The character who swims to the bottom and finds the tunnel to the next room escapes. Encourage them to get creative in their attempts to get inside without being turned into hamburger. Here’s how it works: There are 9 runestones in 3 different colors that each hold 8 rune symbols. The group must cross a room filled with a hazy blue/red/green mist. While filling a single lock takes seconds, filling 9 locks at the same time takes the average party about 30 minutes. In the center is a pedestal that does nothing, but it looks like it does something. A 200-foot steel wall blocks the way. 20. DungeonVault LLC earns a small commission for referring visitors. The group finds a room with yellow lines that border the walls and break for spaces at even intervals 2–3 times. It could just be mist or an illusion, or it could be vampiric, leaching blood (hp), stats, or even artifact/item powers. 74.

A jelly/blob creature is squished partway through a door, with about a foot of it sticking out. Players sometimes forget about their characters and the campaign world all together while they are solving the puzzle. When the group goes inside, the door locks behind them and becomes impassable (as the other door already is). Simple. and had it mounted on his castle when the campaign finally came to an end, haha. If they find a way to get past the door, they find that it's just for show; it's just stone on the other side.

The key is in one of these painting worlds. You can have a monster that is immune to damage and magic attack the party while they are trying to solve the puzzle. What they don't see is the monster/ninja/assassin stuck to the ceiling above them. Next, the room begins to fill with water (or something else—it depends how nasty you want to be).

Your party encounters a puzzle and tries to solve it. 19. Only the penitent man will pass. You can make it something really cheesy like "open sesame." Gorillas are actually really gentle; they don't care what the players do, as long as they don't hurt any of them.

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