I learned a lot from your design. As U235 is unloaded, x decreases, but the input of the decider is x+40 (the 40 from the arithmetic unit). Input must be held for at least 2 ticks. Before I succumb to space madness, I wanted to transmit what I've learned about automating rocket loading. Beginners should refer to the Tutorial:Circuit network cookbook for examples and the Circuit network page for an overview over the circuit network.

If the power signal is greater than zero, pass everything. A combinator that can set the recipe of an assembler (or other machine) based on signal inputs for any and all of your automation needs. Also if you have any questions about early/mid space exploration mod, I am happy to try and help. So while figuring all this out, I had a lot of interruptions in my inventory signal, which caused a flurry of loading extra stuff into my rockets. This can also selectively pass or 'gate' inputs only when desired. *Note:This only works for boolean input values.

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