fills in the blanks for Cece: "Now that the mums approve - when do you want to do this thing?" He doesn't understand what the problem is, because Jess admits that Julia never explicitly admitted she disliked her, but Cece insists that the tone and choice of words in Julia's statements is proof enough. She is close with her L.A.-based grandmother, whom she calls Dadi (the Hindu name for a paternal grandmother), and her large Indian family. The next morning, Jess arrives at Cece's apartment to apologize, and finds her puking and hungover after her disastrous birthday night out. Spritzing a small amount on her wrist, she chokes from the unexpectedly horrific smell of the perfume. Cece, whose hands are stuck inside balls of yarn, rolls her eyes as Schmidt vows to never give up trying to sleep with her. She's way too beautiful, he explains, which would make the other girl think she'd never have a chance with a guy like him.

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