Braunschweig is forced to commit suicide by Ansbach, his chief retained, who promises to avenge him. However, the Alliance military decides to sacrifice the PM and execute Yang early. [1] It was originally set to launch in the winter of 2013. 15-18), Those Who Duel / Duelist (SS / G2, ep. Schenkopp with his Rosen Ritter arrive on Yang's ship. "The Battle of Mar-Adetta Starzone - Part II".

The Julian fleet decides to engage the Imperial ships. August 1, 2011 Admiral Bucock is chosen to lead the defense of the Alliance. The Iserlohn staff say their goodbyes to Julian. Reinhard visits many locations on Uruvasi. Both fleets act cautiously rotate their front line forces. Mittermeyer discusses battle plans with his subordinates. November 20, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C. Bittenfeld is put under house arrest by Oberstein for assaulting him. With Darrel Guilbeau, Dorothy Elias-Fahn, Sean Chiplock, Faye Mata. Julian reaches Reinhard's room for negotiations. : Reinhard orders to launch the counterattack. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. A deranged Landsberg leads Imperial police to the mummified corpse of Erwin Josef II. Reuenthal and Mittermeyer talk about resolving the situation, but are unable to persuade each other. In Reuenthal's fleet, unrest is brewing.

Comments. Till the fleet is needed once again, Merkatz plans to maintain and safeguard it. ", "Overcoming Adversity!

Over time, Bittenfeld and Wahlen's fleets arrive as well. After Shiho starts a truck by method of. The government on El Facil plans to declare a new legitimate democratic government. Yang debates Lebello on the state of the nation. The Do Or Die Disk Collection! [2] The series is set in a world that allegedly comes to an end at the hands of a "human-made" virus, ravaging the global populace and leaving only children under the age of thirteen untouched. The Imperial fleet reorganizes their fleet and heads for next Alliance system. The debris separates Yuichiro, Shinoa and Nagai from Yoichi, Shiho and Mitsuba. Afterwards, the Imperial fleet decimates all remaining Alliance ships. Comments. Mittermeyer adopts Reuenthal's child and servant and brings them home to meet his wife.

Reinhard teams up with premier Lichtenlade in order to crown Erwin Josef II, one of the late emperor's three grandchildren. Hildegard considers the different power groups at play. Oberstein releases a rumor that the Kaiser plans to destroy Earth to drive out the remaining Terraists. Reinhard releases all political prisoners and sends Müller to ask the Julian envoy to come once again to Heinessen.

Meanwhile, the Emperor dies without appointing an heir. Yang's fleet, with less than 20,000 ships left fights on with no rotations in manpower. Yang finally reciprocates Frederica's feelings and proposes marriage after the war is over. Trüniht goes into hiding. The only remaining option is a full fleet encounter by using Reinhard as bait. Yang's fleet finally decides to go to El Facil. The next evening, he attends his welcome party. After the nuclear exchange, the unification of all governments on Earth occurs in 2129 AD. Reinhard formalizes his plan of moving the Imperial capital to Phezzan. Mittermeyer is sent to intercept Staaden, whose fleet is crushed during the battle of Altener and withdraws to the Rentenberg fortress. Julian and Mashengo destroy the computers in the Alliance High commissioner's office. Julian passes off the Terraism data disk to Yang. Grillpalzer betrays Reuenthal's fleet and fires on his former allies. Reinhard prepares to meet with Julian, should Julian make it to his room. All the admirals are debriefed by Reinhard. When its commander is wounded, Yang takes command and manages to escape utter destruction. Street fights between Bittenfeld's forces and the military police under Oberstein erupt. The vampires then show up and kill Yayoi and. In Phezzan, Adrian Rubinsky, administrator of the planet, and Nikola Boltik, his main adviser, comment on the battle and note that it won't change the strategic situation. Hilde is rushed to a hospital where she gives birth to the new prince of the Lohengramm dynasty.

End of the battle of Amlitzer: Yang's 13th Fleet keeps the Imperial Fleet at bay, allowing admiral Bucock to withdraw the remaining fleets. Yang's fleet prepares bombs and another surprise on Iserlohn and abandons the fortress of all staff and civilians. Trüniht is killed by Reuenthal after they both discuss their ambitions and Reinhard. With the Rosen Ritter in full rebellion, the Alliance troops are no match for the difference in battle experience and morale. Kempf is mortally wounded in the chaos and an injured Müller promises to avenge him. Countering the panic, Hilde points out Yang would not have sacrificed his allies for a stall. Yang speaks with Konev about the possibility of Phezzan's aid. The 28-episode second part (or season 2) covers volumes 3 to 5 of the original novels. Protect The Priestess Maya! Suddenly, he receives a visit from the vampire nobles Ferid and Crowley. Reinhard celebrates the new year with his officers.

launched a line of collectible toys called Heroes: Legend of the Battle Disks in Europe. All of Yang's subordinates notice increased surveillance as a sign of danger. The Alliance government thus considers executing Yang before the Empire, to avoid interference or subjugation. However, Müller learns from a dying prisoner of war that Yang is not in Iserlohn. [5], On March 31, 2015, it was announced that Funimation Entertainment has licensed the series for streaming and home video release in North America. The move is hidden behind an exchange of 2 million prisoners of war. In Odin, Müller is forgiven by Reinhard.

The Iserlohn fleet comes back, only to be destroyed by the fortress' main weapon, the "Thor's Hammer". Oberstein meets Reinhard and explains how, like him, he hates the high nobles and the Goldenbaum dynasty, and offer his help. The Earth cultists around Odin are attacked in full force by the military police. Julian is considered to be the next military leader.

The Imperial and Alliance fleets are days away from a battle in the uninhabited Rantemario star system. Yang's 13th Fleet meets the 11th Fleet in the Doria star system; the 11th Fleet is destroyed because its commanders turn down Yang's proposal of surrender. The Lippstadt Fleet attacks him but is utterly beaten and barely avoids complete destruction thanks to admiral Merkatz. She is rescued by her friends Yang and Dusty Attenborough and barely escapes death. Hildegard is wary of Reuenthal's ambitions, but has Mittermeyer convince Reuenthal to join the Heinessen attack. Yang realizes that he has been cut off from allying himself with the Alliance government. Reuenthal decides to test Reinhard's belief in the rumors, effectively inviting Reinhard as the rumors suggest. ", "Showdown! The Heroes In The Desert! Following unification man expands into the stars. On Odin, Julian and friends prepare to leave the planet. December, 799 S.C. / 1 N.I.C. 18k.

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