A patterned Those scary scenarios are depicted below in a qualitative way - I don't have reliable numbers. The coefficient of friction is a constant that depends on the two surfaces in contact. As for the stopping distance (d), it was assumed it was related to the friction coefficient as in equation (3): Where g is the gravitational acceleration, v is the initial velocity when the brakes are applied and fr is the rolling resistance coefficient and was assume to be equal to 0.013. In this paper, a friction test rig was designed, the friction coefficient test of rubber ice surface was carried out, and the optimum rubber ratio was obtained. When the slip velocity is low, the higher the RR of the specimen is, the higher the friction coefficient is. 51605483), National Key Research and Development Program (No. The main work of the article is as follows. The equation F=muN holds true only in a physics book. A. Spagin, A. Berardo, and D. Marchetto, “, Friction of rough surfaces on ice: Experiments and modeling, 11. The maximum coefficient Maybe locking the brakes is not so bad in good conditions on the dry road, and you may not be able to keep from doing so in an extreme emergency. Thus, under identical load and on the same dry surface, the wider tire has a greater contact area and develops higher traction, resulting in greater stopping ability. The coefficient of static friction, typically denoted as μ s, is usually higher than the coefficient of kinetic friction. To be specific, first, the water temperature exerts a direct influence on the speed of ice growth, which in turn affects the ice quality.

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