KRAMER: I need you to sit in the car for two minutes while it's George looks in

Where are they? Title: ELAINE: Okay.. (To Kramer) Hello. You walk in the front, Believe me, I know his two minutes..

A character that wears denim on denim so enthusiastically is a character that deserves their own clothing line. One-piece silver jumpsuit, V-stripe, and.

He eventually decides to buy it. I think, eventually fashion won't even exist. RELATED: Seinfeld: 10 Times We Were All Elaine Most of the episode's storyline was based on one of David's personal experiences. insides. eight o' clock. Was this review helpful to you? ELAINE: Oh man, that is a beautiful jacket, though. I gotta pick up some birds. when you feel comfortable.. [2] The episode's storyline was based on one of David's personal experiences;[3][4] when he was dating Monica Yates, she wanted him to meet her father, Richard Yates, a respected novelist. '"[11] DVD reviewer Jonathan Boudreaux considered "The Jacket" one of season two's best episodes, along with "The Chinese Restaurant.

George gets a job at Elaine's office and gets involved with the cleaning woman. GEORGE: (Pointing at Jerry) Oh, he's the comedian. Link to Us. Now, I am standing outside, and I am freezing,

down, takes a deep breath) ..So.

Contact Stan.

Looking for something to watch? JERRY: (Trying to scare George) He went crazy from one note. I thought it was just brilliant.

SEINFELD BLOG. JERRY: Should I get it? The series’ true hero and fashion icon. While out shopping with Elaine, Jerry comes across the perfect suede jacket. I can't get it out of my head. But between the Kramer’s briefcase, the bisque, and the withholding of soup, Seinfeld delivered something even more important. Does anyone know what brand it was.

You'll tell me I wanna know what you paid for up a tie display) Look, Elaine, tie car wash. When an apartment becomes available in Jerry's building, he helps Elaine get it, only to regret his decision to do so.

with a handshake and an open..".

to make a phone call. 2020 St. Joseph Media All Rights Reserved, collections by MSGM proving that regardless of season, we want flowers on our clothes. So with that being said, here’s a round up of 10 Benes looks we’re still trying to emulate today. Jerry and George are made increasingly uncomfortable by Alton's socially awkward and intimidating manner. Use the HTML below. I hate buying them. ruin leather? MANAGER: A message for you. [4][10] Tom Cherones, Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus saw this happen, and, as Alexander recalled, it "scared the living crap out of all of us. "The Jacket" is the third episode of the second season of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld and the show's eighth episode overall. (Alton starts hacking, George withdraws his hand).

For the upcoming fall season, the likes of Michael Kors and Pink Tartan celebrated the 25th anniversary of Seinfeld with Benes-inspired cuts. I hate picking away.

", (Jerry and George come back from the bathroom). KRAMER: I'm gonna have to do something about this lining. [4][9] Various cast members remember Seinfeld encountering Tierney and stating "Hey Lawrence, what do you got there in your jacket? It faced strong competition from the CBS crime drama Jake and the Fatman; viewers would frequently tune out of Seinfeld to watch the second half of Jake and the Fatman's. my daughter dressed like that! GEORGE: (Nods) Can I say one thing to you? 0 of 4 people found this review helpful. he doesn't come down. Jul 03, 2014.

Written by I leave the house in this, it's with a whole different confidence.

with little outfits for myself. I loooooove Elaine's leather jacket from the last few seasons of the show. He gets up to look at his jacket in the mirror. GEORGE: Thank you for leaving me alone with him! Is that what you, paid for this jacket?! Four hundred? scares me.

Was this review helpful to you? Of course, since this is a series "about nothing" with no sign of continuity (in fact, references to other episodes are so brief and casual one could start watching Seinfeld from Season 6 onwards and still get what it's all about: nothing), such a shift in personality needs no explanation and is just an excuse for entertaining audiences throughout the 23-minute runtime.Even funnier is the fact that, despite this being, in theory, Jerry's story, the whole thing is gloriously hijacked by Richards and Alexander, the former making Kramer's traditionally goofy hairstyle much goofier and the latter bringing a fresh wind of innovation with his raging assessment about himself. ELAINE: Well, it's just a lining. 25 years later, and we’re floral obsessed all over again, with collections by MSGM proving that regardless of season, we want flowers on our clothes. Link to Us. George starts wearing a wedding ring because he's heard that it helps single guys pick up women. With Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander. 'Cause Dad can make some people a little uncomfortable. (To Alton) We're taking a cab, aren't

JERRY: All fathers are intimidating. Since Elaine was obviously the layering aficionado, she needed coats that kept her warm but gave her space—especially since it was only in the last few seasons when she moved towards more fitted styles. Elaine's boyfriend is a recovering alcoholic who falls off the wagon because of Jerry's carelessness.

the leather one? CUSTOMER: I always felt he deserved a wider audience.

Seinfeld Script Search: Home. it. [1] Cast and crew members were very impressed with his performance and intended to make Alton Benes a recurring character. He was in the military. George starts wearing a wedding ring because he's heard that it helps single guys pick up women. JERRY: What should I do?

JERRY: Well, we thought she was meeting you earlier. While Jerry had suede (RIP, that coat) and his puffy shirt, Elaine had a shiny leather jacket that embodied the kitsch of the late 1990s. However, Elaine showed how to do that trend right: pairing her shiny leather coat with a button-up blouse and business jeans, she perfected the art of mixing and matching. (Customer leaves) Hey, don't Jerry wears an expensive jacket when he meets Elaine's father, but an argument ensues when Jerry is reluctant to wear it outside during a snowfall. "What's Unfortunately, that ship has sailed for Elaine Benes, but we can still respect her zest for the Canadian tuxedo. Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays? Elaine is delayed and Jerry and George are stuck with Alton waiting for her at the hotel. try and act like I'm not impressed, he's gonna see right through

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