Hermione asked. "Fine!" Snape dies without giving Harry his memories at the Battle of Hogwarts and Harry never finds out that he himself is a pseudo-Horcrux. "How far apart are the contractions? The robe felt different against her skin but hugged the robe closer nonetheless. Hermione smiled at her appreciatively. Minerva McGonagall, hoping the baby would arrive before Easter break at Hogwarts, arranged for herself to be away during that time. It is time for old fashioned people like you to stop thinking like that and face reality. Your review has been posted. The Miracle Of Life - A Harry Potter Fanfiction Fanfiction.

Instead of just taking the chair, Narcissa transfigured the awfully uncomfortable chair into a nice loveseat. She was pretty sure that she was pregnant, but she didn't know how she was going to tell Harry and Ron.

Both were crying. Hermione was not really sure if this woman feels the tension she has created. "I don't believe it any more than you do," Hermione said flatly. She was so pissed and quite drunk when someone entered her sanctuary.

Hermione was currently sitting on the tub in the master bathroom, staring at the positive pregnancy test she held in her hand. Pansy asked again. "Hermione and I are a team, a family. Please review after reading^^ Plus, i do not own Harry Potter, ayt? "Ahh, I bet you would want my company now, seeing that you don't have enough drink to pour your heart out," Draco smirked once more. Crookshanks chose that moment to come into the bathroom. Hermione was a bit uncomfortable at the way he looked at her. What happened to you?" Severus paused for a sip of tea. "Mewow?" Hermione willing complied, to both the checking of vitals and the cup of tea. oneshot.

So we'll keep you at 30 weeks and go from there.

"I was drinking inside the Prefect's bathroom when he happened upon me. She can't stand the smell of the Great Hall swarming with delicious food either. Hermione lied back down and stared back at the ceiling. He spat and crossed his legs making him look more nonchalant. Hermione nodded and was smiling exquisitely now too. "What color for the nursery?" "The Healer said in late March or early April. I was devastated then. She dropped her arm and re-sheathed her wand. I would die if you won't let me. First, Malfoy and now you. "We must talk to Hagrid about that Squid. they asked. Sorry?

She requested the Healer to attend to her baby and not let anyone except herself see him. He sat up straight and looked indignant. Hermione quickly tossed a towel in front of her. "He didn't bother asking if I was okay now, did he? I can't believe I'm going to miss my graduation!". "How long have you been standing there?" She wanted to spend quality time with her children and grand baby. Her head was covered with smooth blond tresses; he has the faintest hint of blonde eyebrows. Hermione feigned innocence. "We're starting a new chapter in our lives. Severus normally shrank away from praise and admiration. "Take care of yourself dear," Molly told her before marching up the stairs to find Ginny. Her baby, Sebastian was fetched by the Healer to be put back in the nursery. Hermione didn't know what she was going to do. "I love you so very much, Hermione Snape," he said. harry/hermione. She knew why the Snapes would stop reading the Prophet. Hermione heard Draco say somewhere behind her. "What?" When Hermione went home, Ginny started making plans on telling Harry she was pregnant.

Things change after the Polyjuice incident. Hermione settled herself on her chair and awaited Lucius' entrance. His tear filled eyes found hers.

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