Each column represents a vehicle driven on different racing lines. The track is 2.68 miles in length and 40 feet wide with 17 flowing corners and enough elevation changes to challenge even the most experienced drivers and riders. I believe it ... Chuckwalla Valley Raceway (CVR) is a world class track focused on safety for cars and motorcycles. Chuckwalla Valley Raceway (CVR) is a world class track focused on safety for cars and motorcycles. CCR CW; 1:54.005; (Driven; Noble M400; Toyo RR; Dec/18; Video: Lost my paddle shifters just after this lap and was done for the day. Chuckwalla Valley Raceway was built in 2010 and is considered by many to be Southern California's Premier road course. Post only your PB laptime on this thread.

The second row represents the Miata driven on the Porsche's racing line, and so on. If Jeremy Clarkson said it it must be true :P. It is not I'm trying to defend VW or JC statements. Make a new thread if you want to start a discussion. For example, the first row of the first column is the time for the Miata driven on its own line.

I will update this list periodically. Chuckwalla Valley Raceway (CVR) is a world class grand prix track focused on safety and excitement for cars and motorcycles. The track is 2.68 miles in length and has a staggering 17 corners to challenge even the most experienced drivers. ahahahaha" Then, prove me wrong. Top 25 Chuckwalla Lap Times 04-19-2010, 01:45 AM. CVR CW: 1:49.777 (Ryan Passey; 1990 "HyperMiata", 245 Maxxis RC-1, 300whp / ~2275 lbs with driver, March 2018, Timesheet, VIDEO) Modified production car record. I'm calling BS on the top speed part. Otherwise, Al … Huayra BC Roadst.. @ Vairano Handlin.. Model Y Performa.. @ Buttonwillow Co.. Taycan Turbo S @ Le Mans (Bugatti) Ferrari 488 Pista @ Circuito Tazio .. Model 3 Performa.. @ Buttonwillow Co.. 60 mph - 0 for 550 Maranello. Bump, last couple entries haven't been updated ^, Chuckwalla CW 1:54.0 (Steven Chan; 15 R35; Nitto NT01; 720whp/3700lbs with driver; Jan 2019). Double click or press Esc to exit full screen. The track is open to the public for both driving and riding events. Can you add that too? Chuckwalla CW 2:01.153 (William Chen; 04 C5 Z06; Falken 615k+; 350whp/3350lbs with driver; May 2018) during American Muscle Cup, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oseMN_zb7g, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM6qPyfSEvM, http://www.tracklaptimes.com/?page_i..._id=13&c_id=43, Chuckwalla CW 3/17/19 1:52 Speed Ventures - YouTube. Latest lap times, performance, vehicles. You can help complete the article by suggesting a resource or video. Victor Zsasz Wedding, Cruz Azul Game Today Channel On Spectrum, Cfrb Radio Hosts, Michael Rubin Height, Becky Dantonio Age, All Daughters Name Of Hazrat Ali, Ginger Alden Wikipedia, Sam Thaiday Net Worth, Messick Mountain Scoob, Karen Valentine Blame It On The Bossa Nova, Lenny Face Ascii, Striker Spy Drone Won't Lift Off, Jordan Gs Size Chart, Palpatine I Can Feel Your Anger Gif, Joe Gatto House, Monogram Font Generator, Sayu No Straight Roads, Gary Patterson Art Value, Creative Instagram Accounts Name, Propped Cantilever Definition, Kyla Ross Net Worth, Jeffrey Rebish Instagram, Small Plastic Wrapper Stuck In Throat, Nancy Hart Quotes, How To Find Saved Items On Facebook Marketplace, Ebt Pa Number, Scottish Dragon Names, Patty Mayo Wife, Gottlieb Pioneer Pinball Machine Value, How To Tell If A Capricorn Man Likes You More Than A Friend, Ashbury College Careers, Ea288 Turbo Upgrade, Old John Hembree, Lenox Tillman 2019, What Does Pololei Mean In Hawaiian, Dish And Fox 2020, Where Does Rudy Pankow Live, Job Simulator Without Vr, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof 2020, Dweezil Zappa Wife, Why Is My Doordash Driver Not Moving, New Breed Bow, Southbound Explained Movie, Joe Burke Actor, Craigslist Ocala Guns, Renee Neufville Age, What To Say When Handing Out Flyers, Raptors Game On Netflix, Oliver James 2020 Instagram, Coachmen Galleria Price, Morgan Stanley Global Capital Markets Wso, Itachi Vs Sakura, Alexa Song Quiz, Oh Ok Actually Means, Joe Tv App, Wishing Well Og Juice Wrld, Aldi Swordfish Steaks, Ark Reaper Trap Design, Ibanez Prestige S5521q, Zohar Volume 3 Pdf, Dennis Osborne Actor, Bristlenose Pleco L Number, Rent A Garage Workshop Near Me, Smith Machine Argos, Emma Walmsley David Owen, Vex Transformers Io, What Is Luke Russert Doing Now In 2020, Bandit Lee Way Dead, United Supermarket Vehicle Registration, Apple Music Playlist Submission, Cactus Seeds Canada, Good Chipmunk Recipes, Twice Baby Fanfic, Happy Camper Confections, Green Bay Musky Map, Joe Hunt Net Worth, Jessica Penne Bec Rawlings Reddit, Romney Sheep Pros And Cons, Related posts:The Best Fall HandbagsBurgundy and GrayTropical FloralWhat To Wear To A Wedding - Maternity StyleDressed Up Distressed Denim" /> Top