However, these differences are only minor; they are not distinct enough to justify classifying the Onshian skull as entirely separate from the larger Inecuroid grouping, seeing as all other physical traits of the skull are the same as other Inecuroid skulls. They have skulls of generally average proportions (mesocephalic) and are high-skulled (hypsicranic). The Western phenotype is almost identical to the Iranid phenotype, shown in the pictures. Genetics plays a part in this to a small degree, but it is largely environmental. They are ectomorphic (more lean) and are of average height.

They have somewhat wide noses of average length with a depressed root.

The easiest way to differentiate a Rural from an Urbanite is that they have paler skin, shorter and wider faces, larger eyes, wider noses and usually have lighter hair and eyes. Light brown, almost dirty blonde hair is a rare trait amongst the northern Akkanurians. Human Phenotypes (2018) classified the Mediterranean as follows: Widespread group, common all over the Mediterranean and adjacent regions. Urbanites greatly resemble the Choshiu phenotype, shown in the pictures. They have strong facial hair and mildly strong body hair.

They have straight, sometimes convex low-rooted noses and broad, somewhat flat faces with somewhat slanted eyes. They have full lips, sturdy chins and almond-shaped brown eyes. These skulls, which some anthropologists classify as "Inecuroid", differ from the Caucasoid skull only in the shape of the eye sockets, which tend to be larger and very slightly angled downwards, and in the shape of the mandible, which more noticeably tapers towards the chin. Much of the Human population of Eshér is likewise mixed, and the inner corner of Cortathshire bordering the Mortian Mountains (once inhabited by the Clodunic folk, separate to the Cortathians) also has a significant mixed population. Nesarians and Divenics, for example, do not see each other as kin just because they share white skin and broadly caucasoid features, whereas the Rulcarians and Estemocarians recognise their ethno-lingusitic brotherhood despite their differing skin tones and features. Lol @ phenotype coping. A variety in northern Cortathshire has more rounded jaws, a high prevalence of blonde and red hair and a high prevalence of freckles. Divenorics have light brown skin, straight or wavy (rarely curly) black or brown hair, long straight noses and narrow, gracile, oval-shaped faces. the eastern half of Estemoria.

And, what about Anatolia, does the North and West of Iran resemble that area as well? They have high and narrow faces, weak chins, somewhat almond-shaped dark brown eyes and thick body hair. They have relatively large and tall heads. Ascaria proves to be the exception to the rule; whereas the rest of the Upperlands is overwhelmingly the Upperlander phenotype, Ascaria appears to be a mix between Upperlander and Lowerlander, particularly amongst the aristocratic classes. The Nesarian Empire has a great variety of races and intelligent species in a relatively small space, probably due to magical interference. Most common phenotypes in Northern and Western Iran. They have skulls of generally average proportions (mesocephalic) and are mildly high-skulled (hypsicranic).

They have light brown or blue eyes. They are ectomorphic (more lean) or mesomorphic (more muscular) and of medium height. They have long, narrow and often convex noses. North Estemorids live in Rulcaria and the region of Rekyena that borders it.

History. Long-headed, dark-eyed, with light brown skin, and straight to curly, often dark and abundant hair. Although the exact details are contested, it is generally thought that the North Estemorids - or Frifolkians - were the progenitors of the Estemorian civilisation, who spread southwards and eastwards, merging with pre-existing native populations to form the South and East Estemorids. everywhere in Calsunaria besides Calparnia. It is unknown which population settled in Nesaria first, as there is no real evidence to prove the argument either way. Human Phenotypes (2018) described the Trønder as: North European type, combines features of Paleo Atlantid, Hallstatt, and East Nordid. They have prominent, long and often concave noses. Eickstedt (1961) coined the term Proto Iranid based on a work of Keith (1928).

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