I recommend you wait until you get Black Knight Sword or Black Knight Greatsword and use that instead. I was adviced to go claymore and I really, really like its moveset. Note: Each weapon is unique and has inherit flaws and advantages you need to consider. by joemann on Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:49 pm. All rights reserved.

But I feel the Claymore's thrust is shorter? For Dark Souls on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Claymore Vs. Zweihander". If you can break their poise, you can easily get over 1k damage in a couple hits. Nothing that slow is good otherwise. Which of these is better for a lvl 99 build? i literally just got wrecked by a person using a claymore while in the middle of writing this. This is the case for most if not all greatsword vs ultra greatsword debates. Btw it might just be an illusion on my side. I ONLY use it's R2 attack, and this stuns bosses in 2-4 hits, and knocksdown everything else (darkwraiths don't have a chance). The poise breaking, which is what is relevant for bosses, is the same for all attacks I think. I have used the claymore as well, but I have much more fun with Zwei. This isn't a big deal to some, but for blades I feel like I'm missing something without a simple (as opposed to rolling) thrust attack.. that and the quicker speed and lighter weight (gave more options for equipment) made the claymore the choice for me. Additionally the claymore 1h r1 has nice horizontal slashes capable of dead angles, like the zweihander's r1. For now just use Exile Greatsword. Typically with ultra greatswords it is legitimately a valid question to ask yourself if it is worth trading a blow with the opponent.

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