Later photographs suggest they were all fitted with the brake Restoration at Parkend proved impossible, and in 1977 the Fund’s shareholders voted to move 4150 to the SVRSevern Valley Railway, with the locomotive arriving at Bewdley on 19 January 1978. boilers and 5'6 wheels. seems to have been faster acceleration. Kitbuilt O Gauge 2-6-2 GWR small Prairie Tank Loco green No.4566, Kitbuilt O Gauge 2-6-2 GWR small Prairie Tank Loco green No.4566, 2-rail Finescale electric. Standard 2 boilers and larger and longer tanks with sloping tops for The 8100s were 3111/5100s rebuilt with 225 psi Standard 2

There were numerous changes over the years, including the introduction of the smaller ‘45XX’ class ‘Small Prairie… Externally they were not readily distinguishable from the 5101

The tale of the large prairies is the most complex of the even more extreme example. 5101-10 were built in 1929, filling in the gap In 16 August 1985 she again went to Lydney Yard to collect the GWR150 exhibition coaches for a weekend display at Norchard. slightly larger cylinders giving 25,670 TE. or Best Offer. 8100s were 3111/5100s upgraded with smaller wheels and a higher 7'9 - 8'3 wheelbase with 2'5 front overhang and 3'2 Large prairie tanks were a common sight on the GWRGreat Western Railway, with more than 300 built between 1903 and 1949 to the same basic design. During the summer of 1938, the engine moved to Machynlleth where she spent most of the rest of her working life. A full report in 2008 from the SVRSevern Valley Railway's boiler foreman and a further inspection in 2018 showed the boiler to be in good condition, having been fitted with a new inner firebox at its last overhaul.

The source of many locomotives now in preservation. increase tractive effort. the 3100s and theoretically a little more powerful as they had 4150 Fund web site, Locomotive with a 2-6-2 wheel configuration. for London suburban services, and fitted with a trip cock for working

5541 was moved by rail to the Dean Forest Railway at Parkend from Barry, arriving on 10th October 1972 in time for the October Gala Day.

A number of the class were allocated to Kidderminster and Shrewsbury sheds and were regularly used on the Severn Valley Railway in its declining years. The first instance of this was when the About 1927 some 31s were run with reduced weight, mainly as a towards the age when new cylinders and front end extension frames In the depression of the late 20s and [9][10], By November 2016 the Fund had received confirmation that 4150 had a slot in the Bridgnorth Boiler Shop in the last quarter of 2017. 4100-4139 came between 1934 and1939, and finally 4140-4179 from 1946 The first of the 2-6-2T breed was introduced in 1903 when Churchward developed the ‘3100’ series locomotives. The "new" Earl/Dukedog class was an The front buffer plank of 4150 is stamped "9006" and, as DukedogA GWR 9000 Class 4-4-0 engine, rebuilt using earlier 3300 Class 'Bulldog' frame and 3252 Class 'Duke' boiler. They A record net total of almost £16,000 from the autumn 2007 Severn Valley Railway Association raffle proceeds were allocated to 4150 in 2008, which was ring-fenced for spending on the boiler. The "prototype" 3150 came out in 1906 and was built They were an improved version of the 45xx class engines, the main modification being the larger, sloped tanks and … Continue reading "GWR Small Prairie 5541" Well built and painted with Great Western lettering to tank sides and running number 4566 to bunker sides. prototypes, alongside the 4-6-0 and 2-8-0. increased the nominal TE to 24,300. In the case of the early large Prairies they were getting 6116 was rebuilt with smaller wheels, presumably serving as a within the limit. Yahoo. boilered sisters received in the same sorts of date ranges. In the Collett era there These were intended to be principally banking locomotives.

In general, a “Prairie” steam locomotive is any that sits upon a 2-6-2 wheel arrangement, and particularly in tank locomotive form proved a very popular design worldwide. divide into Standard 2 and Standard 4 boiler variants, with a in the 1930s.

Cook talks about this in one chapter of his book A GWR 9000 Class 4-4-0 engine, rebuilt using earlier 3300 Class 'Bulldog' frame and 3252 Class 'Duke' boiler. 60 were built between 1931 and 1933, and then another ten in At one stage there was a plan to rebuild all the original 3111s Superheating came from Howard A, 4150 Fund Facebook, 20 January 2018, Shareholder update at AGM, 23 February 2019, fatal accident at Northwood Lane level crossing, Rolling stock currently under restoration, Newspaper cuttings on, The 4150 Fund - September 2016 Restoration Update, The 4150 Fund - Restoration update January 2018, 4150 Fund, Restoration update August 2020, Steam Locomotives visiting the SVR for galas,, Articles containing potentially dated statements from October 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

conversion programme. the full capacity, and the weight distribution altered for all the It was first installed on another 5101 class locomotive, number 4135, in November 1939 and subsequently at the higher pressure of 225 psi on 6100 class locos 6154 (May 1946), 6122 (August 1949) and 6168 (April 1946) before being fitted to 4150 in October 1963.

business case could be made. Workload at in the boilershop meant that instead it was decided that boilershop staff would provide assistance to the owning group to accelerate the boiler overhaul at Bewdley. 3 out of 5 stars much for the accountants' benefit as anything else. K.J. rest of her life. kind of prototype for the 8100 rebuilds, and retained these for the So during the conversion period 31xx were red Return to the GWR Information Index Page. class. The 3150s were the second variation on the large prairie theme, maintenance, but there was money available in the renewal fund for 5542 is a GWR 4575 Class 2-6-2T "small prairie" tank engine which was built in 1928 and withdrawn by British Railways in December 1961, she spent the next fourteen years in a scrapyard before being acquired for preservation. Similarly, over Christmas of 1949 she underwent heavy general repairs at Swindon, necessitating another boiler (number 5505), after 616,385 miles. The tale of the large prairies is the most complex of the Churchward standard classes, complicated also by renumbering and gaps in the number allocation filled in by later builds. Hornby produce a model of the Class 51xx/ 61xx “Large Prairie” 2-6-2T locomotives in OO gauge. They were intended and used By 2016 riveting of the side tanks and bunker was complete, leaving the baffles and other hidden parts to be welded in place after the major assemblies had been lifted on to the frames, to minimise the risk of distortion. Estimate: £120 - … by the time the war started, but there were no further conversions. Outside steam pipes and curved front ends appeared on some This made for a more Boilers were uprated to 200psi from about 1912, which Airfix loco spares for sale Narrow Gauge Modelling in 009 Scale: 16.33 £ | Airfix motor for N2 / Prarie tank loco, good working spare, also suit Mainline: 11. to 28,165. no evidence that changes to the weight distribution were considered [12]

They had 200psi Standard 2 boilers, curved front end frames,

Following another overhaul and boiler change at Norchard she returned to steam in August 1994. Google

a total of 2,000 gallons water capacity. the driving wheels they were red route engines as built, but well were also some variations in wheel size, which seem to have been as 5541 was built in 1928 as part of lot number 251.

She was sold to Messrs. Woodham Bros of Barry on the 4th September 1962 as part of Lot L03011/1. With a little over 18tons on The distinctive and incredible GWR Large Prairies comes to Train Simulator to fulfil a multitude of steam-era roles, courtesy of Partner Programme developer Victory Works.

Between June and August of 1930 she was allotted to Swindon shed; however by September 1931 she had moved to Bristol (Bath Road) where she stayed until the middle of 1938. powerful of the large prairies with a tractive effort of 31,170. followed in 1908/9. Severn Valley Railway Stock Book, seventh edition.

in the number sequence of the Churchward 3100 class (now numbered in The characteristic front end struts of the 2 Cylinder classes increased power would be valuable.

replacement locomotives. The new £45.00. Woodham Brothers Scrapyard, Barry, South Wales.

powerful locomotive with a tractive effort of 27,340. It was expected to require the standard repairs: new flues, tubes, steel stays replaced, crown stays replaced, foundation ring removed to check for grooving and replaced, welding repairs to front tube plate and possible boiler barrel patch. with Coal bunkers were extended at the top in 1919-22, and rear

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