Come along and explore Bell and Aiz's relationship as they plan to take on the OEBD together.

He spoke in defiance.

Ryuu Lion (リュー・リオン) is a waitress at the Hostess of Fertility and former adventurer of the Astraea Familia.

Bell no fue salvado por una rubia caballero, sino por una enérgica amazona.

Genevieve Simmons

作成者: Todiso 作成日:2020-10-23 11:10 Was rewatching Danmachi season 1 and Ryuu kinda triggered me. ", Revealing his job made Syr alarmed about Ryuu's saftey.

Fairy Serenade (妖精星唱(フェアリー・セレナード)): Fairy Serenade increases the effects of magic and the effect rises at night. Ryuu Lion; Hestia (DanMachi) Summary. Canon-ish story. ", The cat person now named jax replied with a grunt. Elf

All the first class adventurer including Mia were unabled to move at the Demon's pressence like everbody else fear overcame them. I heard that her bounty was up to 80,000,000 valis.".

These were the only weapons that she didn't leave on the Astraea Familia grave. Much to their surprise, He seemed somewhat nice.

Is it wrong to bring mamano to climax in a dungeon? "You."

Bell grabbed his forearm and the cat person tried moving his arm.

"Ais!" She knelt down and went over to his ear.

DanMachi Chapter 2Sword Oratoria Chapter 5Episode Ryuu Chapter 1 After rescuing Ryuu, Syr convinced Mia Grand to employ her as a waitress at the Hostess of Fertility. English Voice

Bell apolagized, The dwarf woman snorted.

No matter how much she tried to forget it, once she began thinking about it, the thought firmly planted itself in her mind. Add to Collection. "Wait!

Bell draw out his flaming sword and with one swing her sword was knocked out of her hand and disrupting her wind magic. Ryuu was the member of a family that cared for the sacred tree in their home forest of Ryumilua.

Bell remained standing with a stoic expression.

"Hey, come on Aiz don't mind them.

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I hope you enjoy my version of DanMachi. Ryuu was surprised the most. Syr and Bell go on a first date, but things go awry. Bell wasn't rescued by a blond knight, but by a perky amazon. After that, she single-handedly destroyed the Rudra Familia as a part of her rampage and those associated with Evilus through various trickery, traps, and assassinations, causing her to be branded as a fugitive as a result of the ensuing chaos.

(Anime), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. BC Bell acts like a six year old in my eyes in canon, and he's a douche for still never telling Haruhime she wasn't really a prostitute, just an excuse for me to change a character I dislike lol.

It's so hot that Bell fights in only his trousers and boots. "I'm just looking for someone.".

"Good, come in, come in.

The last two years after returning from the infamous death game have been about healing woun... crossover; danmachi; swordartonline #4. "Tempest!". "I don't think we can. But I have a bad feeling about him if we interfere.". danmachi Hestia X bell lemons. Pixiv:, Hentai Foundry:

This kid has an iron grip on my arm!

When Bell's supporter and goddess die, he decides to join the Loki familia. NOTE: DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, NOT A PHYSICAL ITEM.

Andrew scrambled away from the spirit as it turned its gaze upon him. Skill

Alf's Lumina (アルヴス・ルミナ): Alf's Lumina was an order made wooden sword created by the Goibniu Familia from a branch of the holy tree in Ryuu's home forest of Ryumilua.

Both men began to laugh at him.

Is it wrong to be surrounded by a trio of girls in the New world?

Ais seemed to doubt him how can anyone looked so cute can be so dangerous.


However, she has been advised by Alise to not let go of a man that was able to grab her hands, and began to follow Bell with her eyes. After the tentative knock, Hephaistos' voice urged the boy enter. Status To the far North, the ancient city of Asgard stands vigil over the Dragon Valley, home of powerful monsters like that in the Dungeon itself. By: Fireball2525.

Please consider turning it on!

Work Search: He then, put his two fingers in his mouth and whistled. But was pushed away despite his pleas. Race

As time passed, she began to think that beautiful Elves were the ugliest of all people, due to seeing her fellow Elves' behavior toward those of other races.

But Finn stopped her with a pleading look. He's not the protagonist, he's not overpowered, and he's even in debt.Updates biweekly.Volume 1 finished, as of current. ", "I'm sorry for kicking the door and I didn't mean to break it."

The maids including very surprised about him.

"You're lucky that it didn't so... you said that you're 'not' an adventurer? ", Finn with a grim look in his face.

After a short while he turned to ash. The stranger removed his hood and red bandana revealing his snow white hair and crimson eyes.

Mia was the first to speak.

He said.

(tug) Come on!

She decides to do whatever she has to, to be happy.

$10.00. Eye Color

Ryuu has been shown to have feelings for Bell ever since he grabbed her hands out of gratitude for finding the Hestia Knife. Alf's LuminaKodachi Futaba Syr showed a slight hint of fear and began focusing on her job.

People immeadiately moved out of the way to avoid being trampled by a fiery pegasi.

Ryuu first met Bell through Syr.

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