The article will help you to decide whether to stick with Cumulus 1's stable release as many MX releases have bugs as the developer tries revising the code, to simplify it, as well as to introduce new features. If you want MX to continue adding new rows to this database table, still in the admin interface, still in MySQL settings page: Now you have a database table ready, you can use the executable to read all lines in either one (if path to that file is in parameter), or every (if parameter is monthly) standard log file. If you already use Cumulus, this might remind you of everything it offers. I notice that the database rows produced by those short log file lines produced by say version 1.9.0 had nulls entered for all subsequent columns, except Feels Like and this column was initialised at 0.0! You can choose to use some of the alternative web pages available from third parties and described on User Contributions page. This is loaded from a Contents Distribution Node (CDN), but it is still pinned to obsolete versions of the basic script and its themes. However, that does not mean MX is good at meeting development standards. Cumulus 2 did prove that a number of concepts (like separating "engine" from "admin interface") could work and it was a useful learning curve for when Steve decided to write Cumulus 3 (see below). Demand for enhancements soon exceeded the amount of spare time, Steve could devote to Cumulus outside his full-time job. If you are upgrading from a previous version of Cumulus 1 or MX, please read all of the release notes (in the appropriate forum announcement MX does not implement key features of Bootstrap like colouring text according to what it represents (primary, secondary, information, warning etc.). Most of these are open software and free for personal use, but some have restrictions on commercial use requiring a licence. More recently, Microsoft launched an alternative called .NET Core that took out of .NET the parts that were Windows specific, and it ceased work on further development of .NET beyond version 4.x.x. The text that was here has been moved to a separate article, that makes it more accessible, please see What to do when I have a problem with MX article. There is nothing to stop you creating your own "picture.jpg" (instead of uploading the supplied one) and then Cumulus web pages will use that for the background image on each page. <#MoonAge>, <#MoonPercent>, <#MoonPercentAbs> - all given new 'dp' and 'rc' parameters. There is a page (created in October 2018) listing MX Issues to be resolved, but I suspect it is out of date.

Mono 3.2.8 (which is the default in some Linux distributions) will not work if you use commas for decimals, as in some countries.

If you do not issue this command, administrative rights are needed every time to access the port.

For Windows 10 you need version 4.8 or later, this should already be installed by your windows update feature. For those who downloaded the first MX Beta in January 2015, the code was only experimental and that version had to be run by a Windows Administrative User, but Steve Loft soon improved the code and now none of the code requires any elevated rights and it can be run by a normal user (or a user with administrative rights) without needing to be started by Run as administrator. "Chasing the latest versions of all the packages for the sake of it is a thankless task, and requires considerable effort to regression test each update. If you have been using Cumulus 1, and now wonder whether to try using MX, be aware that: Please see Moving from Cumulus 1 to MX for more information. On 18-May-2019, discontinued the data query for CSV data for day/month/year that is used by the graphs for temperature/humidity, barometer, wind, solar/uv, and rain. Although somewhat outdated it is preserved here. For any other aspect of the Cumulus software configuration, consult the Cumulus support forum. We strongly advise updating to the latest version, if only for the fact that later versions offer more functionality, and may fix any bugs in an earlier Since this parameter is applied when you start MX, it applies while MX continues to run. The .Net download for version 4.8 should be here Please include a link to the Highstock web site (as the supplied web page does) if you use the charts under the terms of the non-commercial licence. By 2020, he was not just adding in his own version of features that had been in Cumulus 1, he was also making MX talk to new weather station designs and deal with new sensors. Talking about command windows, if you want to check that the port is open for listening (i.e. If you want MX to automatically start whenever you log into your PC, then the place to store your shortcut is C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\Run_CumulusMX. Mark Crossley says "There shouldn't be any outstanding issues with Mono, afaik they are all resolved - except for the Moon image rotation in the southern hemisphere which does not work with Mono 6.0 thru to the latest 6.8.0, only version 5.x works correctly atm for System Drawing.". This made MX innovative, but unfriendly. You might be afraid to add your contribution because my style is not the same as your natural one. For example, I have added a Canadian Humidity Index (Humidex) column which is not in the standard logs, but is calculated by Cumulus, and can be calculated from columns that are uploaded from the standard log. That navigation line fixes the width of the table, and you will realise it was designed in the days when all monitors were a standard shape. The distribution zip contains various .dll files and these are the libraries used by MX itself.

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