The groundbreaking work can be found freely available on, and for convenience, we've embedded it on this page. Attractiveness was the number one priority for men. Bonus points if he’s a little deformed or old because no other women will want him. Copyright © 2020 The Solve ME/CFS Initiative, This page is merely an overview of this new scientific field, known as hotcraziology.

All gun-toting start with a default level of 4 for craziness according to the video. I don’t have a problem with comedy. But dating to this point, here is our graph:.

Unsubscribe anytime. And because my hair is red- at the moment at any rate. Shades of Bad —. Then he posted it a couple of days later, and that was less than two weeks ago. Five minutes, beginning to end, done. Rate This. A man who wouldn’t think that the Hot Crazy Matrix is accurate, for instance.

You can imagine the type of person talked would put crazy with me for 28 years. In order to prove this to any skeptical readers, let's first review the definition of crazy: 1. mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way, "Brendan went crazy and assaulted a McDonalds employee.". A friend of mine brought the Hot Crazy Matrix to my attention, and it was so jaw-dropping that I had to interrupt what she was saying and ask her to repeat it all again in case I misunderstood. Aug 1 , pm. January 13, 2015 . So the danger zone for men: hot and crazy; and or women: hot and rich.

© 2020 Boss Hunting | All Rights Reserved, How To Take A Good Dick Pic: A Complete Guide, Casual Sex Etiquette Women Want You To Know, New Data Reveals This Is How You Get More Bumble Matches. Universal story is over 5 years old. Oh I get it. December 7, 2014 She'd stab me with a fork, then get a boob job. Psychologists pinned all their findings down to evolution. Men showed zero consideration for anticipating the future repercussions of their decisions. Hot-crazy science experienced a dramatic increase in both new information and popularity when McClendon, now the field's most widely respected scientist, first published his hot crazy matrix theory.

SlideShare Explore Search You. Then I had to Google it. Calling women crazy is far from an original idea. Deep down, guys are really shallow and women are gold diggers. Hot-crazy science experienced a dramatic increase in both new information and popularity when McClendon, now the field's most widely respected scientist, first published his hot crazy matrix theory. 58,942 Views. The pseudo-science behind Barney Stinson’s Hot Crazy Matrix (HCM) from How I Met Your Mother is now officially backed by a proper UK research study.. Measuring these metrics independently is highly difficult for someone untrained in hotcraziology. Even the much-vaunted Capital One tests matrix learns across a variety of analytics initiatives. I do, however, have a problem with perpetuating misogyny. It’s always been easier for men to write off half the population that they already didn’t take seriously. Upcoming SlideShare. I never contemplated that would happen. Shades of Bad —.

Because, again, men get to determine where we belong and who we are. Maybe all women aren’t crazy; maybe McLendon and his friends simply found themselves locked into a pattern of choosing partners who weren’t ready for relationships or were incapable of being healthy within them.

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