Reprints of previous Doomlord stories continued until 7 April 1990. Over a several-month story arc, Vek hypnotised the wealthy to place hundreds of millions of pounds of funds in an enviromental pressure group called Alternative Earth; increased political activity amongst the general public; and shocked the world into nuclear disarmament by manipulating the American military into launching a nuclear strike. In effect, Vek and Enok had switched roles – Enok now protected Humanity, whilst Vek wished to destroy it. It was compiled and edited by David McDonald and included an introduction by Alan Grant. Eventually they grew tired of the chase and decided to lure him out. The title was relaunched by Fleetway on March 27th 1982, and while it was only ever officially Eagle, it has become generally known in reference works since then as the New Eagle in order to differentiate it from its predecessor. He hypnotised Harvey to accompany him to a germ warfare establishment, to watch helplessly as Doomlord constructed a virus to kill humans worldwide, but leave other species unaffected. The Doomlords also possessed energy rings, which they would wear in their human and alien forms and had a variety of different uses. For example, an Arab state launched a nuclear missile, escalating a small-scale conflict and causing the world's powers to re-arm, and Alternative Earth's funds were embezzled by its director. However as his condition worsened he was trapped in dog form,only managing to warp his head back to Noxian form.

Despite this, the strip succeeded in producing atmosphere and dealt with adult issues such as environmentalism. He then returned to Mrs Souster's boarding house once again. Vek had previously brought Enok back to Earth, fearing the result of the ordeal, and had placed him in his final 'growth cycle' under a South American waterfall, correctly gambling that this would mature Enok and improve his disposition and foster a love of Earth. In some cases, one Doomlord could petition the Dread Council for a review of a previous Doomlord's judgement, if that Doomlord had perished before their judgement could be completed - with the successful petitioners been given a time limit to influence that species for the better.

At times, he was almost portrayed as a Gandhi-like figure – albeit one who would disintegrate timewasters. Inevitably, Enok's human emotions and flaws led him to delinquency, eventually murdering Vek despite his fatherly love and protection from the Noxian Firelords who sought to kill Enok due to his 'impurity'. Vek realised that if they continued they would eventually destroy humanity by killing an ever increasing number of people, so he decided that he must face them. He hypnotised Harvey to accompany him to a germ warfare establishment, to watch helplessly as Doomlord constructed a virus to kill humans worldwide, but leave other species unaffected. During the same period, the younger Souster boy, Mike, also became Enok, but with unexplained vampiric qualities. The Dan Dare Corporation owns the copyright to numerous other strips that were featured within the Eagle including: Computer Warrior, Stormforce, Ghost Squad, Manix, The Fists of Danny Pyke, Crowe Street Comp, Walk or Die, Survival, The Amstore Computer, Doomlord and Detective Zed. As a demonstration of his power he even created a virus to destroy a small town, Prattlewell. He would then disintegrate their corpse with his energiser ring, and then use another alien ability – to shapeshift his form to resemble his absorbed victim, and thus impersonate them flawlessly. This marked a turning-point in human attitude towards Doomlord; as he repeatedly protected Earth from various external threats, Vek became an ally of the British government through Cabinet minister Douglas Reeve, and even a respected and admired hero. If Doomlord judged humanity as unfit of stewardship of Earth, or to pose a potential risk to the larger interstellar community, he would destroy it – the billions of innocent human deaths being inconsequential, as "The fate of the individual is unimportant when the survival of the species is at stake." He explained to humanity what had happened and set himself up as humanity's protector, knowing that more Noxians would follow to slaughter humanity and that he was the only one who had a chance of defending them although his own life was now in danger for disobeying the Dread Council and, worse still, killing a fellow servitor. However the explosion of the missile had destroyed his ship and he was forced to remain on Earth until a replacement craft could be sent. It … A replacement Doomlord ruled in favour of Earth and eventually became its protector, fathering a son; the strip evolved into superheroics. They sent hypnotic waves all over the town to force the people to walk into the shield which killed them. The deathlords found him but Vek also managed to teleport and escape. The Deathlords had set up a shield around Bradfield to stop Vek escaping and decided to use his love of humanity to lure him out. A deathlord was waiting for him but Vek managed to reach the ring first by throwing bricks from a chimney at the deathlord, knocking him over and giving Vek enough time to use the ring to kill the deathlord and deactivate the shield. Art by Heinzl. Doomlords were also shown to be very smart and had the power to hypnotise.

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