Does superhuman charisma and marketing genius run in the family? "You know it's hard to get ahead in life," (har, har) Phil Swift wrote.

After the crew revealed the switch, they offered to demo the real Flex Taped bucket but oops, they ran out of time. It's great to be a meme lord and also the owner of a wildly successful line of products that may or may not work as advertised. Now, it's not super-clear why this was something that needed saying out loud, but we are living in the Tide Pod era, after all.

After 60 layers also failed to stop a bullet, he tried 80 layers, and at that point the bullet was finally thwarted. No famous person is safe from the ultimate hazard of success in America: litigation. In the video, Phil calls JonTron "my child" and shows him something in a metal toolbox that emits golden light and opera music, which let's face it, is not something you do unless you either don't take yourself too seriously or are an actual supernatural being. You could, you know, cut up your neighbor's boat and tape it back together or something, although come to think of it, that would probably not make you very popular with your neighbor, so maybe don't do that. So you're probably not going to get any secret insight into the family life of Phil Swift from either of those sources. So that probably means we'll continue to see unauthorized merchandise for as long as Flex Tape and Flex Seal continue to be A Thing. A: No. Once more, for emphasis, totally, utterly, and completely no, so don't go making yourself body armor out of the stuff, okay? Apart from acting as a spokesman for the Flex products, he's also the co-founder of the company behind the products. Except it wasn't the Flex Taped bucket, it was another bucket, which means Barkley actually ended up soaked.

But Inside Edition tried duplicating the sawed-in-half boat trick with only limited success. How exactly does a stupid roll of tape gain international fame, its own library of ridiculous memes, and the love and adoration of men and women everywhere? See, the Flex Tape guy is more than just a dude peddling products in commercials. FLEX TAPE® is a super strong waterproof tape that can instantly patch, bond, seal virtually anything.

You can! Other people have used Flex Tape to build unbreakable walls, which seems like it would be a really handy thing to do in the zombie apocalypse when you're really going to need a way to keep flesh-eating corpses out of your yard. Anyway, according to JD Motorsports, Smithley's car was repaired using Flex Tape, and then he went on to finish eighth in the race. Because evidently there are people who have joked that Flex Tape and/or Flex Seal's other line of amazing products might actually be delicious, Phil Swift felt it was necessary to post a video on Instagram warning fans to keep the stuff out of their mouths. decided to sit on his couch and talk about Flex Tape, Phil Swift has also inspired a slough of fan art, Flex Seal guitar picks that cost $2 apiece. Or the psoriasis thing because that's just gross (and expensive).

Is he as stunningly beautiful as his brother? Long, long ago, people figured out they could raise brand awareness with T-shirts and hoodies, which was probably around the same time people realized they could also turn entire cars into high-speed billboards. For inquiries regarding any of the Flex Seal Family of Products outside the United States, please click one of the links below: FLEX SEAL PRODUCTS © All Rights ReservedTerms and Conditions | Privacy. Flex Tape may be endowed with supernatural powers that even Thanos himself would envy, but it's still just a stupid roll of tape. Because you didn't already have enough reasons to love and respect him, it has come to our attention that not only is Phil Swift the king of all things made out of liquid rubber, he is also a guitar god. It’s always best to test a small area first.

Don't try to understand how the market works, it just is like that sometimes.

So now you have 17 rolls of Flex Tape, but you just can't bring yourself to saw your boat in half. Not Phil Swift, though, who clearly has the vision to see ridicule as an opportunity to sell more Flex Tape and Flex Seal.

Since we know Flex Tape is awesome at sticking to living things, the first obvious choice is to use it as a bug trap. So if Phil and Alan Swift have been around for more than a quarter of a century, why, oh why, did they not grace the world with their revolutionary products earlier? It's also a great way to prank someone.

Apart from acting as a spokesman for the Flex products, he's also the co-founder of the company behind the products. Q: Can I use it on a container that holds water for drinking? Fortunately, and this doesn't seem staged or just waaaay too convenient at all, there was plenty of Flex Tape on hand because duh, it would have been really embarrassing if the pit crew for a NASCAR car with the words "Flex Tape" written all over it had nothing but a roll of Gorilla Tape stashed in its toolbox.

"It was time to bond, seal and repair his soul," wrote one fan. For fans who may not relish the thought of pulling the guts out of their Phil Swift pumpkin, Flex Seal also sponsored a "big head" giveaway on Instagram — winners received autographed copies of Phil Swift's giant head. Maybe a zombie-proof wall for his front yard or a couple boats you cut up and taped together? So Flex Tape got some brand recognition, while no one actually got to see whether the stuff works.

Q: What is the maximum pressure it can withstand? ), Phil Swift has been in the marketing and direct sales industry since the '80s. However, Flex Seal aerosol may be used as a primer to transform the appearance of surfaces where Flex Tape has been applied. Maybe some rules need to be changed at NASCAR — surely it's unfair for a driver to use such a supernatural performance enhancer in the middle of a race?

Yes, $10 million. And also people complaining loudly, publicly, and in Amazon product reviews. Poor consumers. It's a free online image maker that allows you to add custom resizable text to images. Flex Tape’s powerful adhesive bonds instantly to almost any surface and actually gets stronger with time and pressure.

So that's great. At least we can probably assume that the room will survive the next hurricane. For Halloween 2018, the company announced a Phil Swift pumpkin carving competition, and just in case you aren't creative enough to figure out how to make your pumpkin look like Phil Swift, they even provided the stencil. Not Phil Swift, though. You can also use it to tape on your rearview mirror, tape your hood closed, and fix your cracked bumper. "), repaired it with Flex Tape, and then demoed the repair by pouring water into the bucket while holding it over Charles Barkley's head.

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