With this in mind, this guide will tell you how to locate all the hidden keys in Dead Cells.

As you might’ve guessed, the Moonflower puzzle is what I was referencing above. From there you will need to use the spider rune and climb the wall to the ceiling to reach the blueprint. Some of them are easy; you’ll find a blueprint in a hidden spot right at the start of the Promenade of the Damned, or in a crawlspace to the left of the cell where you respawn. This subreddit is here for anyone wanting to discuss the game.

The key can be found at the top of the tower (screenshot 2).


If this is confusing, the video below shows everything, including the reward for finishing this task. From there, obtain all three Garden Keys and then continue to Ramparts. Share; Tweet; Pin; Post navigation. [Work-in-Progress: We’ll add more secret blueprints to the list as they’re discovered.].

Mouseover cells to preview the images on a dark background. This will lead to the other boss fight and give players access to the Graveyard and second key. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Motion Twin or Motion Twin. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Dead Cells > New Player Help and Guides > Topic Details. Use consecutive keys to open the doors and eventually reach the secret area on the top floor. Players then need to head to Forgotten Sepulcher, locate the third and final key, followed by defeating the next boss and heading to the last area. It is a gold and silver shimmering tinsel garland with a team-colored bow and a mistletoe with fruits worn as a collar. In this case, the bells, which can be rung, need to be hit in a specific sequence in order to unlock the key. Others are a lot more complicated — getting all three Gardener’s Keys requires a full set of all four runes.

Anna, Lei And The Walking Dead's Negan Being Added To Tekken 7 Season 2, Dead Cells - How to Defeat Every Boss Without Taking Damage, New FIFA 21 Update Patch Out Now For PS4 And Xbox One, Rumor: AEW Might Be Releasing A Video Game, Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition demo now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Zombie Teenz Evolution Review – Back For Brains. Not all blueprints are randomly generated in Dead Cells. Dead Cells: All Secret Key & Blueprint Locations | Gardener’s Keys, Architect’s Key & More, Dead Cells: How To Find Keys & Cash In The Promenade | Secrets Guide, Dead Cells: How To Get The Vine, Teleportation, Ram & Spider Runes | Locations Guide, Dead Cells: Want To Make Easy Progress? There you’ll find the first key, likely somewhere in the ceiling, with the required exit being behind a three boss cell door. A select few are hidden in secret areas — and those secret areas always appear on certain maps, every single time. Dead Cells, PC, PS4, Xbox One /. If you like what I do, have any comments or just want to get ahold of me, send a message to my e-mail, which is Grant .

The Architect’s Key is one of the easiest to find, though it’s very easy to overlook it. This holds true for the biggest secret in Dead Cells, something that is shockingly more complex than it seems, and really most of the special keys. I strongly suggest trying to, if nothing else, figure out some of the order, since there are a total of 24 possible solution and simply knowing the first or last is enough to decrease it to 2. Please read the rules before you post but don't be shy, come say hi!

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