The all-steel construction Frommer Stop design was expensive to massproduce and Frommer found that there was no need to lock small-caliber pistols. caliber. Frommer Stop Field Stripping: As already noted my Stop suffers from two major issues (besides super tiny sights, short sight radius, heavy trigger pull etc): This is probably due to my Stop’s weak extractor “spring” and also due to a design compromise (no separate spring for the ejector due to space restrictions in the tiny bolt, the extractor itself is the spring, like in a 1911, but much more tiny). Based on available info, wartime 9mm Frommers appear to be Austrian Eagle marked. Mod. At the instant of firing, the Stop is locked by a rotating head on the two-piece bolt, similarly to the Empty the chamber. They could only suggest that it is post-war (I think we could figure that out from the serial number range) and may have been sent abroad (contract?). (2.95") ; thickness, 18.5 mm. This was the Stop Patent system, and is frequently called Mod. Free exhibitions held in venues, which do not charge an entry fee. Pistols and Holsters. Parts in the Baby which did not require downsizing, such as the trigger, connector, sear, bolt catch, … 37M are said to be found with serial numbers above 200,000, thus indicating that routine production of the 9 mm. The caliber was named “7.65 Frommer” to distinguish it from the weaker “7.65 Browning”, see bottom of the mag plate: It is advised to use hot loaded .32 ACP in the Stop as the long recoil action needs lots of ooomph from the cartridge to cycle the gun fully. The Stop system Frommers were made in both 7.65 and 9 mm. An inertia firing pin is struck by an external hammer, and the only safety device is a grip lever.

(ACP ) calibers. 6.35 mm. 7.65 mm. These changes improved the popularity of the pistol. The Stop shoots very pleasantly, compared to e.g. (10.5 oz); and magazine capacity, 6 ctges. STOP CAL.9m/m (.380). Ejection and chambering are nearly simulteneous, another source of issues if ejection doesn’t work properly. Military acceptance mark: 'Bp' (for Budapest), followed by the Hungarian crest and the last two figures of the year of manufacture. No luck with Regia Militia Hungarorum either. For further disassembly, use a small screwdriver to flex ejector spring outward slightly. I just received a reply from them and this is their first exposure to such a proof. In fact, the firm „Fegyvergyar" is no longer cited as a supplier of pistols. 1910.

(Note: Fritz’s article cited below contains additional details) The following list of Frommer Stop 7.65 cal. The Stop was never a really popular firearm, although more than 250.000 guns were produced and used between 1912 and until the end of WWI in 1918. The Liliput laid the foundation for the pistols which replaced the Stop in later years. Details of pistols of current Hungarian make are not available. A similar arm in 6.35 mm. After the war the gun got a new name (19M) and was still produced without any variations until 1929 (or maybe later). Such specimens of the „commercial" 7.65 mm. Shooting Techniques, Handgun Maintenance and Tuning. You can judge this without disassembling the gun, just notice  how much the bolt spring guide rod extrudes from the end of the cocking handle: On a less-shot Stop the rounded end of the bolt spring guide rod should extend visibly from the cocking handle. 172, 173). I do handload for the gun, but it is not meant to be shot a lot. Lower hammer. With kind regards, Jani

Ten specimens with serial numbers ranging from 5152 to 69,909, examined by the author, were all marked „jhv" (German code for Metallwaren, Waffen u. Maschinenfabrik, Budapest) and were made in the period 1941 to 1943. Locking the action itself is also done using a rifle-type turning bolt with locking lugs, see here (from left to right: firing pin, firing pin spring, top: extractor claw that also locks the firing pin in place, bottom: rotating bolt): During recoil the barrel starts to run forward driven by its spring, but still the bolt is held in place. You will recognize a used-up bolt spring guide rod from the outside of the gun if it is flat with the opening in the handle. Hungarian made Frommer Stop holster: For the 7.65 mm. When this model was replaced by the 37M, the serial numbering continued from 50,000. This Czech military acceptance mark was used between 1919-22, the #4 indicates Military District Hradec Kralove. whole: L: 16.5cms BL: 10cms Calibre: 7.65 x 17. About 37,000 Frommer Stop pistols were sold to German in 1916-1917, between serial numbers 56,000 and 93,500. Short caliber has appeared with the marking M1939 and a spade-shaped device (meaning unknown) on the top frame housing. bolt body and groove in barrel extension when these parts are reassembled.

Military acceptance mark: 'Bp' (for Budapest), followed by the dual Austro-Hungarian crest and the last two figures of the year of manufacture. 'Hv-36' Austrian acceptance marks are also reported on Frommer Stops, The net recoil left over to be absorbed by the shooter’s hand is surprisingly low. Apparently the Liliput serials were started at 400000 and ended around 435000.

1 and continuing until about 50,000. Are any of those marked Sr.? 37. It subsequently became the official service pistol of the Hungarian army, police, gendarmerie and secret police.

The Frommer series of automatic pistols were the work of Rudolph Frommer, an engineer born in Budapest in 1868. The fixed rear sight also acts as the charging handle for the top-mounted jeweled bolt. The international word 'Stop' meant 'to stop' the target. About 37000 Frommer Stop pistols were sold to Germany in 1916-17, between serial numbers 56000-93500. Is a very mechanically complicated weapon and that probably impacted on commercial sales.

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