Man, did the writers love Dick Groat or what? In my opinion the greatest ever to play the game.

MLB held two All-Star Games a year from 1959 through 1962. On June 4, Montague signed Mays for $4,000. 5. @ebrundo1: Camera Day! [325] Two others about him were also released in 1954: "Amazing Willie Mays" by the King Odom Quartet and "Say Hey Willie Mays" by the Wanderers. 2 hitters both had a .315 OBP. Some defensive statistics Copyright © Baseball Info Solutions, 2010-2020. [97] Rigney wanted Mays to challenge Babe Ruth's single-season home run record in 1958; thus, he did not play Mays much in spring training in hopes of using his best hitter every day of the regular season. Even as a young child I knew greatness when I saw it. [250], Fellow players and coaches recognized his talent. [104][105][106] During a series against the Reds in August, Mays also broke a finger but kept it a secret from other teams in order to keep opposing pitchers from throwing at it. [137] On July 2, when the Giants played the Braves, future Hall of Famers Spahn and Juan Marichal each threw 15 scoreless innings. [4], Mays played multiple sports at Fairfield Industrial High School, a segregated school until 1969. So that’s eight.

The notion of trading a star such as Mays was unthinkable. [94], Dwindling attendance and the desire for a new ballpark prompted Stoneham to make the decision to move the Giants to San Francisco after the 1957 season. Mays hit over 50 home runs in 1955 and 1965, representing the longest time span between 50-plus home run seasons for any player in Major League Baseball history. The next time was 56 years later when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in 2010. Mays replied "It was exactly the same feeling. The legendary Ty Cobb said that Mays restored the art of baserunning to the game. 6. Mays had several years that looked a lot like several others. [49] In 1985 Peter Ueberroth, Kuhn's successor, decided to allow Mays and Mickey Mantle to return to baseball. Although his .274 average, 68 RBI and 20 homers (in 121 games) were among the lowest of his career, he still won the 1951 Rookie of the Year Award. Unleashing staggering swings, Mays clearly was going for a home run that would tie the score and force extra innings at the Astrodome. In 35 games, Mays batted .477. [257] His 2,062 runs scored rank seventh, and his 1,903 RBI rank 12th. [49] Mays was in the on-deck circle on October 3 when Bobby Thomson hit the Shot Heard 'Round the World against Ralph Branca and the Brooklyn Dodgers to win the three-game NL tie-breaker series 2–1. [95] In the final Giants home game at the Polo Grounds on September 29, 1957, the fans gave Mays a standing ovation in the middle of his final at bat, after Pirates' pitcher Bob Friend had already thrown a pitch to him. "[252] "If somebody came up and hit .450, stole 100 bases and performed a miracle in the field every day, I’d still look you in the eye and say Willie was better," Durocher said. After that, he went nine days without a home run. [65][66] Mays was selected to the NL All-Star team; he would be a member of the NL All-Star team in 24-straight All-Star games over a span of 20 seasons. Houston left fielder Dick Simpson pursued the ball nonchalantly as Mays rounded second base and didn’t stop. Willie Mays. But if I feel that we’re going to have a good crowd or something, and I want to do something the next day to make sure the crowd enjoyed what I did, well, then I’d look at a couple of films by myself and figure out … The Giants won the National League pennant in 1962, with Mays leading the team in eight offensive categories. [216][217] The play is often cited by reporters and fans as an example of a star player continuing to play past their prime. Farewell to a Mariners legend. Returning to the Giants in 1954, Mays was named the National League (NL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) after leading the NL in batting with a .345 batting average. [235] Though teams of black All-Stars assembled those two seasons, they drew fewer fans and opted not to assemble in 1961, when Mays again decided not to barnstorm. Stan [Musial] was 'The Man'.    View Willie Mays's Page at the Baseball Hall of Fame (plaque, photos, videos). Willie Mays thrived partly by turning imagination into reality. [207][208] Having considered retirement all year, Mays finally told the Mets officially on September 9 that 1973 would be his last season. [80] The season ended on a sad note for Mays, as he found out that Durocher would not be managing the Giants in 1956. The Say Hey Kid, Willie Mays, was the ultimate five-tool star over 22-year career. Dodger pitcher knocked him down and he got back up and hit a homerun. "[69], In addition to appearances in baseball documentaries and on talk shows, Mays has appeared in several sitcoms over the years, always as himself. I guess I hit a few home runs, and they said 'There goes the 'Say Hey Kid. King explained to Mays that this was because he was not "hitting home runs like he used to. Mays bought two homes in San Francisco, then lived in nearby Atherton. After Roberto Clemente took a turn at batting practice, Mays was due to hit next, but Gómez tried to go first. Veronica makes Mays' life difficult, but when relatives show up to claim her after hearing that she has inherited money, Mays' heart softens. [305], In 1980, Mays was inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame. [222], Mays's 24 appearances on an All-Star Game roster are tied with Stan Musial for second all-time, behind only Hank Aaron's 25. [310], Mays has made many appearances on television over the years, from appearing in baseball documentaries and on talk shows to acting in sitcoms. [48], "Maybe if I played a little first base in 1968, I could keep from getting tired," Mays speculated in his autobiography, but he only played one game at the position all year. [317] That same year, he and several other Hall of Famers (Mantle, Banks, Aaron, Harmon Killebrew, Johnny Bench, and Reggie Jackson) made guest appearances in "The Field," an episode of Mr. On June 10, 2007, Mays received an honorary doctorate from Dartmouth College.

Oracle Park, the Giants' home stadium, is located on 24 Willie Mays Plaza. Gerrit Cole's approach bringing Cy Young results, Mookie Betts vs. Bryce Harper -- and other pressing baseball debates, Real or not? Look, you may not believe this. In 2017, MLB named the World Series Most Valuable Player Award after him.

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