Mikael then revealed that he intended to humiliate Klaus before he killed him, and stated that he planned on killing everyone who knew Klaus existed, to ensure that no one would miss him after he was dead. However, when Klaus is using his werewolf powers, it is when Elijah can no longer keep up with Klaus, as Klaus easily bests Elijah using Lycanthrope Enhancement. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Elijah_Mikaelson?oldid=2057258.

However, the New World wasn't as peaceful as the couple had expected, especially during the full moon, as their neighbors were werewolves. Mikael went to her and Kol where he ordered Kol to release him as promised. He has not been seen compelling a human except Elena as he needed information from her and Carol Lockwood (for a change of suit).

My brother gave me his word that he would reunite me with my own." When Elijah comes to the Boarding House for a diner party with Damon, Alaric, Jenna, Andie Star and John Gilbert. Mikael was a tall and middle-aged man with short dark blond hair, blue eyes and muscular build, exceeding the other Originals in terms of physical build goes. The Vampire Diaries Elijah tried to stop his father from hurting his brother, but was scared off by Mikael, who stated that Elijah would be next if he intervened. Elijah then say to her that he won't harm her or her family, Elena then asks why he killed the vampires who was going to take her, Elijah responds with saying that he didn't want her to be taken and then tries to make a deal with her to kill Klaus and keep her friends and family, he is then showing that he has no concern as to break the curse, but to find Klaus and kill him. Despite Dahlia claiming that Mikael's Viking blood inhibited his intelligence and others sometimes mocking Mikael for his temper making him sound unintelligent, this is far from true, as he had the intelligence needed to successfully hunt his children and force them to escape without any of them even trying to outsmart him and even Klaus and Elijah admitted anything they tried against Mikael was ultimately ineffective in ensuring permanent domain. Mikael was a Viking warrior born in a village in the Kingdom of Norway. Mikael brought Cami to an abandoned building where he explained that he didn't always hate Klaus. He was therefore Hope Mikaelson's grandfather and Dahlia's brother-in-law.

- All My Children, (To Rebekah) "Mother made us vampires.

Klaus then put Mikael in a trunk, sparing him so he'd suffer, but Mikael managed to pull the blade from his own chest, the only Original who was strong enough and had enough willpower to do so. He explained that once he fed, he'd be back to full strength. Mikael also admitted that he had burned countless other cities like New Orleans while hunting his children.

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