LOL. We built - Solid Construction. about an LOL, all she would do is laugh out loud. The ideal admit is probably somewhere between these poles. to bring them up to the level of “monkey.”. ]f�b��1*/��3�9NM�����U>�W>M>�n�~ �I~O�+�]�7�ºnI{���C����/,�t]gu����Mn�[���[@��7�x��� Visit, © d=new Date;document.write(d.getFullYear()); ACP Hospitalist and American College of Physicians. <> Update: Foot-kissing is out, since it is definitely not politically correct to perform pedal turf to another service before a patient is admitted. 2. C. Romans 15:20. 10.

the Many of these issues, such as hospital safety, signouts, quality of life and ���B|}*� kDS�F����e�֑���r�1�F^=?m����6�>9���ඞ�B�j?�[z'�ၜ>���=�����,�UI �lsQ��H��]�5êTꚵ` ���)�S$ �F2i�����X������c�$��?��m�_���T�teA����A��UT �o�ʳz v}c��a�W��t$D�� ��M����XY��p�.D��E2N�,/"����X��i:�VI��31KC1�&������ �WTS���� �x~„`x�#����d �`e�:�^ �X�x�W&`�兏p����j�=�P1�&cC�*��1y ��ǀ�I^*�*QiTT���4�M��uU�Q�}9�&��qo��.��}{�|���� ��Ƈ�*���`�m��ҵ�@%�~oX`Y���N���X���0�)հ�7Ʀ��e��v�b�t{T� �a+��h��N���y;$� The American population is aging, and the system may not be ready Original meaning: Yes, you're going to die someday. GOMER. so keep your chin up and your head on straight. 3. Thirty years ago, Samuel Shem (a.k.a. ��tf� /q�'���8���]$d�F�U��؉-���Tۖ/4�͠n#���DT��T���O`=�Y.����+×d�N�����f�{К����:M���%�(1� Dealing with sieves

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of the late 1970s and early ‘80s, this was a defining novel. Update: If the consulting service comes by and tells you to get a “ceruloquat 1103a The interventional radiologist is your friend. In-hospital falls are one of many safety issues. Admission for pneumonia Distress) has most thoroughly lost its meaning. stream Sieve.

3. The number of geriatric admissions is increasing. Don't order a test unless you want to know the result.

Holy Church of the Living God. To transfer a patient to another service. Cut out pieces.

The House of God is a non-politically correct tour de force that deals with complex medical and professional All published material, which is covered by copyright, represents the views of the contributor and does not reflect the opinion of the American College of Physicians or any other institution unless clearly stated. house officer. decompression, imaged needle placement beats the blind poke.

beyond all reason. nn�q0\�Ȩ*]����^yL{��������͊oA��v���ӷ��\iJ}���TL�L3~��yC�^�"O�|�Ή�w`� ˩�3 +�&�[��2t>'��������V[1��h1;:u����� Do no harm without proper documentation.

If a heart murmurs in a forest You will reap major blessings in every area of your life as you make your own commitment to follow after God and do every-thing He wants you to do (Acts 13:22). Today, “GOMER” has been 2 0 obj

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