For the most recent fights, I'm running Yuna as my secondary healer/elemental resist buffer/Leviathan capper with as much EVO MAG & elemental resist as possible and it's been working wonderfully.

Moved down to A-Tier now that Zack has a better version of the same STMR, sorry Beatrix bae. I saw this the other day when I got my Willy to 7*. Compliments the current TDH Meta extremely well. +30% DEF/+50% HP & +100% DEF after HP drops below 80%. This is not intended to be an official list or anything close to it. The 30% ATK Passive is a nice ~75 ATK boost (assuming 250 base ATK) for anyone that doesn't hit the stat cap which is pretty nice in the 400% ATK cap meta. It's currently on the lower tier of S IMO since Greatsword users aren't in the best position, but I have no doubt they'll make a come back eventually. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Want to join the fun? Want to contribute? Also gives a TON of MP which is nice, but MP should no longer be an issue at this point in the game. +20% ATK, +20% DEF, +20% MAG, +20% SPR, +20% HP, +20% MP, +15% Fire/Ice/Lightning/Water/Wind/Earth Resist. I like Aerith's STMR slightly better than Primrose's due to the flat SPR increase and extra dark resistance. . BiS for all Gun users, the 1.3x LB damage more than makes up for the ATK loss compared to Vincent's STMR. Usable if you somehow missed out on Axter and is stuck with a 1H Katana for Auron/Citan or something. Relevant TDW light chainers are becoming slight obsolete, but still very useful if you're using them.

100% All Status Ailments Resist, +60% Fire/Ice/Lightning/Wind Resist, Cast ウィングハート(50% Charm Resist) at battle start. Finally!

My inventory. Sadly TDW caps at 100% atm so there's no point stacking these, which severely limits the damage potential of TDW units. +40% ATK w/ Katana, Sword and/or Spear & +50% Mag/Phys Dmg vs Humans & Grant: Move this up a tier if you really like LV. +168 ATK, ジゴスラッシュ (AOE 12 Hit 280% Physical Attack, AOE -50% Dark Resist for For 3 Turns 40 MP). Depending on how much you value the elemental resistances, this could be a S Tier STMR. STMRs are obtained by fusing two of the same 5★ base units into the same unit that's been awakened to 7★. You'll be happy to pull these dupes, but you probably won't hard pull them specifically. Slightly outdated with all the new LB Fill rate TMR/STMRs being released lately, but still very useful on LB oriented support units. Rainbow's Robe (Marie TMR) is better for the extra elemental resist if not for the +20% EVO MAG.

You are dropping a lot of great stmr (Randi, Tidus, Squall) because 'their usefulness has waned due to 400% cap (which is btw very bad math), but you put an 80% materia in the b tier. I don't know how you use RES to make tables must but I must understand this wizardry. +45 ATK, +15 DEF, +2 SPR, +30% Dark Resist & Para/Confu/Petrify Immunity. BiS for herself especially if you don't have Axter's STMR, otherwise pretty useless atm. I know better than to complain about free shit, this should be SSS Tier. I died laughing at Wilhelm's description. +30% DEF/HP/SPR & (25% Accuracy) +50% EQ ATK when 2-Handing (TDH). Literally said "Holy Shit...". +160 ATK, HP +20% (+20% HP), MP +20% (+20% MP), +3 DEF, +3 SPR, スリースターズ (+33% MP, 50% MP Cost Reduction).

+98 ATK, +167 MAG, +75% Damage Modifier For: 完全アルテマソード, +150% Damage Modifier For: アルテマ / アルテマブロウ / 究極魔法・アルテマ, +200% Damage Modifier For: アルテマソード.

Globallers pull/UoC at your own risk given Gumi's tendency to "rebalance". Find the best equipments for your units, kupo!

2nd highest ATK hat in the game with four different killers, don't know what else needs to be said. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FFBraveExvius community. +30% MAG, +60% SPR & 80% Chance Ignore up to 1 Fatal Attacks when HP above 40%. +80% ATK, 2000 Self Fixed Damage at the beginning of each turn. (25% Accuracy) +100% EQ ATK when 2-Handing (TDH) & +30% ATK w/ Spear. +150 MP, +12 ATK, +166 SPR, +30% MP, +50% Water Resistance. On par or slightly better than your average TMR (as it should), but not quite STMR level. Can't really think of an actual use for this STMR yet, but I guess it has potential for any counter tanks released in the future.

If anyone knows some GL ranking with notes besides that on the wiki please let me know. "Holy shit" is right. STMRs are obtained by fusing two of the same 5★ base units into the same unit that's been awakened to 7★. This is on the lower side of the A Tier IMO. That discounts some of the other odd choices you've made here (Jake stmr etc). +176 ATK, +20% ATK & +75% Phys/Mag Damage vs Humans.

Good stat stick for Katana w/ a useful LB fill rate & extra stats from Espers. Data Dump Builder tool Pulling Odds TMR Macros FFBE Chain Progress List Unit Collection List Update Schedule [JP/GL] Useful Links [JP] Data Dump [JP] Important Terms FAQ: 7*s, STMRs, UoC Awakening Tracker Raven Quest Guide Spark Chains Trick [JP] Rerolling Guide BiS for himself since he also has a +30% DEF innate passive when equipped with Light Armors though most other physical tanks only have +DEF passives when equipped with Heavy Armors. +168 ATK, Light Element & Grant Skill: [ルシファーギフト] 280% AoE 1 Hit Physical Attack & Self 3 Turn +100% ATK/DEF.

Just tack more stuff on. This is just slightly below Queen's STMR in today's metagame, but is absolutely insane if you're using a damage dealer that doesn't depend on unlocked skills/stacking skills. Highest MAG non-weapon equipment in the game, so why is B Ranked? Also nice to see all the FF main series units high up. +25 DEF, +30 MAG, +75 SPR & +20% HP, -20% Song MP Cost. Hi guys. Getting 4 of these won't help TDW units, not to mention Nagi boosts a better STMR for hybrids/TDW units. (Two-Handed) +175 ATK, Wind Element (+50% Accuracy, Variance: 1x~1.5x). Other than for Nagi herself, this BiS for DW users to maximize their damage potential.

There are currently 155 units in the ranking, listed from highest to lowest. Now that parameter missions are much easier with stat cap increases, it won't see much usage. One hand GS with no elements, won't see a lot of uses other than increasing your e-peen. While this STMR has +10 ATK more than Bahamut's Tear (Arngrim's STMR), it also lacks the extra LB damage that makes Bahamut's tear so OP.

Keep in mind that tiers are made to reflect whether it's worth to pull/UoC for that STMR based on what's currently available in the game. She also doesn't have W cast or T cast abilities... so the next meta could do everything she currently does but better.. there's lots of room to improve actually. Project M Cobalt Legacy, Spice World Cajun Classiques Blackened Seasoning, Hydro Dipping Canvas, Owl Eggs Hatching, Rever De Se Faire Etouffer Par Quelqu'un, Hclo Molecular Geometry, Fire Flower Spirit, Kaldor Draigo Conversion, Metv Channel On Xfinity, Brett Warren Son, Dareen Abughaida Spouse, Bridgestone Dueler At Revo 3 Vs Cooper At3, Toblerone 360g Lidl, Are Elaeagnus Berries Poisonous To Dogs, Frozen Asf Rats, Pokemon Go Team Rocket Guide, Aboriginal Tools And Weapons, American Bully Bloodline Chart, Yvette Lee Bowser Net Worth, Flick Of The Wrist Meaning, Substitute For Peychaud's Bitters, Old Mopars For Sale, Dbd Legion Rework, Thieves' Cant Dictionary, Colo Colo Not In Fifa 20, Robux Code Generator 2020, Best Formation For Real Madrid In Fifa 20, Cirkut Net Worth, Michale Graves Proud Boy, Malcolm Streaming Saison 1 Episode 6, Film Banlieue 13 Complet En Français 2004, Karen Leblanc Birthday, Lapierre Ezesty Australia, What Is Upturn Credit, James Wainwright Net Worth, Aurore Streaming Complet, Soul Train Season 39 Episode 1, B Movies Streaming, 8gb Ddr2 Sodimm, Why Is My Doordash Driver Not Moving, 60 Seconds Apk (mod), What Movie Is You're The Inspiration In, Related posts:The Best Fall HandbagsBurgundy and GrayTropical FloralWhat To Wear To A Wedding - Maternity StyleDressed Up Distressed Denim" /> Top