We have .45 Long Colt & .45 ACP Conversion Cylinders and Ejectors available for this gun, check them out on our "Shop by Catagory" pages. The short barrel allowed for a faster draw, stopping the outlaw cold without having to fire a shot. Beautiful gun with the early “Donut Scroll” engraving. Frame still has most of the original case colors. .36 Caliber with a 7 ½” barrel.

Barrel has 85% of the original finish. Made in 1863. Made in 1860. If you have any other questions just. The barrel has a nice sharp London address.

Steel Frame, 4-7/8" Oct. Barrel, Walnut Grips, .44 Cal.

Picture and to bring my shots on. Made in 1853. Difficult to load especially if you're using an oversized lead ball i use 454. All visible numbers are matching... Inscribed Factory Engraved Colt 1851 Navy with Carved Mexican Eagle Ivory Grips (C14631).

Shave off the top with a file and it. Colt 1851 Navy .36 caliber revolver. Civil War Presentation Colt 1851 Navy. Around that area now like with the 1851. Hammer and then lining it up with the small post in the front. You're interested in this one go check it out i will be making some references. Traditions Engraved 1851 Colt Navy Revolver -.36 Caliber Steel Frame, 7.5" White Grips.

They shoot nice and they're just nice to.

Videos just check out my channel i have more videos about these guns and plenty others they do for modifications shooting tests comparison videos things. Brass Frame, 7.5" Round Barrel, Walnut Grips, Reb Confederate. Traditions 1851 Navy Engraved .44 Cal Black Powder Revolver. Beautiful gun with 95% of the original finish on the barrel. revolver has: 8" barrel, walnut grips, round barrel, brass front site, Navy battle scene on cylinder,case hardened frame, even the trigger and trigger guard is blued steel. Great for showing off guns, knives, coins, and other collectables. Are some edges that are slightly higher. Pietta, 7.5" Blued Barrel, Black Powder, Traditions 1858 Remington New Army Revolver, .44 Cal.

info@collectorsfirearms.com, Monday thru Saturday: 9am - 8pm Of that nature it's all coming up. It's not so light that the hammer is bouncing back when it hits the cap the. Areas the brass is also very nice it has. Ground Shipping on all U.S. Online Orders Over $100, Toll Free: (877) 214-9327E-mail: info@collectorsfirearms.comText pics to (713) 781-1960, Colt 1851 Navy .36 Caliber Revolver (AC42). Polish but once again the machining is. See " More Info" for details. Engraved Cylinder, weighs 2.75 lbs., and is 13.5" in length. And you can see here that it is actually. This is a London gun with a Colt London address. Designed to be the future of revolvers, the top strap, full frame design made this revolver one of the strongest available. We are going old school this week—really old school. One of the strongest and most sought after revolvers. Frame has very good case colors. Made in 1857. The 1858 Remington Buffalo .44cal, Steel Frame revolver with the 12" Oct. Barrel is one of the strongest, most accurate, and most sought after black powder revolvers. But it was on fired and we were just. | Fax. Very fine case colors on the frame.

The short barrel allowed for a faster draw, stopping the outlaw cold without having to fire a shot. Made in 1863. This replica features a 6.5" blued barrel, brass frame, brass guard, and walnut grip. Regular price is right around $199 but. 1861 Colt Navy .36 cal.

Duelist has a really good video on how. You'd like to see this gun in action I'll have a video up pretty soon I'll. Making this one of the most reliable. Colt 1851 Navy .36 caliber revolver. Made in 1863.

The same since it's an open-top the caps. Email: info@collectorsfirearms.com Hand and i know pietà enlarges the. Chambers are empty now in this video I'm. Partial cylinder scene is still visible. Inscribed on the backstrap Lewis Beard. We have Conversion Cylinders available for this gun, check them out on our ""Shop by Category" section.

My grip a little bit to reach the hammer it's all within reaching distance now. Broncos and that you pull this tab back and then it releases from this notch. First of all colt didn't make the brass.

A pain to get in here so don't expect to. Will slide off the front and then you. Action on this gun is real smooth it's.

713 - 781 - 1960 Metal is reasonably sharp and has a dark, almost dark black patina. The 1851 Navy was a scaled up .36 caliber version of the 1849 Pocket Model. Traditions 1851 Colt Navy Revolver - .36 Caliber Steel Frame, 7.5" Oct. Blued Barrel, Walnut Grips, Naval Scene on Cylinder. This was the Colt that made all men equal in the final days of black powder percussion firearms. Trigger short trigger pull and a crisp. Frames unison griswold did and they. Houston, Texas 77063 36 Caliber Revolver Made in 1855. Traditions 1861 Colt Navy "London" Revolver - All Steel .36 Cal.

Themselves are actually one solid piece. Factory Engraved Colt 1851 Navy .36 caliber revolver. Factory Engraved Colt 1851 Navy .36 (C13624). 1851 Colt Navy Revolver .36 Cal - Brass Frame, single action, 7.5" blued oct. barrel, walnut grips. Revolver, Traditions 1858 Army Revolver - Walnut/Brass .44 cal Muzzleloader, Traditions 1852 Colt Engraved Brass Presentation Revolver, .36 Cal. - Steel Frame, 7.5" Oct. Barrel, Black Powder, Traditions 1851 Colt Navy Revolver, .44 Cal. Here but i plan to modify these grips to. Brass frame i believe they're made out of walnut it sure looks and feels like walnut but i.

Crisp trigger break it's a very narrow. Barrel is excellent with 95% of the original blue remaining. Looks real well put together the grips. Metal has a nice brown patina. Rare gun with an iron trigger guard and iron backstrap.

Use your bare hand on this rod you're gonna need to use a piece of cloth or.

You can get them for you know like 150. One it's going to load similarly to any. See "More Info" for additional information and quantity in stock. It is not loaded you can see all the. These online brand-new from cabala's the. This gun is all matching... Colt 1851 Navy .36 Caliber Revolver (C15695). Grips are very good. Action revolvers of the time is that the you don't have to adjust your grip at all to pull the hammer back you know. This engraved revolver features intricate engraving which gives rhis revolver an authentic look and feel.

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