At this time, Angella discovers Glimmer to have left and Shadow Weaver to have escaped, so she rushes back to the Moonstone even as Shadow Weaver has completed her massive glyph that begins drawing energy forth from the Moonstone. Glimmer argues for decisive action to save the planet which is imminently in danger, while Angella argues for caution and prior formulation of a plan in order to ensure success so as not to "lose anyone else". Present Her trust was finally gained when Adora helped Glimmer and Bow rescue Plumeria from a Horde invasion. Angella loved Micah deeply and was devastated by his presumed death. Swift Wind immediately started to yell at her about all horses needing to be freed instead of being trapped and mistreated.

Hair color Angella gets the help ofShe-Rato repel the feline fiend and her minions. Likewise, in season three, Glimmer admits to a worried Adora who's attempting to free her from her 'grounding', that she isn't being tortured, rather, she's enjoying her time with her mother.

An opalescent gem adorns her forehead, matching her pearl-drop earrings. Bright MoonThe Rebellion She also allowed Glimmer to attend the Princess Prom. During the Battle of Bright Moon the Queen defended the castle and the Moonstone, attacked Horde bots, strengthened the Moonstone when it came under direct assault.

Queen Angella has golden blonde hair, light blue eyes, a dark pink collar, and light pink top. This often makes her appear somewhat standoffish and detached. She is shown to appreciate his company, only asking him to leave her presence while disciplining Glimmer. Played by Angella denies this however, and tells Adora a secret, admitting to Adora that she is a coward. Auditioning the most difficult and a masterpiece by Queen’s song Bohemian Rhapsody helped her to get the Golden Buzzer by of the judges, Heidi.


As such, Angella thinks highly of him.

Era Unknown

Angella was the previous queen of Bright Moon, former leader of The Rebellion, wife to King Micah and Glimmer's mother.

Shadow Weaver then collapses at Adora's feet, exhausted.

Angella was the leader of the original Princess Alliance that disbanded a couple decades ago, shortly after the death of her husband, Micah. Within the "prison", Shadow Weaver, although bleary, is also unimpressed by the posh Bright Moon "prison", much to Angella's consternation. Princess Glimmer volunteered to go recruit Princess Mermista from Salineas. Specifically, appointing Glimmer as a general, even if she doesn't allow her to see combat due to her naivety.

Pink She says she has always been the queen who stays behind, Micah being the brave one, and that she always let Glimmer make the hard choices because she was afraid. Into season two, Angella is shown to trust Glimmer much more, allowing her to speak more freely at war council hearings. In Bright Moon, Bow, Perfuma, Frosta, and Mermista spy on Angella and Glimmer's argument. Affiliation Angella is the queen of Mizar, a mountain land of angel-like beings that is invaded byCatra.

Judging by her reaction, Angella's seen stranger things.

Adora started to think that Angella didn't like her when she ran into her admiring a picture of Micah (her deceased husband). Her birthplace was in Oslo, Norway. Angella met Swift Wind both before he was transformed (as Horsey) and after.

Present Angella sent She-Ra, Bow and Glimmer to deliver food and supplies.

II at how her mother locked herself and Glimmer away following the falling out of the original Princess Alliance. Shadow Weaver stands menacingly over Adora's bed in Bright Moon, and when she reaches for her, Adora wakes up and draws her sword. Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon (4 August 1900 – 30 March 2002) was the wife of King George VI and the mother of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. According to Castaspella, Angella never responds to any of her letters that she sends her.

Their relationship is a bit strained, especially following the presumed death of King Micah, as Angella is quick to punish Glimmer over small things. The only Horde member she has ever liked so far has been Adora; the former Horde soldier whom defected once realizing their atrocities. Angella is fond of Bow and loves that he hangs out with Glimmer. During the final episode of the Season Three, Angella admits to being a coward; to stepping aside and letting Glimmer and Micah do all the fighting. Angella gets the help of She-Rato repel the feline fiend and her minions.

which portrays him as a kind of urban legend among the Eternians, a product of apparent "tall tales" about a wild man-beast which roams the night stalking its prey. They are still in touch even after the death of Micah. Beneath the Moonstone, Shadow Weaver prepares to draw power from it even as Frosta, Perfuma, and Mermista arrive.

After some disagreement Angella agreeed to send the trio, as long as they avoid violence.

This creates a point of tension between the two of them when they plan on whether to defend against The Horde or simply retreat to get away from them. Queen Angella is the Queen of Bright Moon who possesses a pair of wings which gives her the abilty to fly.

Their relationship is initially rocky.


They insist on going as well and tell Shadow Weaver to "make that thing bigger", referring to her sorcerers glyphs. They were shown to love each other very much in The Portal, living happily with Glimmer.


After the heroes disobey the Queen's non-combat command Angella grounded Glimmer for a week, which is 3 weeks fewer than she normally does when Glimmer disobeys commands. Homeworld Angelic Being Era Because of this dynamic, when Glimmer disobeys direct orders from the ruler, instead of being fined, arrested or worse, she is grounded to her room; for which she typically just sneaks out of. Castaspella cuts in, saying she will pay for her crimes while teaching her brother (and Angella's late husband) Micah, and when Shadow Weaver mentions him Angella orders her not to "speak his name", to which Shadow Weaver replies "I am not he one who got him killed". It may also be resentment over Angella's role in Micah's presumed death. Later Angella welcomed Adora to Bright Moon after Commander Glimmer vouched for the ex-Horde soldier. When the Horde captured Glimmer and Bow at the Princess Prom, Queen Angella agreed with Hordak's prisoner swap, but before Angella could turn herself over to the Horde, the Princesses freed Bow and Glimmer and returned them home.

Great Rebellion

Angella however has pieced together that what she is seeing isn't real, which saddens Micah. An opalescent gem adorns her forehead, matching her pearl-drop earrings.

Angella is a character from the Princess of Power toyline. As the leader of the Rebellion, Angella is very serious and determined. angella is a tall,pink humanoid person When Adora first met Angella, there was a lot of skepticism toward her due to being a former Horde soldier. When King Micah is found alive and exiled, he's initially oblivious on what happened to her but then finds out and is heartbroken.

He presumably died in battle, causing The Princess Alliance to grieve and end the alliance. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Castaspella however, comments on how Angella's "dungeon" that holds Shadow Weaver is inadequate, and Angella admits that it's just a side room with some (but not all) of the cushions removed. Homeworld

Although Glimmer looks back at her mother, she teleports anyway, causing the cloud of power to flare up and around the platform in a massive detonation that displaces enough air to launch Angella away even as everyone on the platform is transported to the Fright Zone. Erika Scheimer Glimmer collapsed into her mother's arms and Angella flew her daughter to The Moonstone so that she could recharge. She sacrificed herself at the end of The Portal to stop Hordak's portal. She doesn't trust others easily, as shown through her meeting Adora for the first time, as well as her reluctance to try and recruit the other princesses. Played by

Their relationship is tested further with the ongoing war, with Glimmer admitting disdain in The Sword Pt. Reshma Shetty. Their personalities don't clash due to both of them being responsible and level headed people. It's said by Entrapta that Angella is trapped between dimensions, but given the series has ended and there's no sign of her in the finale, her final status is open to interpretation. Queen of Bright Moon

The Legend Comes Alive!" Many people doubt that it's a prison due to its non-intimidating demeanor and point this out. Her outfit consists of a long, blue cape, pink leotard and light purple leggings with purple boots. Gender

Specifically, Angella confides in Adora that she only trusts her for Glimmer's sake, specifically telling her: "Do not disappoint her." Despite the speed of Angella's flight, Shadow Weaver finishes drawing up power and reaches a through a sigil toward Glimmer. We assume that Angella has lived her entire life on Bright Moon. The Queen then grounded the Commander for her impertinence. Angella the Third, Queen Regent of Brightmoon She continues that when Adora came, she inspired them all, inspired Angella to choose to be brave. Angella is the very beautiful and rightful queen of Etheria, despite the de facto control of the planet by the Evil Horde. Angella is the very beautiful and rightful queen ofEtheria, despite thede factocontrol of the planet by theEvil Horde. Although, it's always been implied that Angella believes in Glimmer, she just doesn't want to see her hurt. Hair color She sacrificed herself at the end of The Portal to stop Hordak's portal.

She was Queen consort of the United Kingdom and the Dominions from her husband's accession in 1936 until his death in 1952, after which she was known as Queen Elizab As part of the Great Rebellion, she and her lovely daughter, Princess Glimmer, maintain a government-in-exile at Castle Brightmoon. She met and later married Micah and the two ruled as Queen and King.

It's said by Entrapta that Angella is trapped between dimensions, but given the series has ended, her final status is unknown. When Adora first met Angella, there was a lot of skepticism toward her due to being a former Horde soldier.

Angella and Castaspella are sister-in-laws through their deceased husband/brother, Micah. Castaspella, the ruler of Mystacor, is Angella's sister-in-law by her marriage to King Micah, Castaspella's brother.

Likewise, their relationship starts to better as Angella becomes protective of and openly affectionate to Adora, wrapping her in a hug with her wings similar to how she had done Bow and Glimmer, as well as telling Shadow Weaver that she put Adora through enough, showing that she cares for Adora's well-being.

Queen Angella

However, when Hordak's portal threatened their reality, Angella makes up for this flaw by retrieving the sword in order to set reality back to normal.

When Plumeria called for aid after coming under a Horde attack.

She was a supporting character in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Abilities Queen Angella has long, dual-toned hair of both pink and purple. She wears special gloves that are white to make her royal personality stand out more.

Shadow Weaver mocks Angella, saying she can clearly tell her to be Glimmer's mother "by the way (her) voice grows shrill when (she) scream(s)". Family

This fact often annoys her.

After this, it's acknowledged that Angella takes great pride in Adora, as herself and as She-Ra.

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