David M. Ewalt, in his book Of Dice and Men, describes the gelatinous cube as "a dungeon scavenger, a living mound of transparent jelly",[17] The Ashgate Encyclopedia of Literary and Cinematic Monsters called it a "dungeon clean up crew", well adapted to this unique fictitious ecosystem. Please review the TOS and Privacy Policy. [6], The Waterdhavian dungeon complex of Undermountain contained numerous gelatinous cubes. Gelatinous Cube(Athcoid) Other creatures can enter the space, but a creature that does so is subjected to the cube's Engulf and has disadvantage on the saving throw. 3e

First appearance 4th Edition Statistics[2] "[18], Rob Bricken from io9 named the gelatinous cube as the 5th most memorable D&D monster. [15], The gelatinous cube is fully detailed in Paizo Publishing's book Dungeon Denizens Revisited (2009), on pages 16–21. Hatchling. [19], Chris Sims of the on-line magazine Comics Alliance stated of the gelatinous cube that "there can be no question of what is the greatest monster" in D&D, calling the gelatinous cube "amazing". Monster Manual 1st edition Very easily, actually. It cannot make a slam attack during a round in which it engulfs.

2 The gray ooze is the weakest and simplest of the four. Dreams of Lost Daylight. Dreams of Lost Daylight. 2e

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