GO AD-FREE WITH WHOSAMPLED PREMIUM! Even 10 years ago, there was not much of a studio industry left, so I was very lucky to get to work with him. This experience informed his later successes as an engineer and a producer. No questions, nothing. Drake raps in a very melodic way, which is a conscious decision on his part.

But when he was working on So Far Gone, I saw how frustrated he became looking for music. This turned out to work in our favour. "There's a [Waves] Linear Phase EQ and an L2 limiter on the master bus, which I use when printing reference mixes. I understood that you need reference points to be able to hear music properly, and when you go back to your own music, you can hear right away what's right and what's wrong.”, Campbell ran a label with Chris Smith, called Blacksmith, which was licensed to Universal, and for which 40 engineered albums by rapper Jelleestone and R&B singer Divine Brown in 2004. All rights reserved. So I did my best to make the song super-loud and more impactful on the radio. In working with Drake, I found my reason, so I stepped back into producing. Songs that sampled Drake's Shot for Me: All Belongs to Me by Eric Bellinger and K2 (2) (2012) Cover versions of Drake's Headlines: Headlines by Soul Rebels Brass Band (2013) Discussion. There also are very few plug-ins on the drum tracks I added, including some 808 tracks, one of them being a hi-hat ride ['40808'].

I also need to place it on a table, as it's a bit chunky.

It was done at a studio in LA that had previously belonged to Marvin Gaye, and I made the beat one day, we turned it into a song the next, I mixed it the third day, and 48 hours later we released it on a blog on the Internet, and then the record went global and sold 500,000 copies! The control room has a pair of Genelec nearfields and a woofer, and a pair of Sota 750 reference monitors.

"I started out as Drake's engineer, and I wasn't there to produce or give creative input,” explains 40.

He had a CD changer with 300 of his favourite discs, and all kinds of music, and we'd listen to music and talk about it until 1pm the next day. "It's located across the street from my home in Toronto.

Comment Insert the cursor time: Public playlists. Drake headlines (1) (2) 1. And I'd been playing piano since I was four years old, and also had a love of physics and mathematics.

I sent all my vocals to one bus, and the drums and music to another bus, so I could balance them against each other just before I hit the stereo bus.

If you listen to the song 'Hate Sleeping Alone' [from the iTunes version of Take Care], you'll hear all sorts of bits of background vocals in the background, which sing the same melodies, but without words. But for me, the feel of this record was of a guy on stage singing the song, so it had to be coherent from the beginning to the end of the song.

I knew what it needed to sound like. News; Browse; Charts; Submit; 6º Game; GET AD-FREE WHOSAMPLED PREMIUM! To celebrate, he's made potential album single "Headlines" available for download on his October's Very Own blog.

It's an unassuming, and very Canadian, approach. Tags: US Rap #1 Hit.

I also preferred to be behind the screen rather than the person on the screen.

Drake doesn't like that, he wants to hear himself live at all times, just with a bit of reverb or delay for the feel, but for the most part pretty dry.”.

Drake's guitarist Adrian Eccleston features on Take Care. I'll sometimes sample them.

Canadians are prone to giving their own, unique slant to North American culture, and rapper Drake is a case in point, having scored major commercial success with a message, delivery and sound all his own.

When you walk in, there's a huge producer's desk and console, which is the Control 24. Boi-1da and T-Minus both use Fruity Loops to do their beats, and until recently it only spat out 16-bit files, so I almost always end up putting these through the 80-input SSL 4000 G+ at Metalworks Studio 2.

But a lot of my instruments are Pro Tools-based, so why would I want to leave the box?

"Headlines" rides steady and proud but not puff-chested, like driving around a clean city in a clean car after you've showered.

People don't care who wrote it, or where it comes from or what the sample is, they just want the hottest beat.

Was sampled … But I love the fact that the vocal is really loud and in your face. 40's processing chain for the sawtooth bass synth included Waves' Renaissance EQ and Bass, and Avid's Lo-Fi, a big favourite of his. Of the 20 tracks recorded for the most recent album, half are built around samples, taken from the likes of SWV, Gil Scott-Heron, Don McLean, Juvenile, DJ Screw and others — though neither 'Marvin's Room' and 'Headlines' contain any samples. Copyright © 2020 WhoSampled.com Limited. As I said before, our approach is always different, so in some cases I lay everything out over the SSL, in some cases I do everything in the box, and sometimes it's a combination of the two, like in this record. I arm one track in Pro Tools to record him, and I then drag the clip down to an empty track. "I had the SPL Transient Designer on Boi-1da's kick, to get it a little bit more snappy and pointy. 40 elaborates: "Boi-1da sent us the beat as a stereo MP3, and Drake loved it, so I popped it into Pro Tools and Drake started going to town over it. When I was a kid, I used the money I made from acting to rent a four-track tape deck and digital samplers, and I also had Sound Recorder on Windows 3.

"At some point while Drake was writing to the stereo MP3, I was calling Boi-1da, begging and demanding all the exported separate files of his session. Take Care Young Money 2011. I wanted to shape it a bit differently.

compressor, it adds some more energy and anticipation. Sample chain found! In total, there are only 37 audio tracks, and relatively few plug-ins, particularly on Boi-1da's drum tracks because, remarks 40, "I had passed his stuff through the SSL already and had done most of the processing I wanted during that process.” The eagle-eyed will spot the '-1380' markings in the comments box. At best, I was being reassured of things I already knew.

It was during the Jelleestone recordings that he earned his nickname. Coming off the SSL I had probably given it a little bit too much bottom, so when I was mixing I wanted to push its top end a bit, and instead of having a huge, rumbling, low bass, give it a little bit more pop and harshness.

All these additional tracks are marked '40' in the session.

My PC laptop is a year and a half old, and it has a 3.3GHz, 12-core, i7 processor. It's just a bit of pitch-correction. Tonight, Drake will perform in Toronto alongside Rick Ross and The Weeknd.

So for me they are a tool and I reach for them for fun. Three of my five additional keyboard parts have the Lo-Fi, with, again, Sample Rate and Distortion being the buttons that I reach for. Samples give an aesthetic to a record that is difficult to achieve without one, whether you are featuring the sample prominently or have it running in the background. Drums and bass: SSL desk EQ, SPL Transient Designer, Waves Renaissance Axe and Renaissance Bass, Avid Lo-Fi and Xpand! He probably spent a couple of nights writing. I worked with a program called Sonic Foundry Acid 3.0, and by age 12 or 13 I was fluent in any computer platform. Written by Drake Graham, Matthew Samuels (Boi-1da), Noah '40' Shebib, A Palman. I wanted something that would be very dark and quiet and muddy and with the vocals cutting through like a razor.

But I don't need to use samples.

I have a main control room and a booth and a small room at the back.

"After running the 16-bit stuff through the analogue domain, I remained in the box for this record.

"In hip-hop, you must write your own raps. But when it comes to the music, there's not really the same pride in writing it yourself. The full Pro Tools session for 'Headlines'. Most of the plug-ins on it were opened during arranging and tracking, and because of the vocal chains we use, Drake's vocals are in pretty good shape by the time the recordings are done.

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