Load up Destiny 2. Press F8 to activate the second AutoHotkey function. You should see a green AutoHotkey icon in your system tray. Hide these notes from the View Menu: View/Show/Notes. Every element has been recreated with decent accuracy in terms of fonts, spacing ,etc.

There is a LORE tab layer for us super nerds. Just hide all of the other colored layers when hovering the lore tab, and it will appear as it would in-game. It'd be cool to have a big collection in 1 place. I made this to help people get past the monotonous hurdles involved with accurate recreation and get to the fun of tossing about their exotic ideas. TL;DR - I made a photoshop template of the game UI for people to showcase their exotic weapon ideas. Individual Perk icons are NOT in the template. We are going to die in this awful place.!

The gun will need to be reloaded before using On Feathered Wings again. If your equipped SMGs have the proper handling stats, you shouldn't see your weapons at all. I did forget to adjust the stat sliders. Select an item from below and click generate. Intrinsic Perk- Drum Magazine: This weapon has a drum magazine allowing sustained fire and simplified reloading. Whoops, Always wanted this infamous Hand Cannon to show up in some variation to the game. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

The photoshop file layers are labeled and color coded for easier navigation. Intrinsic Perk - High Caliber: Rounds from this weapon over penetrate and deal increased precision and explosive damage. EDIT: FYI, as I see ideas i like in this thread, ill try and make them and post them into teh OP.

You can disable your UI under Options -> Gameplay tab. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Text Boxes for the Intrinsic, Trait Catalyst perks are vectors that can be scaled to fit any amount of text. Double the gun,... : Dual-wielded Pistols. Haha thanks! The bottom of this post has an example using the template, in case you want to see how it looks before using it. The footer tab in the template has space to cite all art sources. How about a pulse rifle that automatically reloads itself on kills and grants extra super energy per kill. Watch the chosen exotic suck balls and the whole sub be pissed at the guy who made it. It is only visible to you. CHeck out Bonnioe & Clyde from u/xXshadowbirdXx. Our community is always pumping out cool exotic weapon ideas. Press F8 again to disable. Exotic Perk- Demonfire Shells: Shots burn enemies with demonfire over a short time.

Models are created with the mobile assets used on the official Destiny mobile app and Bungie website.

You'll probably want to disable your UI if your goal is clean screenshots or video. So whoever has a creative itch and access to the not-so-cheap-pro-product photoshop, lets see what you think a cool exotic should be. So I threw this together as quickly as I could. They plan that sort of stuff far in advance, and would have to set up rules and regulations, prizes, and most likely reformat the way the template is made/organized, etc. Press F9 to activate the third AutoHotkey function. Download generated STL file or … It has to have a downside though. I made a template of the exotic weapon UI in Destiny 2. If at all possible, find art that maintains the presented angle that Bungie shows off weapon in-game. Funny, just yesterday I was thinking up an idea for an exotic scout and now I have something to use to showcase it! I just used a basic AA12 since I don't do 3d art. Ocean's Call: Upon landing after shooting this gun while airborne, bullets in the magazine will be returned to reserves. You can disable your UI under Options -> Gameplay tab. High-handling SMGs (fast weapon-change speed) work best, but you may need to experiment a bit. Firerate would be 200 RPM for the Clyde gun with the second shot from Bonnie after 333ms, boosting the effective RPM to 400. The "weapon" holds 30 round total. Recoil is low and the bullet damage is high compared to Sidearms.). ...double the fun: Shots with Clyde trigger a shot by Bonnie to a different target near the first. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. shoots a second target on its own (ala shooting to targets with two guns fantasy) and acts like a pulse weapon when aimed. It will make your final product with this template that much more authentic looking.

Once in game, make sure you have two SMGs equipped; one in your primary slot, and another in your energy slot. Two for the price of one. I made Edge Transit. Wouldn't hurt to at least let them know this is here. Wings of Wax: While airborne, bullets track aggressively and ammo is fed directly into the magazine from reserves. This will pan your camera to the left 1px at a time. Yeah, but it should also deal more damage for a short time after a kill, have the full auto trigger system, and have improved hip fire accuracy. Bottom of OP has a list of community creations. Go on, down vote me. As long as we are together, we have nothing to fear. Aiming down sights tilts both guns, so that the holographic sights align to form a beautiful reticle of the overlapping sights into a single aimpoint. Stat Bars (the white bars describing impact, etc) are vector, and can be scaled using the transform options. I guess it could be a way to hype Black Armory? "How can it be awful with you here, my darling. Catalyst - It's Loud: Precision kills will temporally disorientate nearby enemies. Exotic Perk - Executioner's Frenzy: Precision kills on low health enemies increase stability and damage for a short period of time and precision hits return ammo to the magazine. Press F9 again to disable. Lets revise the perk:guarantees next engram of any type to be Edge Transit. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Run the AHK file. Please read the sidebar rules and be sure to search for your question before posting. All rights reserved. On Feathered Wings: While equipped, jumping abilities have a significant boost to lift and strafing capabilities. Bungo Plz, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DestinyTheGame community. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, D2 EXOTIC WEAPON TEMPLATE - CLICK TO DOWNLOAD .PSD FILE FROM DROPBOX - 7.5 Mb. Here is an example of an Exotic shotgun I made using the template. Be sure to post it here as well as your own thread. Transit, when Edge is in effect, you get a legendary Edge Transit delivered right to your postmaster. I’d be game for that but I don’t expect it. Hey /u/Cozmo23 & /u/dmg04, any chance a sort of contest could be hosted with this? Even better, a "full auto" hand cannon that has a "fanning the hammer" animation as you shoot.

Stats Image - https://i.imgur.com/EGqfRqa.jpg, Lore Image - https://i.imgur.com/ohknRhP.jpg.

Bungie absolutely needs to have a contest for this, with the winner being added to the game. I mean...we need a PROPER auto shotty and something styled as a future AA12 with demon / fire flourishes would be awesome. It would provide a great counter to shotguns for those who like to snipe in the crucible.

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