Eighteen-year-old Len Jones lives in Poplar: 'The suction and the compression from the high-explosive bombs just pushed you and pulled you. I now live in Surrey. 2pm: Ritchie Calder, a member of the Labour Party's committee on air raid precautions, visits South Hallsville School in Canning Town, which is packed full of people made homeless by the bombings, desperately waiting for the council to send coaches to take them to safety.

'All of a sudden on the skyline, coming up the Thames, were black specs like swarms of flies coming in past Dagenham and Rainham and Barking, and they were heading straight for London. I lived in Crediton Road and as kids we would climb the wall of the school beside the gate in Pacific Road. Second World War Bombing Raid South Hallsville School. The station is popular as that part of the Central Line as not yet opened, so people can sleep along the track where the rails will be laid. ', She declared that, now the Palace had been bombed, 'I can look the East End in the eye.'. Is that park still there? The street is sticky with a yellow liquid that he realises is melted butter from a nearby warehouse. I can remember them telling me that families were told to go to the school because they will be safe there. Should you take a voucher? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The referee blows his whistle and the spectators calmly head for the turnstiles, expecting nothing more than a small Luftwaffe attack. The nurses have pulled the injured pilots' beds away from the windows and are holding their hands. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Trump declares VICTORY and says election process is a ‘fraud’ as votes are still being counted in key states that will decide contest: President vows to go to Supreme Court to stop late voting as Biden demands every ballot counts. My Mum used to tell us the story of the school receiving a direct hit from a bomb. They all moved to the church. I LIVED AT NUMBER 8 MARTINDALE ROAD MY FAMILY WAS IN THE SCHOOL THAT GOT BOMBED.I LOST AUNT UNCLE AND COUSINS IN SCHOOL, My dad had an Uncle (Thomas Pudney) Aunt, (Lydia Pudney) Two Cousins (Annie & Charlotte Pudney from 10 Martindale Road E16 who were killed in South Hallsville school…There were other siblings to Annie and Charlotte but they were already evacuated and couldnt be traced after the war.. Im currently looking into perhaps finding any relatives of those siblings who were probably adopted or may have been put in a Childrens home…, HAVE YOU TRIED TO TRACE YOUR RELATIVES IN CHUMLIEGH NORTH DEVON I WAS AVACUATED THERE and so was a lot of children from canning town. From this point onwards, tube shelters were opened up to locals as air raid shelters, potentially saving many lives. They seem to back up local residents who believed that the death toll was far higher than was reported at the time and show that the government opted not to release full details of what had happened. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. I saw a plaque at the memorial in the 60’s that recorded 137, and recently found a picture of the memorial with a list of names, could not make out what they said, but I could count them 116? Most of the dead were never ­recovered and the crater was filled in while the official death toll was given as 77. . Our flat was badly damaged so my dad moved what was left of our stuff to a house in Charford Rosd.

The Queen wrote to her mother-in-law Queen Mary: 'The damage there is ghastly. We all wondered why we weren't dead.'. The road was still on fire from the fats from Loaders ,the standard telegraph works and other factories having spread across factory road and the railway.the house in Canning Town was deserted and we were told to go to hallsvile road( The H being dropped made it allsville road) but was eurned away by the police.They had done a “moonlight flit “to Oxford. 9am: King George VI is in his office reading a government report that states: 'In dockside areas the population is showing visible signs of its nerve cracking from constant ordeals.'. I have just seem this and i am to young to know what happened at the time. After the bombing I visited Canning Town in search of my grandmother I am86 it must have been the rationing or the Sarsperella from the stall in Rathbone street that has kept us going. I don’t remember a Keir Hardie school – where was that? Both my parents lived to their eighties. At Canning Town the royal party is shown the wreckage of an infant school; it's believed 200 people who were sheltering there are still trapped inside. Downing Street anxiously awaits US election verdict as Dominic Raab admits there are different... 'Is this a free country if you're too scared to express your views?'

There used to be a Workmans Cafe next to the left of the Entrance of the infants School where the pathway is. We played in the ruins of the school – only ever known to us as ‘the bombed school’. Fighter Command believe the Luftwaffe's objectives must be targets they hit yesterday to finish off the job — aircraft factories and the oil terminal at Thames Haven — so the pilots are ordered to protect those facilities. 11pm: Sixteen-year-old Sidney Ties clambers out of the communal air raid shelter in Jamaica Street in the East End. Nevertheless, this mistake came at a cost: more than two million houses were damaged or destroyed; more than 43,500 civilians were killed and over 150,000 were injured. 8pm: To the dismay of Londoners the Luftwaffe return, this time with more than 300 specially equipped night-bombers to drop high explosives and incendiary bombs. I went to hallsville , we all said it was haunted by the green hand! It was not uncommon for pupils to fall asleep in lessons. One of my friends used it to put togeather a cardboard modle of the old building for the queens visit. My Nan reckoned there was more than 600 in the school that night but the casualties was all kept hush. 2pm: At St Mellons Golf Club on the outskirts of Cardiff, play carries on despite the war, although the club's rules have been amended: 'A ball moved by enemy action may be replaced; a ball lying in a crater may be dropped; a player whose stroke is affected by the simultaneous explosion of a bomb or by machine gun fire may play another ball —penalty one stroke.'. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

Churchill is so moved he finds it hard not to cry. He hopes, by killing large numbers of civilians, and women and children, that he will terrorise and cow the people of this mighty imperial city. She remembers having her first hairdo at Stan’s when she was 14 and went many times. However i was at hallsvile school when the queen re attened the school 50 yrs on. The Police Station was half way down Lansdowne Rd, between Sandford St and Eldon Rd(Where the Health centre is) both off of Radland Rd (Portland Rd) used to feed the Police horses, Cribs had a Stable nearby. Here's everything you missed overnight, 'My ex dropped off the wrong baby, now I want to change our custody agreement', The mum took to Reddit to ask users whether she was overreacting for wanting to change the custody agreement she has in place for her ex after he mistakenly left her with the wrong baby, Melania Trump only maskless person at polling centre as she votes in £3,000 dress, The first lady of the United States wore a chain-print dress by Gucci and carried a Hermes Kelly bag as she cast her ballot at the Morton and Barbara Mandel Recreation Centre in Palm Beach, Florida, Nurse sentenced to death after killing and cooking doctor who blackmailed her into sex, Li Fengping, 25, carried out her revenge for alleged sexual blackmail by killing her colleague and cooking part of his remains, which police found flushed down the toilet in Yulin, South China, US election: Joe Biden set to win Arizona in first major 'flip' of results night, Biden has become the first Democrat to win the state since 1996, when Bill Clinton was backed by voters on the path to the White House.

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