rice only, otherwise you cant see the falling pieces, the falling pieces have some wierd texture errors on them but otherwise it plays perfectly, some minor gfx glitches on hud besides that seems to play okay.). Do NOT change the region of an existing game entry. Narrator voice sounds slowish and robotic. Some minor graphic issues on menus but runs perfectly. Doesn't save state or quick save; to enable quick save you must edit the game with HexEditor and remove the "colon" symbol (:) and replace it with a space.

Minor graphical glitches(when you touch a wall you see trough it) fog seems to not be there letting you see the poppins more but plays perfectly otherwise. Runs well, must press start at the black screen after the intro to see the main menu, Black Screen at the Green Garden's Stage 4 (The Winged Dragon), and lots of graphical glitches. The default is 1 to actually make use of the extra cycles, but it's sometimes too much. Rice version only(cant see the videos) to see the actual game blocks, on NOT64 20201405 if you turn cpu framebuffer to on and select speed limit to VI you can see the actual videos but you cant see the blocks so to see the videos use not64 to actualy play use wii64 1.2 rice. The gameplay is fine, yet there are very many graphical issues such as black or glossed textures. Rice tested-Plays perfect with some tiny graphics glitches on 2d textures but nothing that affects anything. fbtextures set to on, the joystick is abit too sensitive otherwise plays fine.

Runs slower than it should (0.6x - 0.8x) although if you deactivate audio, it will sometimes run between 1.0x - 1.2x. Huge audio garble between stage loading, audio is lower and delayed a little bit, happens in and out of levels/courses. However, the entire game has not been tested. Also can be hard to see in unlit areas. Rice is a mess full of stretched tvertices, on glide it works aparently perfectly on normal adventure mode,on adventure two(mirrored tracks) is unplayable due to a huge graphical glitch and inverted controls. Unlocked the mirror mode. rice makes the game work almost perfectly but in dynarec you get dsi exception when entering levels, you can enter them on intrepreter tough but played very very slow. Some textures are also messed up. There was a problem. Unfortunately, there is no way to isolate different system memory speeds and settings as the only factor impacting benchmark results. crash's on boot on both dynarec or intrepreter. It is slow, but other than that it works perfect, Random slowdowns, a few sound issues, and a few inconvenient graphical glitches once in a while. Black selection menus and intro. Playable, but , not enjoyable unless you like only to awnser the questions.

This page has been accessed 738,765 times. © Could someone suggest some settings/configurations? Thus, to overclock, you are going to have to increase your HTT speed. Contents: game runs perfectly expect when your batting or throwing the ball, all you see is the players and the ball all rest is black. Works but graphic gets glitched sometimes and sound can get garbled at times. Top - # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Playable, has small graphical glitches, toggling into first person or go to the farthest zoom out to minimize up close missing textures,the amount it disapears on the other 2 viewmodes depends on the character vhecile, some work on all visual modes others have some parts of their ships missing in and out, othgerwise seems perfect, speaiclay with first person or farthest zoom for all racers.cant see racers on the menus also.

Both rice(faster) and glide works well for this game but i advise using Glide so you can see the correct fb textures like pause menu and such that arent correct on rice since no fb textures on rice.Turn FB textures on glide to fix texture issues.All speed issues can be fixed by using wii64 on wiivc inject on wiiu with overclokced vwii. Rice blackscreens ingame after flashing colors, on Glide if you turn on fb textures it works perfectly. Only issue is it's missing some objects and sprites while in-game. Minor graphic glitches when passing trough the menus and some track textures here and there. If you're using the Wii U's 5x CPU clock multiplier, set the emulation's clock divider to 2. sloopy music,hud and menus are basicaly square textures and even car dust still playable if you dont mind the texture issues.on wii641.2 rice gfx is displayed correctly but it has no sound. Missing main objects during gameplay. works on glide only, on rice its all black.. works better on glide on rice its abit too dark. Missing images of tracks on course select screen. As you can see, overclocking your system memory (and not your CPU) requires an increased HTT speed together with a decreased CPU multiplier.

Missing some text, graphics and HUD during gameplay but playable. The Epomaker GK96 has all that and more! Black screen on startup even on dynarec; Forced reset needed to get out of it. Some graphical issues,for minigames you need to turn fb textures to on to see options, for battles you cant see what pokemons corresponde to each button when choosing the 3 to battle still kinda playable. Some time ago, we reported about the AYA-NEO, an ambitious device that sports an AMD 4500U SoC to offer respectable AAA on-the-go PC gaming. HTT times Multiplier = CPU speed, the article is correct, Overclocking Basics; HTT, CPU Multiplier, Memory Divider. Virtual Console - Enter "Yes" if it is currently available as a Virtual Console title. Besides that the game runs perfectly but due to the speed its unplayable. This also means that your CPU clock speed will increase by the clock speed gain (5 MHz) times the CPU multiplier. Turn on FB Textures and the game will work fine, other wise you will have small-big graphics glitches, save for minor graphical glitches that do not affect gameplay. When entering matches it might be some slowdown when the league flag shows up but ingame its all good rice or glide seems the same.

NY 10036. WORKS ON GLIDE: tiny graphical glitch at the start of the missions move foward afew steps and then the game is perfect, need to assign c stick-left and right to other buttons besides an analog stick because you need to press both buttons at the same time to save and load(recomend x,y) on rice the 2d textures dont go away, if you put the map up it will never go away same for moving up and down on the menu the skulls dont go away wich does not happen on normal rice on mupen 64 0.5.1. seems to run well, might need vwii overclock to always maintain fullspeed.

Minor graphical glitches, sometimes life meter displays incorrectly, or the HUD will disappear. If you're using a more recent version than the one listed, update this field. There was slowdown that cut the game's speed in half, as well as there being quit a few messed up textures, and on top of all that the Goemon model doesn't load, only his shadow.

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