The call, essentially the sound of a wounded, crying puppy, works on several levels, he said.

At the same moment, my dogs hair stood up again, so I turned and headed home. When people hear coyote howls, they often mistakenly assume that they’re hearing a large pack of animals, all raising their voices at once. As the sunset colors fade from purple to black an eerie sound breaks the forest calm.

The coyotes give us trouble every year.

3 Distressed howling and barking due to intrusive dogs. So, although I can’t give you a definitive answer, I can suggest that you continue your investigation: keep taking your stargazing walks and keep watching!

The train noises increase the feeling of mystery in the recordings!

When I looked at them, the big one barked at me. “I’d put it under those categories and that’s why it works well everywhere. There is *no*way* I could ever say anything negative about coyotes.

I know you’re not supposed to run, but we were more than a half mile from our house, and miles from any others houses, we were outnumbered, and I was terrified. They may bark when they are defending a den or a kill.

I assume the bleating sheep sound was a deer and that we may have interrupted a kill, but we retreated, and they kept coming at us.

Naturally I was a bit freaked out, because he doesn’t even sound like a member of the canidae family at first listen.

What I write here is based entirely on my own twelve years — now 14 years! Like many here, my experiences in the ADKs have been enrichened by hearing (and seeing) the Coyote’s barks, yips, howls and singing… and the occasional one that sounds much, much deeper (?!).

I’ve used it in Florida, Georgia, California, Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, Nebraska, all over and it seemed like it didn’t matter if I was in the Southeast or Northwest, I had success with it.” [Editor's note: Be sure to check coyote hunting regulations in states you hunt. If and when I do hear this, I will elaborate on it here. It was very close to me.

I live where there are plenty of deer and the coyote could strengthen the deer population.

Was he calling them? Very good information, we havent been bothered for 4-5 years but they came back this morning! I’m really, really fascinated by this coyote and want to know what his deal is.

I appreciate it all.

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