[61], To support the animal's weight, an elephant's limbs are positioned more vertically under the body than in most other mammals. [168] As of 2000, around 1,200 Asian and 700 African elephants were kept in zoos and circuses. [11] Asian elephants have more muscle coordination and can perform more complex tasks. Large-scale cullings ceased in 1988, when Zimbabwe abandoned the practice. Dwarf elephants of uncertain descent lived in Crete, Cyclades, and Dodecanese while dwarf mammoths are known to have lived in Sardinia.

[186] The story of the blind men and an elephant teaches that reality can be observed from different perspectives. [160][161], The practice of working elephants has also been attempted in Africa. They can consume as much as 150 kg (330 lb) of food and 40 L (11 US gal) of water in a day. An Asian elephant has been observed modifying branches and using them as flyswatters. If the predator doesn't back down, the adults will charge and drive it way. [101] A cow in oestrus releases chemical signals (pheromones) in her urine and vaginal secretions to signal her readiness to mate. [89] Elephants tend to have high numbers of parasites, particularly nematodes, compared to other herbivores.

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