Any decision to operate an engine which was involved in a sudden stoppage, propeller/rotor strike or loss of propeller/rotor blade or tip without such an inspection must be the responsibility of the agency returning the aircraft to service. 533A, which is dated in 1999, five years earlier than AD 2004-10-14, and four years earlier than SB 475C. We dont have such trust unless we know a whole lot about who we are dealing with and have all the proper logs and background checks-especially in the Internet age there is no excuse to not do a lot of digging on who and what you are dealing with. ... not a propeller strike, must comply with AD 91-14-22 and Service Bulletin 475B at a minimum. Over the weekend, Continental Motors … In many instances prop strikes will fall into the major repair category, which necessitates repair station or manufacturer repair of the prop (if needed). Per the Lycoming website it is still an active bulletin, which we quote in part as follows: On numerous occasions Textron Lycoming has been consulted about recommendations on whether to continue using an aircraft engine that has been involved in the separation of the propeller/rotor blade from the hub, the loss of a propeller/rotor blade tip or sudden stoppage following accidental propeller/rotor damage (such as propeller/rotor strike).

The SAF will be supplied to airports through existing airport infrastructure and can be used blended by airlines without requiring technical modification to their current fleet.

Yet, the company recently published a new Service Bulletin, SB No. 0000007261 00000 n Both major engine manufacturer's have service literature that explains the desired course of action after accidental propeller damage and, in the case of Teledyne Continental, defines what their interpretation of a propeller strike is.". A prop that hits so hard as to bend the crank flange is only one of several considerations.

0000015761 00000 n Other Lycoming literature mentions the importance to check the accessories as does TCM. Many insurance companies will not pay for any inspection requirements unless damage from the incident is found during that inspection. A slam stop will detune the weights and damage the bushings so they can no longer do their job of helping to balance the crank while operating. Say the engine is turning only 1000 rpm, barely above an idle. According to DeJoris, "Hartzell requires hub replacement if any blade in the assembly is bent beyond repair limits due to impact damage.

As I recall, before that, one would often "dial in" the crankshaft flange and bolt another prop on. 0000007131 00000 n We can even see situations where a prop sustains a fairly nasty nick in a gravel strip, but no rpm loss occurs or serious blade damage occurs.

Be especially wary if this is some form of private cash sale that has to be done right away, unless you are planning to have it torn down and rebuilt by a shop with the right inspection equipment to inspect for crank and gear damage, and be prepared for costs potentially exceeding a factory reman engine i.e.

0 0000008517 00000 n Service Bulletin 533A has the pertinent Lycoming prop-strike definitions for all Lycoming direct drive engines. A tear down of most direct drive engines isnt a major repair but we recommend using a certified repair station or the factory for that action as well as the level of NDT testing will be significant and required to be done by certified people for such critical NDT inspections.

But it's getting harder

0000026585 00000 n What this all boils down to is that in the case of any accidental damage to a propeller installed on a aircraft operating under Part 91 of the FARs, it is up to the inspecting mechanic to determine if the engine should continue in service without total disassembly and inspection, or only the SB 475C level of inspection if a Lycoming engine falls into that category. Lycoming engines that specifically mentions prop strikes and mandates some degree of tear down, but not necessarily a full tear down, and only if it is a prop strike as opposed to a sudden stoppage. WORLD'S PREMIER INDEPENDENT AVIATION NEWS RESOURCE. (j) The preceding definitions include situations where an aircraft is stationary and the landing gear collapses causing one or more blades to be substantially bent, or where a hangar door (or other object) strikes the propeller blade. Are there any hidden costs? AviationPros Podcast: APP Jet Center's New CEO Dan Harrow, Uber Elevate and GE Aviation Team to Enhance Safety for Next-Generation Ridesharing, RFD Selected as Midwest Hub for Senator International, Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD), Bell Delivers Three Bell 407 GXis to Polish National Police, dnata Enters Indonesian Aviation Market Through Strategic Partnership with UNEX, GORE Jolts Emerging Electric Aviation Market with New High Performance Aerospace Wires, Airbus to Bring First Mars Samples to Earth: ESA Contract Award, Charlotte County Airport Authority Reopens Runway 15-33, ACH130 Aston Martin Edition Helicopter Wins Orders Across the World, Fuel Distributors, Suppliers, & Manufacturers, Red Rock and Shell Sign Agreement to Market and Distribute Low-Carbon, Sustainable Aviation and Diesel Fuel.

as a result of sudden stoppage. Extremely Costly AD May Be In The Works For Continental Engines. More than the prop and crankshaft

18 0 obj <> endobj To be undiplomatic, dialing in a crank after a prop strike or sudden stoppage as has been defined by both the manufacturers and the FAA is essentially a fools errand-at least as possible decision making criteria on the serviceability of the crank. There may be other additional requirements mandated by insurance policies or engine manufacturer and/or overhauler warranty.

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