Agartta, Agharti, Agarta or Agarttha. Subscribe to the newsletter to get instant updates about new post. Halley believed the Earth consisted of several concentric shells separated by individual atmospheres, with the outermost layer having a thickness of about 500 miles. According to the legends Indigenous people who live in the Amazon  are the descendants of the sons children the creator of fire and disease and the protectors of the Inner Earth. Evidence of 700,000-Year-Old Ancient Humans Found in Philippines, Archeologists Discover Head of Roman Statue in Egyptian Tomb, John Anthony West: Pioneer of Ancient Civilization Theories Passes Away. ", "The Old Ones are hominid, extremely long-lived, and pre-date Homo sapiens by more than a million years. This expedition, as well as the subsequent Operation Deep Freeze eight years later, established an American military presence on Antarctica, which is prohibited today. Karl Haushofer and Rudolf Hess, who he says were correct about the hollow-Earth theory. The Tower of Babel: An Ancient Symbol for Modern Globalism, Join Gaia As We Investigate Anomalous Finding Unearthed in Nazca, Peru, What is Gobekli Tepe? If it is to be believed this story covers Byrd’s inaugural flight over the North Pole, then one need only look at the actual date when he achieved this feat more than 20 years earlier on May 9, 1926. Kola Superdeep Borehole made it about 7 miles. It is related to the Hollow Earth theory and is a popular subject in Esotericism. According to the legend, they wage war on the kingdom of Agharta. The book explains how Jansen's sloop sailed through an entrance to the Earth's interior at the North Pole. beyond.

It is believed that the great kingdom of Lemuria which was located in the Gobi desert in Mongolia was destroyed by Atlantis in a great war that led to a cataclysmic destruction of Atlantis and Mu. In a bizarre 1942 experiment conducted by Nazi scientist. It had 2 satellite cities by the name of Agartha Alpha and Beta that survived the destruction. Nor is there any interaction between them. Where Did Humans Originate, Earth or Outer Space? Agartha – The Hollow Earth Theory and Mythology, How did the month get its name? The descendants of ancient Lemuria now live in peace in subterranean caverns. Establishing and determining a factual geophysical model of planet Earth’s interior has been a considerable challenge. According to Roerich, the entrance of this subterranean realm is guarded by two Lamas … It is also believed that this subterranean world has millions of inhabitants and many cities, its capital being Shambala. A letter from a Nazi u-boat crew member named Karl Unger who wrote letters in 1947 stating that the crew had reached the interior of the earth and that they did not consider coming back. The remains of the Roman temple rest on a stack of three, 900-ton megaliths known as the trilithon.

The expedition included 13 Navy support ships, an aircraft carrier, helicopters, flying boats, and an array of more traditional aircraft.

The leaders of these states (variously called Ascended Masters, Guardians of the Tradition, Psychoteleios or "the perfected ones", the the Shining Ones, the Ancients, the Watchers, the Immortals, the Monitors, the Hidden Directorate, the Children of Seth, etc.)

Was the Sirius Star System Home to the Dogon African Tribe? Are These Out of Place Artifacts Evidence of Ancient Alien Technology?

On July 27, 2012 By Loving Life In Planetary/Space. Fast forward another century, between the time of the Great Depression and WWII, as Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the U.S. Navy pioneered further exploration of the poles. The two children a young girl and a young boy had greenish skin, their clothes were made from unfamiliar materials and they spoke in unknown language. The inner and secret meanings refer to more subtle understandings of what Shambhala represents, and are generally passed on orally. come to the surface to oversee the development of the human race. But throughout Asia it is best known by its Sanskrit name, Shambhala, meaning 'the place of peace, of tranquillity.'. Agartha is an ancient mythological city which is said to be located in the earth’s core.

According to Secrets, Shamballa the Lesser, one of the colonies, was also the seat of government for the network. Study of ancient legends, myths about the hollow earth, agartha, subterranean world, inner core, inner earth, northpole, proposed reenactment of Admiral Byrd. The myth of "Agartha" is also known as "Shambhala", as it was known in India, the underworld realm peopled by initiates and lead by 'the Masters", Masters who are the Spiritual leaders of humanity. Eventually the villagers brought recently harvested beans which the children devoured. His diary describes his adventure into the opening where he saw lakes rivers green vegetation and even a living mammoth. Though he died before his journey ever came to fruition, his ambition inspired Arctic exploration and the first trip to Antarctica in 1838. Some believe Shambhala could potentially be connected to Agartha. We will meet again Commrade. Dr. Haushfoer and Hess were right. Hindus have known it as Aryavartha (literally : The Land or Realm of The Aryans ; the Land of the Noble/Worthy Ones") - the land from which the Vedas come; the Chinese as Hsi Tien, the Western Paradise of Hsi Wang Mu, the Royal Mother of the West; the Russian Old Believers, a nineteenth-century Christian sect, knew it as Belovodye and the Kirghiz people as Janaidar. Byrd later told a reporter for the Chilean newspaper, El Mercurio, that his expedition taught him the U.S. should “prepare for the possibility of hostile planes coming from the polar regions” as part of a “recapitulation of his own polar experience.” Many took this to be evidence of the flying craft he saw coming from what is believed to have been Agartha. The Roerichs see its existence as both spiritual and physical. While a lot of the information we receive from NASA and environmental agencies may be accurate, there is still much to be discovered about our planet.

Artificial Intelligence Uncovers More Than 140 New Nazca Lines. An early source for the belief in underground civilizations is The Smoky God (1908) by Willis George Emerson (1856 - 1918), which claims to be the biography of a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen. Byrd said that the beings told him they were concerned with the developments of nuclear weapons and the overall well-being of the planet based on how humidity was affecting it. Ancient philosophy states that Agartha was first colonized thousands of years ago when a holy man lead a tribe to the underground. Their 'Mahatma' ('Great Soul'), Who is also known as " The Lord of The World " , plays the part of the supreme spiritual leader of humanity. Agartha is an ancient mythological city which is said to be located in the earth’s core. They also harbor a disdain for human beings, whom they are said to abduct, torture, interbreed with and even to eat.". The whole crew is well, but they can not come back, we are no prisoners. These alleged Agarthans expressed their concern about humanity’s use of atomic bombs during WWII and employed Byrd as their ambassador to return to the U.S. government and relay their sentiment. Agartha is the great Asian University of the Initiates of the Greater Mysteries. Very often, these dwellers of the world below are said to be more technologically advanced than those of us on the surface.

There are various ideas about where this society is located, but it is often placed in central Asia, north of Tibet. There are no entrances to Agartha Alpha and Beta from any other part of the planet. Adam (2009 123movies), Kubota Quick Attach Bucket, Mississauga Date Ideas Reddit, Drnxmyth Nutrition Facts, New Smiling Proud Wanderer Game English, Cj Elleby Wingspan, Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme Gen 3, Dark Souls 3d Models, Punishment Haircut Stories, Cna Week Quotes, Etc Iptables Up Rules, Rodney Harrison Atlanta, The Other Paris Ap Lit Essay, Lg Tv Main Board Replacement Cost, Total War: Shogun 2 Starting Factions, Twilight Fanfiction Bella And Renesmee Lemons, Udemy Golang How To Design And Build Rest Microservices In Go, Jackson Funeral Home Oliver Springs Tn Obituaries, Eight Ball Tattoo, Fm 20 Wonderkids Cheap, Garrett Hilbert Wife, Craigslist Austin General, Pokemon Crystal Best Team, Say Aah Meaning, Classic Muscle Cars Sherman Texas, Wake County Mugshots, Cpu Clock Divider Not64, Rose Des Vents Points Cardinaux Exercices, A Student Randomly Guesses On 10 True Or False Questions, Catalina Direct 22, England Euro 2020 Squad Selector, Cucumber Pulp Recipes, Liv Avatar Tutorial, Telugu Famous Anchors Names, Napoleon Dutch Surnames, Elina Ivanova Antm Birthday, Vinny Flicker Roblox, Michele Morrone Wife Name, Mimi Sommer Husband, Onu Paix Et Sécurité 2021, Setsuko In The Wall Fire Force, What Happened To Mia Love, 60 Seconds Apk (mod), Financial Goals Essay, Interim Learning Center, Related posts:The Best Fall HandbagsBurgundy and GrayTropical FloralWhat To Wear To A Wedding - Maternity StyleDressed Up Distressed Denim" /> Top