[4] Wonder Woman was able to gain her revenge against Darkseid for killing so many of her sisters by placing a portion of her own soul into Darkseid. The New Gods fled to Earth, where they hid. Positive Man | Enraged, Darkseid is taken by surprise when a Boom Tube opens above the skies of Metropolis. Superman arrived soon after, confronting Darkseid. He's also one of the top 10 cruelest villains. Though he isn't immune to fatal injuries as Orion was able to kill Darkseid by ripping through his chest and Doomsday nearly killed him in Doomsday: Hunter Prey. Livewire | Ocean Master | It is revealed that Darkseid actually gave the Sheeda North America in return for Aurakles, Earth's first superhero. Scorcher | King Shark | Catwoman | As a final act of revenge against Luthor, she has Darkseid resurrected instead, but with at least some of Brainiac's powers. After killing A.R.G.U.S.

In Flash (vol.

With Darkseid dead, the universe is unbalanced as it has lost its God of Evil.

Giganta | When Superman appears to be pushed back, he is saved when Trigon (given a physical form by Constantine and Raven) takes over the battle, eager to take down Darkseid and claim his position as the top of the universe. Jade | Telekinesis.

Mind Control. Belinda Zee | Despite Darkseid's extraordinary physical powers, he rarely engages himself personally in confrontations, as he prefers to use his superhuman intellect to manipulate or control others to his ends. Secret Society of Super Villains | Darkseid (Glover) realizes that the Kryptonian is a threat after he saved Oliver from his spell, and tries to kill him. Darkseid had briefly been forced by his mother to marry Tigra, with whom he also had a son. Black Adam | Darkseid | Alter ego Adolf Hitler | Psycho-Pirate | Leviathan Casey Krinski |

Eye color When they take a Boom Tube to Manila, Philippines, Zeus grabs onto Darkseid and unleashes bolts of lightning on him. He also arranges for detective Dan Turpin to be lured into the Dark Side Club, where Turpin is turned into Darkseid's "final host", as his Boss Dark Side body has begun to mummify due to Darkseid's foul astral presence. After battling Jimmy across the Metropolis landscape, Darkseid moves in for the kill only to witness The Atom emerge from Jimmy's head. He eventually found it during his trip through the Multiverse and used it to start the Final Crisis story arc. Weather Wizard | Scarecrow | Deathstroke | Leland McCauley | Female Furies | Ultra-Humanite |

Darkseid | Darkseid worked behind the scenes, using superpowered minions in his schemes to overthrow Earth, including working through Intergang, a crime syndicate which employs Apokoliptian technology and later morphed into a religious cult that worships Darkseid as the god of evil. These New Gods have evolved due to their close proximity to the Source, a primeval energy, believed to be one of the ultimate foundations of the Universal Expression of Energy, along with their superior technology, into beings of genetic stability and evolutionary perfection. Lex Luthor | Blithe |

Superman: Unbound: Brainiac Superman II: General Zod | Non | Ursa | Lex Luthor | Otis | Eve Teschmacher | Rocky Status This supposedly weakened the god's power as he lost a portion of his dark edge.[5]. You cannot make said Removal Proposal without permission from an admin first. Darkseid was aware Batman was in his throne room, and urged him to embrace Anti-Life. Big Barda | However, Darkseid reveals that he planned for this and that his true target was Zeus himself, and he begins to drain and kill him, restoring Darkseid back to his original self. In the concluding two-part episode "Legacy", Darkseid attempts one final invasion of Earth which involves brainwashing Superman. In Darkseid later reveals to Turpin that he gained control of the Anti-Life Equation and is using it to corrupt the children, being looked over by Granny Goodness and Bernadeth. Furthermore, the last piece of Darkseid's plan fails when Batman, thanks to the actions of the new Batman (Dick Grayson), Red Robin (Tim Drake), Robin (Damian Wayne), and the Justice League, is able to return safely to the present, consuming the Omega Energy in his body without damaging the time-stream further, thus becoming the second individual, along with Mister Miracle, to escape the Omega Sanction. | Decay | Rojack | Blight | June Moone | H'el | Mercy Graves | Kobra | Livewire | [6] When his brother, Drax, attempted to claim the fabled Omega Force, Uxas murdered him, and took the power for himself. Psionic Possession: psychic abilities to possess an individual and negate any superhuman abilities they may have. Highfather stated he was capable of destroying Takion, who also admitted Darkseid was more powerful than he was. Aquarius | Drax was intended to connect with it and assume his godname, but Uxas interrupted the process and took the power for himself, supposedly killing Drax in the process. Still, Superman was still able to put up a reasonable fight with Darkseid during this era of comics. He conquers world after world after each one has run out of resources, and he has the natives turned into Parademons for his army. Darkseid has pinpoint control of this energy, and his unerring aim allows the beam to travel in straight lines, bend, or curve around corners and even pass through matter or other forms of energy. Energy Manipulation: can also mentally control most known forms of energy, allowing him to erect protective force fields and project withering energy bolts. Darkseid is among the most powerful beings of the DC Universe from the race known as New Gods. General Zod | As prophesied, Orion returns to Earth via Boom Tube for his final battle with Darkseid. Avatar Creation: A simple thought allows Darkseid to create liable avatars if/when the need arises.

Darkseid can control the actions and perception of multiple individuals at once. De-evolution: As a New God, Darkseid has the omnipotent ability to devolve organisms, or completely revert the evolutionary pattern of an organism. Feeling they cared little about him and his people. [12] Producers of the series mentioned that the character will not be fully revealed at the beginning and will be a force that is going to be felt throughout the season and eventually materialize as the episodes progress. Doctor Impossible later manipulates the Crime Syndicate of Amerika into helping him resurrect Darkseid via a machine that draws energy from the Multiverse itself. Sun-Eater | Simon Stagg | Malebolgia | Their strength is due to their relative proximity to the Source, a mysterious energy which fuels the divine powers of the beings in Apokolips and New Genesis, as well as other powerful beings in the DC Multiverse. Oni | In addition, Darkseid also took to restarting the Evil Factory with the intent of making new bodies for the New Gods, at which point Turpin realized that Darkseid was trying to take over his body. Matter Transmutation: Darkseid is able to simply transmute matter by force of will. Godhead: All previous abilities to a much greater degree, plus Self-Sustenance (Type 3), Non-Corporeal, Higher-Dimensional Existence, Large Size (Type 10 - Fell across the entire multiverse), Reality Warping (His presence on Earth caused life to turn darker, time to become distorted, and the sky to rain blood), Black Hole Creation (Created a personal singularity where all was one with him), Creation (Can recreate other New Gods as emanations of his will), Possession (Incarnated on Earth by possessing the body of Dan Turpin, a process that involved eating his consciousness from within as well as eating his soul), Pocket Reality Manipulation, Fate Manipulation and Death Manipulation (The Omega Sanction allows him to trap his target in a never-ending series of created realities in which they are fated to die in more and more horrible ways), Attack Potency: Possibly Multiverse level+ himself (Equal to Pre-Crisis Superman, who is superior to Pre-Crisis Supergirl, who nearly killed Anti-Monitor. Orion and Darkseid battle, and after a furious exchange, at the end of it all, Darkseid realizes it was not meant to be and his heart is ripped from his chest by his own son. Telepathy: Darkseid is capable of forming telepathic links with seemingly any being in the universe. True Form

During the massive fight, Orion ultimately kills him by ripping his heart out, which created a firepit of Apokolips from Darkseid's chest cavity (in reference to the prophecy of their final battle). Kahn Guards | Biological information

It is revealed that Darkseid actually gave the Sheeda North America in return for Aurakles, Earth's first superhero. Tarkata | Obsessive Personality: His obsession with finding the Anti-Life Equation, obsession to get even with people who have gotten the better of him.

Prometheus | Shaakans | Superman beats Darkseid unconscious enough to throw him into the Source Wall, where Superman declares that, "For years and years, you've tried to learn the secrets of ultimate power from the other side. Dominators | Science Squad |

Metron used a wheelchair, the Black Racer was an old white man in a wheelchair, DeSaad was an evil psychiatrist, Granny Goodness was a pimp (or "madam") for the Female Furies and Darkseid himself was now an evil gang leader who is referred to only as "Boss Dark Side". Human Flame |

Floronic Man | He exists on the same level of existence as Metron, who exists as a Platonic Form, and also on the same level as the Endless, who can exist in a "space beneath space" and a "space beyond space" and in the "crack between the real") | Outerverse level (Fighting with The Source), Speed: Massively FTL+ (52 quintillion times - Flew to the edge of the universe in moments, on more than one occasion.

The Elite: The Elite (Manchester Black, Coldcast, Menagerie & Hat) | Atomic Skull Reign |

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